Open Data


Open Data is digital data that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, anytime and anywhere at no cost. The City of Peterborough provides free access to many of its data sets through a dedicated Open Data Portal.

Open Data Portal

About Open Data

Why open data?

  • Greater government transparency
  • Improved customer service
  • Supports research and innovation
  • Community engagement, collaboration and information sharing
  • Community empowerment

How do I get the data?

The Open Data Portal provides a number of datasets in formats such as spreadsheets, pdf, KML, and shapefiles. You can search for individual datasets or browse datasets by category.

How accurate is the data?

You agree to the terms of use when you download the data. As a user of the Open Data Portal, you are responsible to validate all downloaded data.

What is not included in open data?

Data in the Open Data Portal has passed a risk assessment.

The following is not open data:

  • Personal information
  • Data that identifies individuals
  • Data that may pose a security concern
  • Confidential information

Will the City add more data to the Open Data Portal?

The City continues to identify and make available new data as appropriate.

Who can I contact for open data feedback, suggestions or help?

To provide feedback or suggest new Open Data datasets, fill out this Open Data survey or contact us in Mapping/Geomatics.

DataSHARE Peterborough

The City is part of DataSHARE Peterborough, a collaborative group in the greater Peterborough area. This group works together to support analytic best practices and commit to not duplicate each other's work. See the DataSHARE Peterborough site for complete details.