Advisory Committee By-law

The City's Advisory Committee By-law was established to provide a consistent approach for the operation of our Advisory Committees and Boards. Council passed the By-law on December 12, 2022. 

Advisory Committee Meetings

Meeting Process for Advisory Committee Meetings - Until further notice Advisory Committee meetings of the City of Peterborough (Public Library Board, ACHAC, PEAC, PACAC, MAAC, AAC, APRAC) will be held electronically. Individuals wishing to attend a meeting to hear the proceedings, must pre-register with the Clerk's Office at 705-742-7777 ext. 1820. Only pre-registered individuals will be permitted entrance to the meeting.

Boards and Committees

The City of Peterborough has several legislated and advisory committees that provide input and guidance on the provision of municipal services and programs for our community. Below you'll find brief descriptions of these legislated and advisory committees of Council as well as links to their connected areas in our website. You can see the schedules and agendas of these meetings on our Agendas and Minutes page.

Peterborough Public Library Board

Peterborough Public Library

Established under the Public Libraries Act, the Board governs Peterborough Public Library, creates policy and ensures financial accountability. Through an understanding of the community and a strong relationship with City Council, the Board advocates for the Library as a whole and ensures that it has clear goals and objectives for meeting community needs.

The Board consists of the following members:

  • Councillor Gary Baldwin
  • Councillor Matt Crowley
  • Dan Moloney, Chair
  • Gillian Sandeman
  • Gillian Holden
  • Barb Connor (Friends of the Library Foundation)
  • Jayne White (Library Foundation Representative)
  • Katie Tremblay
  • Lynda Armstrong 

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) advises and assists Council and staff in promoting and facilitating accessible City goods, services and facilities. This is achieved through the review of municipal policies, programs and services and the identification, removal and prevention of barriers faced by people with disabilities. The Committee also oversees the utilization of the City's Access Fund through a formal application and reporting process. The Committee is a requirement of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

The Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Phil Mechetuk, Chair
  • Amanda Motyer, Vice-Chair
  • Sioux Lily Dickson
  • Councillor Kevin Duguay
  • Dave Hurley
  • Don Parnell
  • Barb Munro
  • Camila Duarte
  • Sarah Hurley

The AAC has established one sub-committee to deal specifically with matters pertaining to the Built Environment.

Built Environment Sub-Committee members:

  • Sioux Lily, Chair
  • Amanda Motyer
  • Andrea Dodsworth
  • Jeff Chalmers
  • Neil Campbell
  • Janet Dawson
  • Leanne Carpenter
  • Alison Seiderer
  • Leslie Yee

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment makes decisions on whether to permit a minor variance application. For the Committee to approve a minor variance application it must:

  • Be minor;
  • Be desirable for the appropriate development or use;
  • Maintain the general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law; and
  • Maintain the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan.

City Council appoints the five members of the Committee in accordance with the Planning Act.

The Committee meets monthly. Prior to each meeting, a notice of request is sent out to neighbouring property owners and commenting bodies. A Planner prepares a staff report and recommendations for the Committee. The report outlines municipal policies and input received in response to a Notice of Hearing.

Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee

Appointed by Council under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act, the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee provides recommendations for the conservation of heritage buildings, sites and resources. The Committee advises City Council on the protection of the City's built, natural and cultural heritage. 

The Committee consists of the following members:

  • Councillor Alex Bierk
  • Stewart Hamilton, Chair
  • Dennis Carter-Edwards
  • Jayne Spearin
  • Simon Terry
  • Elizabeth King
  • Lara Hintelmann
  • Andre Vallillee
  • Deborah Keay (Peterborough Historical Society representative)

Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee was created to monitor and guide the implementation of the Municipal Cultural Plan and to advise Council and City departments on arts, cultural and heritage matters related to broader planning and capital project initiatives.

The following have been appointed to the Committee:

  • Councillor Alex Bierk
  • Councillor Joy Lachica
  • Yvonne Lai
  • Jeff Macklin
  • Sarah McNeilly
  • Justin Million
  • Kady Denton
  • Jeannine Taylor
  • Su Ditta (EC3 representative)

Arenas, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Arenas, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee was established to advise and support the Arenas, Public Works and Recreation Divisions on matters relating to arenas, parks, urban forestry, horticulture, open spaces, recreational use of trails, and recreational facilities, programs and services.

The Committee consists of the following members:

  • Councillor Lesley Parnell
  • Devon Malcolm
  • Divya Dhingra
  • Lynn Self
  • Greg O'Heron
  • Brad Robinson

Peterborough Regional Liaison Committee

The Peterborough Regional Liaison Committee (formerly the Joint Services Steering Committee) is made up of three County Councillors and three City Councillors. The responsibilities of this Committee are reviewing and approval of draft budgets and annual work plans, which are then forwarded to the Councils of the County and City for final approval for service delivery management for Provincial Offences, Ontario Works, Child Care and Social Housing and Paramedic Services.

Peterborough Regional Liaison Committee members
City of Peterborough AppointeesCounty of Peterborough Appointees

Mayor Jeff Leal

Warden Bonnie Clark

Councillor Dave Haacke

Councillor Lori Burtt

Councillor Matt Crowley

Councillor Jim Martin

Councillor Keith Riel

Councillor Sherry Senis

Museum and Archives Advisory Committee

The Museum and Archives Advisory Committee was established to advise Council and the Arts, Culture and Heritage Division in respect of the management and regulation of the Peterborough Museum & Archives.


The following are members of the Committee:

  • Councillor Matt Crowley
  • Emily McPhail
  • Laura Duarte
  • Debbie Flieler
  • Ann Sullivan
  • Karen Carter-Edwards
  • Amy Barron
  • Tory Cartwright (Trent University Archives representative)
  • Linda Lumsden (PHS representative)

Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee

The Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee is a committee established by Council to provide advice on environmental matters related to City of Peterborough municipal projects.

The following are members of the Committee:

  • Councillor Joy Lachica
  • Craig Mortlock
  • Dylan Radcliff
  • Naomi Stock
  • Merilyn Twiss
  • Mary Konrad
  • Peter Lafleur
  • Sandra Orsatti, Chair 

Age-Friendly Peterborough Committee

The Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee was created in June 2017 for two primary purposes:

  1. to advise local governments on issues related to aging; and
  2. to guide the implementation of the Age-friendly Peterborough Community Action Plan.

Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee advises City Council and County Council (through the Joint Services Steering Committee), Curve Lake First Nation Council (through their Health and Family Services Committee), and Hiawatha First Nation Council. Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee is supported by four working groups which are comprised of local organizations, staff, and local volunteers. The structure below collectively represents Age-friendly Peterborough.

  • Councillor Dave Haacke, City of Peterborough Council Representative
  • Councillor Karl Moher, County of Peterborough Council Representative
  • Councillor Arnold Taylor, Curve Lake First Nation Council Representative
  • Councillor Cynthia Gray, Hiawatha First Nation Council Representative
  • Shelley King, City of Peterborough Community Representative
  • Kerri Davies, County of Peterborough Community Representative
  • Ruth Snider, County of Peterborough Community Representative
  • Joanne Pine, Curve Lake First Nation Community Representative
  • Hiawatha First Nation Community Representative: Vacant
  • Danielle Belair, Staying Mobile Working Group Representative
  • Dawn Berry Merrium, Building Relationships Working Group Representative
  • Cathy Berges, Learning and Contributing Working Group Representative
  • Nick Stone, Learning and Contributing Working Group Representative

Airport Strategic Initiatives Committee

The Airport Strategic Initiatives Committee was established in 2021 to provide advice to staff and Council on Airport strategic initiatives.

Terms of Reference

The following are members of the Committee:

  • Mayor Jeff Leal
  • Councillor Don Vassiliadis
  • Councillor Dave Haacke
  • Kate Ahrens
  • Doug Armstrong
  • Richard Cherney
  • Oliver Fuchs