Civic Awards


Honouring our community

Each year, we present Civic Awards to residents of the City of Peterborough who've made a difference in the community through sports, arts, culture and volunteering. Applications are available in January each year and the awards are presented at a public event in June.


  • Community Betterment
  • Environmental Stewardship/Sustainability
  • Cultural Betterment
  • Athletic Award of Merit
  • Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Adult Athlete of the Year
  • Senior Athlete of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award


  • Nominees must be a resident of the City of Peterborough. People who do not live in the City will be recognized only if they are part of a City of Peterborough team or group receiving an award.
  • Nominees must be volunteers in their field. Professionals who are nominated while currently working in their field will not be considered.
  • A person may be nominated in more than one category. A separate nomination form must be completed for each category. However, a nominated individual will only be recognized once within a year, and cannot receive an award in the same category for three years.

Selection Process

A Civic Awards Screening Committee is made up of 5 people from:

  • the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee
  • the Museum and Archives Advisory Committee, and
  • the Arenas, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Committee reviews the applications and recommends winners to Council. Decisions are made in a Closed Session meeting to keep the results confidential before the awards are presented.


Sponsors provided funding for the following trophies:

Peterborough This Week – Junior Athlete of the Year

Sport Kawartha – Adult Athlete of the Year

Chex TV – Adult Athlete of the Year

Austin Trophies – Youth Volunteer of the Year

Cogeco – Volunteer of the Year

Peterborough Examiner – Lifetime Achievement Award

Nomination Form

Nominations for Civic Awards are open in January each year for nominees that made significant contributions the year prior.

Nomination Checklist

  • Complete the Nomination Form. Please complete all sections and ensure the correct spelling of all names.
  • Enclose a resumé of the individual or detailed outline of the organization. Depending on the application, you may also need to include a letter of verification from a recognized representative of the organization or group.
  • Enclose two Letters of Support for the nomination.