Civic Awards


Honouring our community

Each year, we recognize residents of the City of Peterborough who've made a difference in the community through arts, culture, sports and volunteering. Civic Award nominations open in February each year and the awards are presented publicly in June.


Nominations for the City's 2023 Civic Awards are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made a nomination. We will announce the winners later this spring.

Nomination Checklist

  • Complete the Nomination Form. 
  • Include a resumé of the individual or detailed outline of the organization. Depending on the application, you may also need to include a letter of verification from a recognized representative of the organization or group.
  • Include two Letters of Support for the nomination.


  • Adult Athlete of the Year
  • Athletic Award of Merit
  • Community Betterment
  • Cultural Betterment
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Holnbeck Award
  • Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mayor's Youth Award
  • Senior Athlete of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Youth Volunteer of the Year


  • Nominees must be a resident of the City of Peterborough. People who do not live in the City will be recognized only if they are part of a City of Peterborough team or group receiving an award.
  • Holnbeck Award nominee(s) may be residents of the City or County of Peterborough.
  • Nominees must be volunteers in their field. Professionals who are nominated while currently working in their field will not be considered.
  • A person may be nominated in more than one category. However, a nominated individual will only be recognized once within a year, and cannot receive an award in the same category for three years.

Selection Process

The Citizen Appointment Selection Committee reviews the applications and recommends winners to Council. Decisions are made in a Closed Session meeting to keep the results confidential before the awards are presented.


Sponsors provided funding for the following trophies:

Peterborough This Week – Junior Athlete of the Year

Sport Kawartha – Adult Athlete of the Year

Chex TV – Adult Athlete of the Year

Austin Trophies – Youth Volunteer of the Year

Cogeco – Volunteer of the Year

Peterborough Examiner – Lifetime Achievement Award


2022 Civic Awards

Read about the recipients of the 2022 Civic Awards.

Community Betterment

  • Mitch Champagne
  • Heather Hedges
  • Guye Vondette

Cultural Betterment

  • Peterborough Musicfest Volunteers

Holnbeck Award 

  • Eric Thornley

Athletic Award of Merit

  • Toula Pappas

Junior Athlete of the Year

  • Phoenix Walker

Senior Athlete of the Year

  • Ab Doyle

Volunteer of the Year

  • Community Care: Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Roy Wood
2021 Civic Awards Presentation Video

“Congratulations to the citizens being recognized for their outstanding contributions to Peterborough in 2021. While we wish we could be together to celebrate the recipients of the Civic Awards, this video tribute is meant to show our appreciation for all that they have done to make Peterborough a special place,” said Mayor Diane Therrien. "The tireless work and dedication of this year’s award winners continue to make our community proud."

The video presentation starts with an introduction from Mayor Diane Therrien, followed by a poem, “Bluebird”, by the City’s Poet, Laureate Sarah Lewis. All City Councillors are featured, providing remarks and tributes about the award recipients.

Nominations for the annual Civic awards were received in 2022 for achievements in 2021.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, a video celebrating the contributions of the winners was presented to publicly recognize the recipients as an alternative to an in-person event.

Recipients have also been presented with Civic Award certificates signed by the Mayor and the City Clerk to thank them for their contributions to the community.

The City of Peterborough appreciates and recognizes the remarkable residents and volunteers in 2021 with nine awards presented to individuals and groups who made significant contributions to the community.


2019 Civic Awards Presentation Video

“Congratulations to all of the citizens being recognized for their outstanding contributions to Peterborough in 2019. While we wish we could be together to celebrate the outstanding recipients of the 2019 Civic Awards, this video tribute is meant to show our appreciation for all that they have done to make Peterborough a special place,” said Mayor Diane Therrien.

Nominations for the annual Civic awards were received in 2020 for achievements in 2019. As an alternative to an in-person event due to COVID-19 restrictions, Council approved a video celebrating the contributions of our winners, which was made available to the public on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

The City of Peterborough appreciates and recognizes the contributions of our remarkable residents and volunteers in 2019. There were 33 awards presented to individuals and groups who made significant contributions to the community. The winners have received a certificate signed by the Mayor and the City Clerk, and winners of the special trophies also have their names engraved on the trophy.

Past Recipients

2021 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  •  East Peterborough Lions Club
  • Mapleridge Recreation Centre volunteers
    • Helen Falls
    • Liz Roberts
    • Carol Grant
    • Jane Northey
    • Jane Owles
    • Dennis Healey (posthumous)
 Volunteer of the Year
 Suzanne McMillan
 Lifetime Achievement
 Dr. Ramesh Makhija
 2020 My COVID Champion Awards

The 2020 Civic Awards format was amended to focus on the people and organizations who worked to keep us safe and provided the services we needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project was undertaken in conjunction with our partners in Hiawatha First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation, and the County of Peterborough.

The My COVID Champion program provided an opportunity for us to learn about all the positive things that have been taking place in our communities during the pandemic. Nomination stories were posted to partner Facebook pages to be included in four random draws. The nominator and nominee of the draw winners each received a gift basket worth $250 with local items from our communities.


 2019 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
 Chris Williams
Chris is the founder, team president and Chair of the Board of Directors for the Electric City Maroon and White – a not for profit special needs hockey team. Chris has also created a revenue source by selling scented candles made by players and family members. In 2019 he volunteered over 1,000 hours.

Said his nominator “Chris is an exceptional man. A great leader, role model and advocate for those living with disabilities…He does the work to make a difference in the lives of our players, parents, coaches and volunteers”. Congratulations Chris.

 Peterborough Challenger Baseball Coaches and Volunteers
The individuals listed provide leadership and support to over 80 player individuals with cognitive and developmental life-challenges so they are able to participate in and play baseball in the community.
  • Joe Keating
  • Trisha Sutherland
  • Graham Elliott
  • Kaleb Glidon
  • Logan Knapto-Oakes
  • Bev Quinlan
  • Debbie Quinlan
  • Ken Plantt
  • Laurie Gordon
  • Tracey Musclow
  • Annalise Musclow
  • Jane Bleeker
  • Gary Bleeker
  • Donnie Stante
  • Steven Moore
  • Don Cavanagh
  • Bruce Levia
  • Keith Brown
  • Rose Nunn
  • Logan Oakes
  • Lisa Mills
  • Deb Olszewski
  • Bernie Daynes
  • Elaine Oakes
  • Alexis Keating
  • Erin Day Nunn
  • Graham Elliott
 Erin Marshall
Erin Marshall is the creator and founder of the “Mombassadors” a group of mothers who have needed the PRHC and the NICU. 100% of the proceeds raised go to the hospital including $38,000 for a fetal heart monitor and the following year over $120,000 was raised to purchase lifesaving equipment including a warming bed and a ventilator. We now have the ability to care for the tiniest patients at home instead of sending them to Toronto.

Erin has volunteered hundreds of hours and works tirelessly for the greater good of our community. Thank you Erin for all that you have done!

 Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods
Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods (CARN) worked very hard to inform, bring together and support residents in advocacy related to uranium pelleting concerns in the City. Thanks to the efforts of CARN volunteers, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Association witnessed a great number of thoughtful and well-prepared oral presentations at the hearings. Members included the following:
  • Chris Beyers
  • Kathryn Campbell
  • Julie Cosgrove
  • Steve Daniels
  • Jim Dufresne
  • Robert Gibson
  • Peter Harris
  • Philip Kienholz
  • Sue Mackay
  • Deirdre McGahern
  • Melinda Rees
  • Jane Scott
  • Gillian Trowbridge
  • Timothy Wilson
 Joan Corrigan
Joan has been a member of Activity Haven Seniors Recreation since 2003 and is a very active volunteer – 260 hours in 2019!

Joan is the co-convener of the euchre lessons program each Monday and Friday, spending 3 hours with people who want to learn to play the game. In addition to the time she spends with the card players, Joan helps out volunteering wherever she is needed in the building.

Says her nominator “Joan is a personable, sweet, patient and loving lady and we would all be blessed to have more people like Joan in our lives.” Well said.

 Bert Thornber
Bert is an active volunteer with Activity Haven Senior Community Center, who gave 220 hours of time in 2019 alone. Bert is the convener of the Bridge program and hosts weekly events on site. He also plans, hosts and operates a Bridge and Dessert event on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Bert has been involved with Activity Haven for almost 10 years and is amazing – just ask his legion of dedicated bridge followers. Thank you Bert for your contributions.

 Patsy Dwyer
Patsy Dwyer is a hardworking volunteer who assists in the front office at Activity Haven. She can be found weekly in the office answering phones, offering assistance to callers, helping arrivals to the building, maintaining office bulletin boards as well as other office functions. When not helping out in the office, Patsy also spends time assisting with the bid-euchre tournaments.

Thank you to volunteers like Patsy who are making the City a better place to live.

 Donna Revoy
Donna has been an active volunteer at Activity Haven Seniors Center for a number of years and in 2019 she gave 300 hours of volunteer time to the organization. She is one of the conveners of bid-euchre and volunteers thorough the week as well as at the mini-bucks and big-bucks tournaments on Saturdays. She is also an important part of the New Year’s Eve tournament. She advertises these events, is the number one ticket seller for bid-euchre tournaments and is always open to helping with anything that Activity Haven needs help with.

Thanks to Donna Revoy – part of the amazing volunteer team that keeps Activity Haven going.

 Margaret MacDonald
Margaret is a double threat – not only is she an active office volunteer at Activity Haven, she also has her own charity “Socks Peterborough”. She works shifts in the office at Activity Haven and has also assisted with bingo events, concerts, bazaar and everything else they need assistance with.

Margaret also spends hundreds of hours every year with her charity “Socks Peterborough”. This group supplies new socks to men and women’s shelters, and any other organization in need. She is a positive force in our community helping both at Activity Haven and through Socks Peterborough.

 Margie Leeking and Luella Smith

Margie Leeking and Luella Smith each volunteered hundreds of hours in 2019. At Activity Haven they have a room which houses vibration technology machines. These machines increase muscle strength and power, bone density and blood circulation and are a great addition to services available for residents.

The studio is always manned, and Margie and Luella are two of the volunteers who run the operation. They are both involved with supervising and teaching each person how to use the machines to get the most out of their visit. Thank you to Margie and Luella.

 Amy Nolan

Amy has been a volunteer at Five Counties Children’s Centre and Peterborough Public Health for more than 20 years and has volunteered more than 13,000 hours of her time! In 2019 alone she volunteered 624 hours.

At Peterborough Public Health she volunteers by assembling packages for postpartum mothers, 18 month packages for physicians to give to parents and care givers as well as putting together the radon test kits.

Her volunteer work at Five Counties involves cleaning the baby blankets and toys that have been used for treatment. As her nominator stated “No task is too big or too small and she is happy to be helping! Thank you Amy for all you do…we are so happy you are here.” She arrives every day at Peterborough Public Health with a “smile on her face, a spring in her step, spreading her joy and helping out”. It is clear the world would be a better place with more Amy Nolan's volunteering! Thank you Amy for all that you do. 

 The Community Care Peterborough Friendly Visiting Volunteer Team
The Community Care Peterborough Friendly Visiting Volunteer Team has a huge impact on the community and residents of Peterborough. In 2019 this group of 10 volunteers spent over 377 hours visiting clients in their homes, providing mutually rewarding relationships and companionship. Volunteers meet clients weekly and do a variety of activities together that they both enjoy. This includes discussing current events, playing cards, doing puzzles, baking, and going for walks. It takes a special person to build a meaningful relationship with someone and they go above and beyond to make their matched client feel comfortable, appreciated and valued. The 2019 volunteers we are recognizing are:
  • Sandy Anderson
  • Marie Buchl
  • Elizabeth Owen
  • Gord Rigby
  • Lauren Ottaway
  • Rosemary Rawek
  • Sharon Waugh
  • Emily Felske
  • Dar Strain
  • Linda Martinell
 Dr. Maggie Himann and Jan Vandereyk
Dr. Himann and Jan Vandereyk established Peterborough Veterinary Outreach which assists the homeless and vulnerably housed communities through providing veterinary care to their pets. They offer preventive veterinary care, resources and education for individuals experiencing homelessness, housing vulnerability and tenants in affordable housing units at the The Mount Community Centre and Woollen Mills. Says their nominator: “For many tenants coming to the in-house clinic and having their pets looked after is a relief. No cost and/or low cost [$5-$10] vet services for low-income tenants at The Mount Community Centre and Woollen Mills is a ‘blessing’ say the tenants.”

They have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those living in poverty by providing a monthly in-house clinic. For many of the residents their pets are a major part of their lives and sometimes their only companion.  Thank you to both Dr. Himann and Jan Vandereyk for all the work they are doing to help pets and their owners. 

 "The Church Ladies" Food Team
The Church Ladies team prepares a weekly meal at the One Roof Community Centre serving many marginalized people in the City of Peterborough. The Church Ladies in 2019 were:
  • Lyn Miller
  • Evelyn Raab
  • Sue Masters
  • Heather Pollock
  • Jim Glynn
  • Nasrin Yari
  • Frances Baker
  • Sue Frise

This group (along with a host of other volunteers) prepares a nutritious meal every Tuesday at lunch with a variety of menus to groups of 120-150. Menu planning and shopping are done, food preparation and cooking as well as serving and clean-up are all completed by this group of volunteers. This group volunteers a lot of their time, but they are also supported by RJ’s Produce and Ennismore Foodland as well as Emmanuel United Church, Trinity United Church and the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Thank you to the Church ladies for all that you do!

 Guye Vondette

Guye Vondette was the lead in establishing the Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League for youth players in Peterborough. Established in 2017 it has increased in size from 54 players to over 250 registered for the 2020 season. Guye has worked tirelessly to grow the league and volunteers a great deal of time.

He trains and manages the referees and timekeepers and is also a volunteer executive with the Ontario Ball Hockey Association. He also received an award from this association for “outstanding leadership in his community, fostering growth of the game.” 

Thank you Guye for promoting sportsmanship, friendship, wellness, and the physical health of youth in the City of Peterborough. 

 The World Lacrosse U19 Women’s Lacrosse Committee 
In August 2019 the World Lacrosse U19 Women’s Lacrosse Committee brought 22 teams from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa to the City for 10 days. The event injected $3.6 million into the local economy and 4,000 visitors came to the City of Peterborough. The core group of 24 organizers led by co-chairs Fred Blowes and Cheryl MacNeill – planned the event for 2 years. Volunteers gave hundreds of hours leading up to the event and put in 14-hour days in the two weeks the teams were here.

The core volunteers were:

  • Fred Blowes
  • Cheryl MacNeill
  • Kelly Roberts
  • Lois Tuffin
  • Rose Powers
  • Kerri Hardill
  • John Lyons
  • Dan Lemay
  • Kim Garland
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Sue Robertson
  • Jill Hill
  • Terri Crough
  • Ashley Curtis
  • Tori Wasson
  • Sara Gardner
  • Heather Lemay
  • Dave Brown
  • Sean Fitzgerald
  • Reanna Montopoli
  • Mike Williams
  • Anna Taylor
  • Drake Tytler

We thank this group for running an amazing event which showcased the City of Peterborough on the international stage.

 The Betterment Brigade (Refugee Support Team)
The Betterment Brigade is a refugee support team through the New Canadian Centre’s Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program. They are a multigenerational, multicultural team of young students, graduates, working professionals, a local spiritual leader who was a refugee himself, and a retired engineer.

The Betterment Brigade supports a Kurdish family of 10 from Syria, and the Brigade did not let language, cultural or any barriers get in the way of welcoming the family. The leader of the refugee support team is Jeff Ji, and he and his group went above and beyond to help the family settle in Peterborough.

Says the nominator, “Each one of them is an outstanding citizen, wonderful neighbour, and a perfect example of good community leadership and betterment.”

The members of the Betterment Brigade are:

  • Jeff Ji
  • Les Parr
  • Drishti Verma
  • Divya Verma
  • Rani Ibrahim
  • John Friesen
  • Serena Hope
 Marie O’Connor
Marie O’Connor after retiring from teaching, started volunteering at the Peterborough Museum and Archives and did so for 19 years. During both careers, Marie advocated for the vulnerable and the disenfranchised. She volunteered with the OPP on behalf of victims of crimes and this evolved into a deep and personal commitment to ensuring that the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights was respected. Marie’s belief in justice was infinitely strong and defining.

Marie’s volunteering at the museum made a huge impact. Says her nominator “Peterborough is a better place thanks to her contributions, her generosity of spirit and her clear and honest understanding of humanity.”

We wish that Marie were here to hear these kinds words. Unfortunately, she passed away in January 2020, and she continued her volunteering at the museum right up to the end. Thank you Marie O’Connor for your years of service to so many in the community. We agree with the nominator that she made the City a better place for all of us.

 Sports Betterment
 Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones is a remarkable athlete who makes a major impact on the Peterborough sporting community. He plays goalie for the Lakefield Rage lacrosse club in the OLA Senior ‘C’ league. They finished the season with a silver medal after losing to the undefeated Six Nations Tomahawks in the Provincial finals in August 2019. Kirk set the OLA record for the oldest player ever to play at the Senior level box lacrosse.

He was deeply dedicated to the team and attended every practice, game, team meeting and all team events. He demonstrated excellent leadership and sportsmanship throughout the season by helping to develop and guide the younger team members. I should mention that Senior lacrosse starts at age 22, and Kirk was 55 in 2019!

Kirk has played for the “Boro Boys” lacrosse club for 21 years, which is a recreational league. He is a longtime supporter of Peterborough lacrosse and is well known in the lacrosse community. He has supported the Peterborough Lakers as a fan for 30 years, as well as the Peterborough Junior A team, the Ennismore James Gang and the Peterborough Timberman teams.

Kirk thank you for your support of lacrosse in Peterborough and congratulations for your accomplishments in 2019. 

 John Kasperski

John Kasperski is a past winner of the City of Peterborough Senior Athlete of the Year and is very well known for his remarkable achievements as an athlete. This year we are recognizing him with a Sports Betterment award for everything he accomplished in 2019.

He competed at the World Indoor Master’s event in Torun Poland and he won a silver in shot put. In 2019 his lifetime of sporting activities were recognized when he was inducted into the Athletics Ontario Hall of Fame. John has shown us that athletics is an important part of life at all stages in life – it is not just a “young man’s game”. He has won 92 national medals (including 34 gold), 47 provincial gold medals, 4 medals at the Caribbean Masters Championship, and 3 top ten finishes at the World Masters in addition to  his silver in 2019.

John is a dedicated worker, generous with his help and support to other athletes. Congratulations John on your achievements in 2019 and for receiving an Athletic Award of Merit.

 Shelbi Kilcollins
Shelbi Kilcollins is being recognized with a Sports Betterment Award in recognition of her hard work and dedication to girl’s minor hockey in Peterborough. She has played hockey all her life and she tries to being these skills to as many young girls as possible. Her volunteer hours in hockey in 2019 were well over 300!

Shelbi teaches the girls about developing strong social skills, improving their work ethic and developing their overall sportsmanship. She uses hockey to make the girls better all-around people and she leads by example. When not on the ice with the girls she also organizes team building nights which have included yoga, dry land training, crafts and movies.

Shelbi is the heard coach of a Novice girls hockey team, assistant coach to a Peewee girls hockey team, runs a program for girls new to hockey, assists with a Power skating company and always has a smile on her face. Says one of letters of support submitted for her “For young girls to have a female athlete to look up to and aspire to be one day, in my opinion, is absolutely priceless.” Shelbi is clearly a woman who continues to make a huge impact on sport in the City of Peterborough.

One of the amazing things Shelbi volunteered at was helping 60 new Canadians try skating for the first time. The hockey community is fortunate to have Shelbi here, and the impact she has on girls in the sport will continue. Thank you Shelbi for all your volunteering and congratulations.

 Cultural Betterment
 Stewart Hamilton

Stewart Hamilton has volunteered thousands of hours and provided excellent leadership with “Doors Open Peterborough” as well as siting on the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee for many years.

As a volunteer Chair of the Doors Open Peterborough committee, Stewart has committed his time, energy, and efforts for years to ensure successful events. With his willingness, contributions, and insights, Doors Open has continued to grow successfully.

Says his nominator “He is a valuable member of the public who goes above and beyond, giving back to his community and volunteering to ensure the conservation of City heritage for future generations…”  Well said.  Thank you for Stewart for the work you are doing and the hours you continue to volunteer in the City of Peterborough.

 Linda Chandler
Linda Chandler has volunteered for over 20 years at Hutchison House and in 2019 she contributed 300 hours. She has worked as a Board Member, member of the Museum Management Committee and as part of the Acquisition Committee.

Linda helps with research, development, and implementation of exhibits in the temporary exhibit space. She has also been an important part of the fundraising team and they development a Victorian High Tea, a Downton Abbey Servants Luncheon, and two days of fireside Christmas stories in the Historic Keeping Room. She also helps with the museum kitchen, school programs, March Break, and events such as Peach Tea, Hogmanay, and the volunteer Christmas Market.

Linda, thank you for making Hutchison House an important part of the Peterborough cultural scene.

 Environmental Stewardship
 Peterborough Youth Empowerment
Peterborough Youth Empowerment is receiving an award for Environmental Stewardship for their 2019 efforts to raise awareness for Climate Change through their engagements with the public and with politicians.

The group contributed more than 600 hours to their efforts in 2019 and these included:

  • A September 27 Climate Rally which attracted approximately 800 citizens
  • A September 11 Forum that brought Councillor Robert Kylie from Kingston to talk about why it is important for cities to declare a climate emergency
  • They also provided presentations to City Council in September 2019 when Council passed the Emergency Declaration

The names of the volunteers in 2019 were:

  • Malaika Collette
  • Jake Douglas
  • Hannah Grills
  • Nico Ossa-Williams
  • Darren Ranawaka
  • Emma Scarlett

One of the letters of support stated the following “As a City…that works and lives together in a beautiful environment, we should offer our gratitude and thanks that our youth are striving to create a healthier, greener future for our children and those many generations yet to come.” Thank you to Peterborough Youth Empowerment.

 The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Volunteers

Almost 1,500 injured turtles were treated at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre in 2019 and their protection and healing is provided by over 130 volunteers. Not only were the injured turtles provided with care, from these turtles approximately 6,000 eggs were incubated. How many hours did the volunteers provide in 2019 - 6,716!

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre is a registered charity which operates a turtle hospital that treats, rehabilitates, and releases injured turtles once they have recovered. This group of volunteers feed, clean and care for the turtles along with educating the public.

All 8 of Ontario’s turtles are listed as a species at risk federally. Turtle populations are in decline primarily due to habitat loss and fragmentation, road mortality, poaching and depredation. Economically, biologically, and culturally turtles play such a significant role in our natural world. Thank you to the amazing volunteers at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.

 Junior Athlete of the Year
The City of Peterborough 2019 Junior Athlete of Year is Sophia Lu. Sophia is a member of the Peterborough Figure Skating Club and beyond being an accomplished skater, she has also completed her Level 5 Piano and Theory.

In figure skating, a skater can test as well as compete. She has achieved her Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive, Gold Dances, one Diamond Dance as well as her Star 9 Freeskate. This is an unbelievable accomplishment for any skater, but to achieve this at such a young age speaks volumes about her ability, dedication and determination. Did I mention that she was 13 years old?

In competition she achieved 1st place in the Star 5 Under 13 category in both the Nepean and Elizabeth Manley Classic Competitions. Her scores earned her a spot in the Ontario Provincial Skating Competition.  She is the first skater from the Peterborough Figure Skating Club to qualify for provincials in many years.

At the Peterborough Figure Skating Club Annual General Meeting in May 2019, she was awarded the PFSC Provincial Star Skate Competitor award as well as the Dance Award. She is a Program Assistant on the Pre-Can/CanSkate session and leads by example, encouraging other young skaters.

Congratulations to the 2019 Junior Athlete of the Year winner – Sophia Lu!

 Senior Athlete of the Year
The 2019 Senior Athlete of the Year is Lynne Faught. Lynne has served for many years as a strong influence and leader in the Peterborough running community including in the role of race director.

In 2019, her long-distance races included the Demi Marathon Hypothermique de Quebec coming in first in her category, the 30K Around the Bay race coming in 5th in her category, the Mont Tremblant Demi Marathon coming in first in her category, and the Berlin Marathon - a major world marathon coming in 14th in her category and placing as the 2nd Canadian in her category.

One letter of support says it all “Lynne is a long-distance runner that has proudly represented herself and Peterborough on the local, national and international stage…Lynne’s wisdom and tenacity towards her sport continues to inspire and guide all those that train with her.”

Guess how Lynne and her husband celebrated their 50th anniversary? You would be right if you guessed they participated in the Quantico Tri in Quantico Virginia! Congratulations Lynne!

 Volunteer of the Year

The Rotary Clubs of Peterborough celebrated 100 years of Rotary in Peterborough in 2020. The Rotary Club of Peterborough was established in 1921 and the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha was chartered in 1989 and is now over 30 years old. These groups do many projects on their own, but also partner on many yearly and large community projects. The Clubs also recognize other community leaders with the annual Rotary Paul Harris Awards.

The Rotary Club of Peterborough helped to establish and construct Camp Kawartha and have been heavily involved with the Rotary Greenway Trail. In 2019 they did fundraising for the Camp Kawartha Health Care Centre, as well as the YES Shelter, two new Rotary Trail shade shelters and provided support for Homeward Bound. The Rotary Club also helps communities around the globe, but their focus locally is food insecurity and vulnerable populations.

In 2019 the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha composed of 47 members, volunteered over 5,000 hours! In 2019 these activities included: Rib fest, Victoria Day and Firework night, Canada Day fireworks, funded and supplied outdoor musical equipment at Riverview Park and Zoo, funded Issac the new canine officer with the Peterborough Police, and they supply and serve two dinners a month at the One Roof Diner just to name a few of their activities.

It is no wonder the two Rotary Clubs are the 2019 Volunteer of the Year winner! Despite the amazing things they did for the community in 2019, their contributions and betterment to the City of Peterborough have a century of history. Thank you!

 Lifetime Achievement
Ian Attridge is the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award winner. As a 24-year resident of the City he has contributed countless voluntary hours to initiatives large and small which have made contributions to the betterment of the City. Ian’s contributions include work to protect local natural areas, promoting urban health, fostering the incorporation of local non-profits, and advancing the City’s and citizens’ relationship with Indigenous peoples and their history.

Ian’s volunteerism since 1996 has been to work to have the protection and management of natural areas in Peterborough enshrined in policy. He volunteered with a group to develop a Natural Areas Strategy that was adopted by Peterborough County Council. He became a member of the City of Peterborough’s Natural Areas Advisory Committee when it was created in 2001, advising the City on how to address development applications that impact natural areas. He was also involved with the creation of Sustainable Peterborough from 2002-2009. More recently he has been a member of the City’s Natural Heritage Task Force, providing guidance on natural heritage planning in the new Official Plan. In 2016 he co-founded Reimagine Peterborough which was inspired by impactful initiatives like ReThink London.

Ian has also volunteered his time to incorporate several local non-profits including the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough and The Mount. He is also a member of the Treaty Learning Circle, which meets regularly at the Camp Kawartha Centre to understand our treaties and histories, as well as our responsibilities and relationships within the Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg territory. Ian was a keynote speaker about this work at the Fall 2019 Trent Temagami Colloquium.

It is clear that he in deeply involved in many aspects of the Peterborough community and we very pleased that Ian Attridge is the winner of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award.

 Holnbeck Award
This year’s winner of the Holnbeck award is Lynda Todd. This award recognizes an individual who has enhanced the quality of life for people with disabilities through volunteer work in the City (or County) of Peterborough. It is named after local accessibility advocates Gordon and Arbie Holnbeck and is sponsored by the Peterborough City County Disaster Trust Fund.

Not only is Lynda a very deserving recipient of the Holnbeck Award, but her efforts are a guide on to how to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their best.

Lynda says yes to new and exciting goals and introduces many people with disabilities to new adventures. She finds out what interests them, arranges the venues, the opportunities and finds the funding. She is a wordsmith helping people apply for needed resources and opens her heart and home to people. Her volunteering from 2016-2019 involved more than 1,000 hours of her time.

She is on the Council Persons with Disabilities and is a volunteer with the  “Time in My Shoes Program”. This experiential learning program is offered in schools and to businesses. Lynda shares her experience of being legally blind and demonstrates the tools and resources she uses. She is also an “Active Together” volunteer and encourages differently abled people to participate in stimulating activities like axe throwing and interactive sports. She is also an active volunteer with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

She believes in challenging yourself to go beyond what you think you can do and was a featured guest for a National Axe Throwing Training Documentary. This video is used to educate trainers to work effectively with those that live with a disability to throw axes with modifications and ensure safety and success. She has been interviewed frequently about everything that is possible for those that live with an inconvenience.

She is also an example of someone who challenged themselves to do what they thought was impossible. She has become a celebrated abstract artist and recently won a Fine Aft award in the Spirit of the Hills Art Competition. You probably read about her recent win in our local papers.

Thank you Lynda for all that you have done and continue to do for our community. Congratulations on receiving the 2019 Holnbeck Award.

 Mayor's Youth Award

The City’s youth are our community’s future and the Mayor’s Youth Award recognizes youth between the ages of 10 and 21 years who have special achievements in the areas of art/culture, literacy, humanitarianism, volunteerism, heroism, academic, military, athletics, politics or science. We are please to have three winners of the Mayor’s Youth award this year.

 Faith Dickinson
Faith Dickinson had dedicated her young life to bettering the community by offering comfort to thousands of people in need, encouraging youth of all ages to find a cause they are passionate about and to make a difference. She volunteers and supports numerous organizations. You probably recognize her name from Cuddles for Cancer which she created in 2012 when she was just 9 years old. These are signature fleece tie blankets for cancer patients going through treatment. To date over 7,000 blankets have been made and some have even been sent to 45 countries, although most remain local.

Faith has a signature blanket for Canadian veterans and soldiers serving overseas or when they return home suffering from PTSD. She has also created a signature First Responders blanked for Fleming College Fire Fighting students. In 2018 she opened a Cuddles for Cancer Drop-In Centre in Lakefield where volunteers come in three days a week to make blankets. In 2019 she launched Cuddles for Cancer in Western Canada.

She speaks at various events for the Women’s Business Network, Lions, Rotary, Probus, government and to thousands of students across Ontario. She also supports Kawartha Foodshare, Canadian Blood Services, Pink in the Rink, etc. She hosts a food drive and a blood doner clinic every year, supports mental health initiatives and donates between 30 and 50 blankets each year to local fundraisers. Says her nominator “She genuinely has a huge heart.” We couldn’t agree more.

She has done so much but we can’t tell you all about it because we simply do not have enough time! Congratulations Faith and thank you!

 Evelyn Robertson
Evelyn Robertson is our second Mayor’s Youth Award winner. She started her Scouting career in 2001 as a Beaver and has been continuously involved in all levels of Scouting. In addition to her own program, she has helped run group and area level camps for youth and has helped to provide a quality weekly program for all youth in the Scouting movement.

Evelyn was Vice President of the Student Council at Crestwood Secondary and was co-captain of the girls’ field hockey team and was recognized with the Gold Laureate Scholar and her Junior and Senior letters.

She is currently working on her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and is involved in the Salvation Army Peterborough Temple Band and Songsters, as well as the Ontario-Central East Divisional Youth Band. This young Scouter has earned the Salvation Army’s Generals Award, the Chief Scouts Award, the Queen’s Venturer Award as a youth member, has been recognized with the Ontario Volunteer Service Award, the Medal for Good Service, the Medal of the Maple, the Bar to the Medal for Good Service, the Earl McNabb Scholarship, and the 2018 Kawartha Waterway Youth Excellence Award for her involvement in Scouting.

Faith is a valuable young person in our community, and we are very pleased to present her with a Mayor’s Youth Award.

 Grace Murphy
Says her nominator “Grace Murphy represents everything that has given me hope in our future generation.” This is a powerful statement and once you learn about Grace, I am sure you will agree.

Grace is a ranked provincial contender in virtually every sport she competes in. Grace has a unique personality trait – her heart, compassion and empathy allow everyone around her to excel. She does not know the meaning of the word quit. She is an inspiration in sports, academics and in everyone she touches.

In November 2019 Grace was accepted to represent our province in the Under 18 Cross Country Championships in Abbotsford BC and was the team’s youngest member at 14. She placed a remarkable 19th overall in Canada in her first-ever National Cross Country competition, despite being the youngest athlete. She competed in the Ontario Championships in the 2,000m placing 5th in Ontario.

She plays varsity hockey, varsity field hockey, OFSSA Nordic Ski -SPSS Girls Team, Peterborough Girls Hockey association, competitive soccer, competitive box lacrosse, Member of Team Ontario Cross Country, OFSAA Cross Country, Kawartha Lakes Lightening Running Club Junior Girl.

As amazing as these sports accomplishments are, Grace is also a volunteer. She can be found at the PRHC at the information desk and has also volunteered at local retirement residences and at the Riverview Park and Zoo. We heard earlier about the U19 Women’s World Field Lacrosse Championships held in Peterborough in 2019 and Grace volunteered there as well. She volunteers at the St. Peter’s Hockey Classic, Canadian Mental Health Association, the Murphy Therapeutic Group, the YMCA Summer Camp and the Peterborough Food Bank.

We will leave the final word to her nominator “…Grace is humble, takes advice, and always has time for anyone…Grace makes us better. Peterborough is a better place thanks to Grace.”  We certainly agree with the comments about this remarkable young woman.

 2018 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Colleen Ablett
  • Activity Haven Kitchen Volunteers
  • Elsie Akey
  • Joyce Cook
  • Carol and David Fisher
  • Community Care Peterborough – Volunteer Transport Team

  • Cynthia Forget
  • Bill Heffernan
  • John Holmes
  • Lunchtime Organ Recital Series
  • The Mount Crew
  • Marcel Prevost
  • Betty Sommers
  • Sandra Stebbings
  • Ann Thomas
  • Kaes Vanderkooy
  • Craig White
  • Winterfest Committee at Five Counties Children’s Centre
 Cultural Betterment
  • Malcolm Byard & Ryan Kemp
  • Karen Carter-Edwards
  • Jeanine Leahy
  • Madison More
 Environmental Stewardship
  • Endeavour Centre
  • Kawartha World Issues Centre
  • Carlotta James and Peterborough Pollinators
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • Isabella Bowen
  • Frances Crowe
  • Stephen Evans
  • Junior C Lakers
  • Kawartha Trent Synchro Club Combo Team
  • Kari Lynde
  • Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association Tyke 1
  • Peterborough Select Women’s Ball Hockey Team
  • Len Warriner

Junior Athlete of the Year

  • Taya Keast

Adult Athlete of the Year

  • Jonathan Shanley

Senior Athlete of the Year

  • Sylvia Cashmore

Youth Volunteer of the Year

  • Chole Yu

Volunteer of the Year

  • David Edgerton

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Bill Morris
 2017 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Nancy Calder
  • Peterborough Executive Osteoporosis Canada
  • Planning Committee Women’s Charity Golf Classic for Osteoporosis Canada
  • Lorna Verhulst
  • Peterborough New Horizons Band
  • Gary Cornell
  • Ron Hawkrigg
  • Earlene Bisset
  • Bill Charters and Joanne Anderson
  • Brian Higgins
  • Activity Haven Kitchen and Lunch Volunteers
  • Shirley and Don Seeley
  • In from the Cold Concerts for YES
  • Kathy Boehm
  • Ramesh Makhjia
  • Bernard Daynes
  • Special Award - Carol Winter
 Cultural Betterment
  • Robert Hinton
  • ReFrame Festival Team
  • Quaker Fire Descendants Organizing Committee
  • Bruce Stonehouse
 Environmental Stewardship
  • Lindsay Stroud and Carolyn Ross
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • TASS Jr. Football Team
  • St. Peter’s Girl’s Hockey Team
  • Adam Guthrie and Ryan Blinn
  • Abigael Hiltz
  • Meghanne Hiltz
  • Lauren Bell
  • Peterborough Minor Mosquito AA Tigers Baseball
  • Ron Challice
  • Paul Brown

Junior Athlete of the Year

  • Audrey McCarthy

Adult Athlete of the Year

  • Kate Davis

Senior Athlete of the Year

  • Ab Doyle

Youth Volunteer of the Year

  • Evan Campbell

Volunteer of the Year

  • Cathy Berges

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Isabel Bath 
 2016 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Steve and Joan Casey 
  • Kathi Curtin-Williams 
  • John Desbiens 
  • Government Assisted Refugees Support Teams 
  • George Herrington 
  • Joan Herrington 
  • Phyllis Ifill 
  • Chad Jessup 
  • Joan Michaels 
  • The Misfits Band 
  • Ray Ostapovich 
  • Peterborough Garden Show 
  • The Fleming Park Crew 
  • Jeff Westlake
  • Alex White 
  • Kim Zippel 
 Cultural Betterment
  • Dennis Carter-Edwards 
  • Pauline Sandys 
 Environmental Stewardship
  • Leap Manifesto Peterborough 
  • Peterborough Christmas Bird Count Participants and Compiler 
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • St. Peter’s Boys Golf Team  
  • St. Peter’s Varsity Boys Hockey Team 
 Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Miranda Stever
 Adult Athlete of the Year
  • Tim Dalliday
 Senior Athlete of the Year
  • John Kasperski
 Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Arwen Anderson
 Volunteer of the Year

 Interlink Choir:

  • Faye McMillan

  • Eleanor Daly

  • Sandra Dargue

  • David Darling

  • Shelia Entwistle
  • Barb Gibson
  • Richard Goulet
  • Tom Keeton
  • Harry Lundrigan

  • John MacKelvie

  • Brenda McClelland

  • Cliff McDonald

  • Robert Moreton

  • Nancy Nashman

  • Joanne Riel

  • Elsie Sage

  • Cam Trudel 

  • Jeanne Trudel
  • Pam Van Nest
  • Linda Wright
 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bea Quarrie
 2015 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Rotary Club of Peterborough-Kawartha 
  • Don Parnell 
  • Stephen P. Kylie 
  • Dan Hennessey 
  • Ted Yaxley
  • Elaine Dobbin  
  • Our Space Board 
  • Cam Douglas and Chantal Bouillon
  • Isobel Spicer  
  • Barry Cowling 
  • Ray Lee 
  • Wayne Smith 
  • Mary Steenburgh 
 Cultural Betterment
  • Loretta Terry 
  • Trent Valley Archives 
  • The Cast and Crew of “Freud’s Last Session” 
 Environmental Stewardship
  • Holy Cross Secondary School 
  • Camp Kawartha Environmental Education Centre 
  • For Our Grandchildren (4RG) Peterborough 
  • Guenther Schubert 
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • Pete’s Novice AE Hockey Team 
  • Fleming Knights Men’s Curling Team 
  • Cassidy Livingston 
  • Emma Corcoran 
  • Aralyla Dyer
  • Peterborough Mincom Junior C Lakers 
  • Meghanne Hiltz 
  • Lynn Todd 
  • Lexi Hill 
 Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Abigael Hiltz
 Adult Athlete of the Year
  • Rob Anderson
 Senior Athlete of the Year
  • Darrell Patterson
 Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Alissa Hutchinson
 Volunteer of the Year
  • Aspa Bouzinelos 
 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Carl Oake
 2014 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Alan Aslett 
  • B!ke Peterborough
  • Barb Everett 
  • Noah Fiddler 
  • Harold and Helen Gilmer
  • Marg Hiebert 
  • Liz Hitchins 
  • Karen Myers 
  • Annie Price 
  • Peter Rutherford 
 Cultural Betterment
  • John Cranfield 
  • Geoff Hewitson and Chuck Vollmar 
  • Susan Dunkley 
  • Peterborough Theatre Guild's Production of “Beauty Queen of Leenane”  
  • Dirk Verhulst 
 Environmental Stewardship
  • Peterborough Field Naturalists 
  • Sustainable Peterborough Coordinating Committee 
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • Joseph Hiltz 
  • Adam Kitchen 
  • Special Olympics Bowling Team 
  • Rotary Club of Peterborough Curling Team 
  • Peterborough Tiger Midget Baseball Team 
  • Murray Nugent 
 Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Curtis Windsor
 Adult Athlete of the Year
  • Kelly Ann Gellatly
 Senior Athlete of the Year
  • John Kasperski
 Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Kirkland Sugrue
 Volunteer of the Year
  • Barbara McIntosh
 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Graham Hart
 2013 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • Peterborough City Soccer Association
  • Kathi Curtin
  • Quilts for Cancer Peterborough County
  • Mary Ireland
  • Jim Devlin
  • Bethany Kaune
  • Gladys Davis
  • Advocis Peterborough Chapter Board Members
  • Dennis Challice
  • Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Team Executive, Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival Executive and Festival Committee Chairs
  • Activity Haven Wednesday Lunch Volunteers
  • Debbie Brown
  • Barry Boyce
  • Betty Dahmer
  • Tina Johnston
  • Miryam Buchahim
 Cultural Betterment
  • Hilda Jolley
  • Peterborough Canada Day Parade Committee
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • St. Peter’s High School Boys Hockey Team
  • Peterborough Ontario Carpet Supermart Bantam Tigers
  • Peterborough Junior Midget Tigers
 Sports Betterment
  • Peterborough Baseball Association Executive
  • Peterborough Baseball Association All Star and Rep Coaches
 Junior Athletes of the Year
  • Miranda Stever
  • Lucas Caldwell
 Senior Athletes of the Year
  • Kayla Roote
  • Jesse Caldwell
 Sports Personality of the Year
  • David Smith
 Youth Volunteer of the Year
  • Claire Woodgate
 Volunteer of the Year
  • Jennifer Amirault

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Fred Olson
 2012 Civic Awards
 Community Betterment
  • David Smith 
  • The Three Loonies 
  • Tina Williams and Katie Caddigan 
  • Marvin Wrightly 
  • Nadine Conway 
  • Maggie Sayliss 
  • Dave Lozon 
  • Lori Kay Harris Sainte 
  • Bonnie Wilson 
  • Members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52
  • Leila and Bill Cridland 
  • Lighthouse Community Centre Volunteers 
  • Volunteers of St. John’s Church Brunch Program 
 Cultural Betterment
  • Paul Lumsden 
  • New Horizons International Music Association 
  • Stewart Hamilton 
  • Geoffrey Eve 
  • Gillian Stamp 
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • Jake Withers, Josh Currier, Zach Currier, Cameron Milligan, Todd Richard and Joe Hiltz
  • Matt Brown 
 Sports Betterment
  • Carol and David Fisher 
  • David Woodfine, Jon Grimwood and David Rutledge 
 Junior Athletes of the Year
  • Cassidy Connelly
  • Zach Currier
 Senior Athletes of the Year
  • Tara Sharpe-Lester
  • Kenneth R. Kent
 Volunteer of the Year
  • Irena Mihaela Matei
 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Joan Foster
 2011 Civic Awards
 Blood and Platelet Donations
  • Karan Longhurst
 Community Betterment
  • The Activity Haven Diner’s Club
  • Bernice Cote
  • Charlie Gregory
  • David Wills
  • Grace Buck
  • Harry Pott
  • The Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 
  • The Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52
  • Noah Leslie
  • St. Alban’s Social Committee
  • The Towerhill Village Events Team
  • Val McRae
  • Zita Lightfoot
  • The Peterborough Pop Ensemble
 Cultural Betterment
  • The Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Gordon Young
  • Janet McCue
  • Reframe Peterborough International Film Festival
 Cultural Award of Merit
  • Jason Chessar
 Athletic Award of Merit
  • The Peterborough Platinum Blades
  • The Peterborough Tigers Minor Bantam Baseball Team
 Sports Betterment
  • Gregory Post
 Junior Athlete of the Year
  • Amy Jones
 Youth Volunteers of the Year
  • Mackenzie Robinson
  • Lucas Chittick
 Sports Personality of the Year
  • Don “Red” Wasson
 Volunteer of the Year
  • Frances Edwards

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Ivy Sucee