The City of Peterborough is committed to demonstrate leadership for accessibility in the community. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of all people and follow the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity. We will strive to achieve an inclusive environment for our facilities, goods, services, employment, information, and transportation.

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Plans and reports

Transforming Peterborough to be a place where every person can participate is important for people, businesses and community life. The 2018 to 2022 Accessibility Plan focuses on strategies and actions to ensure that all new and updated policies, strategic plans, programs, services and facilities fully incorporate an accessibility lens to make Peterborough more accessible and welcoming for everyone.

The City is developing a new five-year road map to help make Peterborough more accessible and welcoming for everyone. The plan will outline priorities to identify, remove and prevent barriers, so everyone can participate in the community. Learn more about the Accessibility Plan update project on the City's online public engagement platform, Connect Peterborough.

Accessibility plan consultation

Public engagement for the City of Peterborough Accessibility Plan update project was launched during National Accessibility Week in May 2022 and ran until August 31, 2022. Learn more about the feedback submitted through the Accessibility Plan Public Consultation Summary.

Thank you for helping us to better understand the experiences of people with disabilities.

Compliance report

The 2023 Accessibility Compliance Report was submitted to the Government of Ontario in December 2023.

If you are having difficulty accessing the PDF report in a web browser, right click the link and select the "Save link as..." option to download the PDF.

 Status report

Accessibility is included as part of the planning process for programs, services and facilities that are initiated every year. The work includes thinking about the fine details, researching best practices and consulting with the right people using an accessibility lens.

The status report serves as an update on the progress towards meeting the planned initiatives listed in the City’s 2018 to 2022 Accessibility Plan. All initiatives are subject to annual budget allocations.

General initiatives

1. Upgrade accessibility policies and procedures as regulations change. (in progress)

2. Offer accessibility support, where possible, to organizations funded by the City. (ongoing)

3. Deliver in-depth accessible document training to staff. (ongoing)

4. Create a digital storytelling program featuring stories from City employees and volunteers. (pending)

Employment initiatives

5. Provide wayfinding signage in City Hall to direct applicants to Human Resources. (in progress)

6. Add a 'Job Opportunities' section on the various City websites linked to the main City site. (in progress)

7. Promote emergency response plans to employees during Emergency Preparedness Week. (ongoing)

8. Develop a 'Lone Worker' check-in and distress notification system for staff who work alone. (pending)

Customer service initiatives

9. Public Works Operations Facility: Incorporate customer service desks in the office building. (complete)

10. Kinsmen and Healthy Planet (formerly Evinrude Centre) Arenas: add wayfinding signs for customer service areas. (complete)

11. Monitor service counter and waiting area requirements through the building permit process. (pending)

12. Update City of Peterborough policies and procedures to align with legislation updates. (in progress)

13. Investigate opportunities to add water bowls for service animals. (ongoing)

14. Investigate opportunities to add service animal relief areas complete with waste receptacles. (ongoing)

15. Create an automated process to post notices of temporary service disruptions. (complete)

16. Update the accessibility training modules to align with legislation updates. (complete)


Information and communication initiatives

17. Integrate a prominent feedback feature on the City's redesigned website. (complete)

18. Evaluate TTY use and explore other tools to communicate with people with hearing loss. (complete)

19. Update all websites to have a ‘Request for Information in an Accessible Format Form’. (in progress)

20. Post upcoming public engagement meetings on electronic signage across various facilities. (ongoing)

21. Update facility fire safety plans and make available in digital format. (pending)

22. Coordinate information in fire safety plans with workplace emergency response plans. (pending)

23. Highlight accessibility during annual Emergency Preparedness Week, first full week of May. (ongoing)

24. Highlight accessibility during annual Fire Safety Month, October. (ongoing)

25. Format public safety documents to be accessible. (ongoing)

26. Add an Accessibility section to all corporate websites. (in progress)

27. Review all image alt tags on websites to ensure the text description of images are appropriate. (ongoing)

28. Review all links on websites to ensure the text describing the link destinations are appropriate. (ongoing)

29. Develop a process to ensure all documents posted on the website are accessible. (ongoing)

30. Upgrade Microsoft Office software version to help staff create accessible documents. (ongoing)

31. Assess WCAG 2.0 compliance when investigating new PDF creation software. (complete)

32. Research best practices related to formatting website information as a PDF vs. HTML. (complete)

33. Hire summer student(s) to convert inaccessible documents to accessible documents. (ongoing)

34. Add an assistive listening device kit at the Main Library. (complete)

35. Broaden collection of large print, e-books, downloadable audio books and DVD's. (ongoing)

36. Develop accessible mobile library app. [Alternate solution: mobile friendly website & catalogue] (complete)

37. Incorporate a section on ‘Accessibility’ into the Library Strategic Plan. (complete)

38. Promote the accessibility courses available on (ongoing)

Transportation initiatives

39. Pilot a new mobility aid restraint system to allow fully independent operation by users. (complete)

40. Provide a trip planning and real time bus arrival information system for conventional transit. (complete)

41. Provide transit route planning mobile app. (complete)

42. Include a review of the name for specialized transit in the next Transit Review. [Alternate solution: stop use of name] (complete)

43. Complete a Transit route review and long term growth strategy. (complete)

44. Continue annual program to upgrade transit stops with concrete pads linked to sidewalks. (ongoing)

45. Continue annual program to add transit shelters where feasible. (ongoing)

46. Upgrade transit stop signage. (pending)

47. Highlight priority seating etiquette in conventional transit marketing. (ongoing)

48. Enhance notices for detours and service disruptions with a Transit mobile app and website. (complete)

49. Monitor volume issues with the audible systems on conventional transit. (in progress)

50. Monitor, collaborate and coordinate specialized transportation with adjacent municipalities. (ongoing)

51. Improve the reservation process to optimize booking riders from the same pick-up location. (complete)

52. Add a communication tool for riders with hearing loss to independently make a reservation. (in progress)

53. Explore options to notify riders in lieu of voice message for ride notifications. (in progress)

54. Explore a car share program with an accessible van in the fleet. (pending)

55. Continue to encourage specialized service users to ride conventional transit on days they are able to. (ongoing)

  • Educate the public on the accessibility features of conventional transit
  • Promote conventional transit at events such as Peterborough Pulse & Seniors Showcase
  • Partner with various organizations to deliver travel training on conventional transit

56. Continue to work on solutions to optimize availability of specialized service. (ongoing)

57. Explore options to send service delay notifications in formats other than voice message. (pending)

58. Use rider counter systems in transit vehicles to help prioritize transit stop improvements. (pending)

59. Investigate opportunities to add waste and recycling receptacles at transit stops. (pending)

60. Obtain updated numbers of accessible taxicabs available from local taxicab companies. (pending)

61. Survey the public and taxicab companies to help determine current service demand. (pending)

62. Review options to address taxicab demand during school drop-off and pick-up hours. (pending)

Recreational trail and beach access initiatives

63. Rotary Greenway Trail: extend trail from the Faryon bridge to Eastbank Drive, Trent University. (in progress)

64. Crawford Trail: extend trail along former rail line between Monaghan Road and Townsend Street. (in progress)

65. Otonabee River Trail: add trail along Little Lake from Del Crary Park to Little Lake Cemetery. (in progress)

66. Bethune Street trail: develop a linear park between Townsend Street and Dublin Street. (complete)

67. Investigate if a trail can connect Riverview Park and Zoo to the Rotary Greenway Trail. (in progress)

68. Investigate if a trail can connect Haggart Street to Beavermead Park and Whitlaw Street. (in progress)

69. Investigate trail lighting priorities. (ongoing)

70. Construct rail crossings: Maria Street crossing, Rotary Greenway Trail crossing at Holiday Inn. (in progress)

71. Improve multi-use trail connections to neighbourhood streets and sidewalks. (ongoing)

72. Investigate opportunities to add mobility aid charging stations along trails. (ongoing)

Outdoor public use eating areas initiatives

73. Provide accessible picnic tables in the Peterborough Museum & Archives Heritage Pavilion. (complete)

74. Add more accessible picnic table zones in Millennium Park along the Trans Canada Trail. (pending)

75. Investigate opportunities to add accessible picnic table zones in Nicholls Oval Park. (pending)

76. Incorporate accessible picnic table zones into various park and playground upgrade projects. (ongoing)

Outdoor play space initiatives

77. Develop park planning and design guidelines. (complete)

78. Develop a priority list for neighbourhood park rejuvenation projects. (complete)

79. Identify residential areas with a gap in neighbourhood park access. (complete)

80. Develop strategies to address residential areas with a gap in neighbourhood park access. (complete)

81. Partner with Holy Cross Secondary School on an artificial playing field and track project. (complete)

82. Trent Ball Diamond and Sport Facility: construct a new washroom building. (pending)

83. Jackson Park: construct a new washroom building. (pending)

84. Knights of Columbus Park: convert existing wading pool to a splashpad. (pending)

85. Turner Park: convert existing wading pool to a splashpad. (complete)

86. Chelsea Gardens Park: convert existing wading pool to a splashpad. (pending)

87. John Taylor Memorial Park: convert existing wading pool to a splashpad. (pending)

88. Olympus Park and Hamilton Park: upgrade existing spray water features. (Hamilton Park complete)

Exterior paths of travel initiatives

89. Develop a complete streets policy as per the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. (in progress)

90. Educate businesses on the importance of maintaining a clear path of travel on sidewalks. (ongoing)

91. Develop a plan with DBIA to clear snow windrows at street corners in the downtown area. (pending)

92. Install countdown pedestrian signals at busy intersections across the City. (complete)

93. Install enhanced ladder crosswalk pavement markings at busy intersections across the City. (ongoing)

94. Expand number of pedestrian signals that automatically activate with traffic signals. (pending)

95. Expand number of mid-block pedestrian crossing facilities where appropriate. (ongoing)

96. City Parks and Sports Fields: add walkway networks to connect park amenities to sidewalks. (ongoing)

97. Del Crary Park: redevelop the park and Anderson stage, including a new marina building. (pending)

98. Nicholls Oval Park: explore opportunities to add walkways, improve stage access and viewing. (pending)

99. Public Art: Create an accessibility themed public art installation. (pending)

100. Develop a strategy to eliminate garbage bags and recycling bins placed on sidewalks. (in progress)

101. Investigate opportunities to add mobility aid charging stations where appropriate. (ongoing)

102. Quaker Foods City Square: create a flexible gathering space featuring a skating rink and seating. (complete)

103. Chemong Road North Urbanization, Millroy to city limit: add curbs and sidewalks. (complete)

104. McDonnel Street (Park to Donegal): reconstruct sidewalks and reconfigure on-street parking. (complete)

105. Donegal Street (McDonnel to Murray): reconstruct sidewalks and connect to multi-use trail. (complete)

106. Parkhill Road West (Wallis to west city limit): add sidewalks and multi-use trail. (complete)

107. Chemong Road (Parkhill to Parkway Trail): add sidewalks and multi-use trail. (in progress)

108. Brealey Drive (Lansdowne to Sherbrooke): add sidewalks and multi-use trail. (pending)

109. Sherbrooke Street (Glenforest to west city limit): add sidewalks. (pending)

110. Extension of Crawford Drive to Harper Road: add sidewalks and multi-use trail. (complete)

Accessible parking initiatives

111. Update Zoning By-law to align with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. (in progress)

112. Retrofit existing municipal parking lots to meet new accessible parking space standards. (ongoing)

113. Monitor Type A and B accessible parking requirements through the building permit process. [Alternate solution: Monitor through planning application process] (ongoing)

114. Upgrade parking kiosks to allow people to make payments and add time via mobile device. [Alternate solution: HotSpot parking app] (complete)

115. Develop on-street parking standards that consider vehicle loading and sidewalk access. (in progress)

116. City parks and trail access points: investigate opportunities to add accessible parking. (pending)

117. Nicholls Oval Park: investigate opportunities to formalize parking in the park. (pending)

118. Explore opportunities to create a parking lot near Ackison Road at the Trans Canada Trail. (pending)

119. Peterborough Museum & Archives: add more accessible parking spaces. (pending)

120. Peterborough Art Gallery: explore options to more clearly identify the accessible parking. (in progress)

121. Social Services: explore opportunities to improve wayfinding to the accessible parking zone. (complete)

122. Peterborough Music Festival: investigate opportunities to add temporary accessible parking. (complete)

123. Simcoe Parking Garage: relocate accessible parking spaces with poor overhead clearance. (complete)

124. Simcoe Parking Garage: improve lighting coverage and levels. (complete)

125. King Street Parking Garage: improve lighting coverage and levels. (complete)

126. Peterborough Police accessible parking enforcement campaign end of May, every December 3. (ongoing)

City building initiatives

127. Art Gallery: upgrade the flooring and fixtures in the main floor washrooms. (pending)

128. Art Gallery: upgrade lighting in the education studio and stairwell hall. (pending)

129. Art Gallery: replace the entrance vestibule doors with sliding style doors. (complete)

130. Art Gallery: replace the flooring in the reception area, gallery shop and ramped exhibit area. (complete)

131. Art Gallery: retrofit walkway with snow & ice melt system. [Implemented alternate solution: manual de-ice] (ongoing)

132. Art Gallery: consider the AGP 2013 Accessibility Audit when implementing the Feasibility Study. (in progress)

133. Art Gallery: implement the 2014 Feasibility Study to renovate and expand on the existing site. (pending)

134. Art Gallery: improve visitor wayfinding signage on roads and highways. (in progress)

135. Art Gallery: improve internal wayfinding signage. (complete)

136. Museum: use accessibility lens when developing facility initiatives for Museum Strategic Plan. (ongoing)

137. Museum: add walkways to connect the buildings to the Hunter Street East sidewalk. (complete)

138. Museum: connect Heritage Pavilion to walkway network, complete with waste bins & bike racks. (in progress)

139. Museum: modify parking lot so people don’t cross Museum Drive and walk behind parked vehicles. (pending)

140. Library: add accessible parking as part of the Library Commons project. (complete)

141. Library: improve acoustics in the main library meeting rooms. (complete)

142. Library: improve lighting levels at the main floor lobby area. (complete)

143. Library: investigate opportunities to provide navigational aids for people with vision disabilities. (complete)

144. Library: add an assisted listening device kit. (complete)

145. Social Services: relocate control buttons for power doors that are located in awkward places. (pending)

146. Social Services: review signage from Charlotte/Simcoe to building entrance & update as needed. (pending)

147. Social Services: add an assisted listening device kit. (complete)

148. City Hall: improve wayfinding with new signs, add new exterior signs to accessible entrances. (in progress)

149. City Hall: investigate opportunities to add a customer parking zone. (pending)

150. City Hall: add an assisted listening device kit. (complete)

151. Transit Terminal: investigate options for intercom/speaker port system at service counter glazing. (pending)

152. Community Services: develop a long-term strategy for an accessible facility. (pending)

153. Community Services: retrofit exterior walkway at the Main Entrance with snow/ice melt system. (complete)

154. Community Services: retrofit entrance main doors, vestibule, service desk, waiting area, stairs. (complete)

155. Community Services: add two accessible ground floor offices. (complete)

156. Community Services: add an accessible public access computer kiosk. (complete)

157. Community Services: add an assistive listening device kit. (complete)

158. Memorial Centre: add railings at bowl aisle steps, refurbish score clock. (complete)

159. Healthy Planet Arena: upgrade concession, banquet hall kitchen, washrooms, and wayfinding. (in progress)

160. Kinsmen Arena: upgrade concession and wayfinding. (in progress)

161. Morrow Building: repair main entrance door threshold. (pending)

162. Northcrest Arena: replace with new twin pad arena. (under construction)

163. Sport & Wellness Centre: investigate if there is a need to adjust hand dryer mounting heights. (in progress)

164. Sport & Wellness Centre: renovate main service counter to be accessible. (pending)

165. Sport & Wellness Centre : add power door operators for doors to the pool deck. (in progress)

166. Public Works: construct new accessible facility on Webber Avenue with accessible service counter. (complete)

167. Marina: construct a new facility with accessible washrooms and restaurant. (pending)

168. Fire Station #1: resurface parking lot, add new paint markings and signs for accessible spaces. (pending)

169. Fire Station #1: improve wayfinding, including signs to direct people to accessible entrances. (pending)

170. Fire Station #1: replace door hardware on main entrance doors. (pending)

171. Fire Station #1: add contrast strips to existing steps as part of exterior stair repair work. (pending)

172. Fire Station #2: complete a station relocation review. (complete)

173. Police Station: use an accessibility lens as part of the facility and space needs assessment project. (pending)

174. Police Station: add an assisted listening device kit. (complete)

175. Beavermead Park Washroom: upgrade sink faucets and soap dispensers. (pending)

176. Beavermead Campground Park: construct a new washroom, shower and laundry facility. (complete)

177. Jackson Park Washroom: construct a new washroom building. (pending)

Accessible playground