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With more than 100 parks, ranging from neighbourhood parks to regional parks, there are lots to choose from. The trails are extensive and you can walk and bicycle to many places. Visit the City's interactive map to find a park or playground near you! 

Regional, community and neighbourhood parks

Below is a listing of our parks. Several of the regional parks such as Beavermead, Del Crary and Millennium Park are available for special events such as weddings, music/theatre productions and community events. Explore our community parks and smaller neighbourhood parks as well. Please use our Special Events Planning Guide and Application to book a park or pavilion. Visit our sports fields and courts section or our beaches, wading pools and splash pads section to find information on some of the other recreational facilities in our parks.

 Regional parks
Regional Parks are intended to accommodate a wide array of high level developed outdoor facilities and opportunities that appeal to people of all ages, abilities and cultures. The unique natural and man-made features and the higher scale of culture and recreation facilities found in Regional Parks attract visitors from across the City and beyond.

To book one of our regional parks please complete a Special Events Planning Guide and Application.

 Ashburnham Memorial Park

300 Hunter St. E.

Ashburnham Memorial Park features 50 acres and is located next to the Peterborough Museum and Archives on Armour Hill. It is the fourth largest park in the City, featuring the Rube Brady ball diamond and the Heritage Pavilion. The park also offers a children's accessible play structure and a basketball court. Parking is available.

The Peterborough Lift Lock National Historic Site is located nearby.

Beavermead Park 

2011 Ashburnham Dr.

People on the sand and in the water at Beavermead BeachBeavermead Park is located on the southeast shore of Little Lake offering stunning views, nature areas, trails, playground with accessible features, a beachsoccer fields, beach volleyball courts, a pavilion and an outdoor gymnasium created through a partnership with local Rotary clubs. At 53 acres, it's one of the largest parks in the City. Parking is available. Washrooms are open seasonally during the spring and summer.

The Beavermead Campground is a family campground located in the heart of the City. It is operated by Otonabee Region Conservation Authority. Canoe and kayak rentals are available through the campground. It is located next to the GreenUP Ecology Park.

Del Crary Park

100 George Street N.

Crowd at Del Crary Del Crary is an open green space on the west shore of Little Lake. It is a short walk from downtown and home to the Pathway to Fame. It features a Marina, several picnic tables and a covered stage that is used for concerts, events and festivals. During the summer months, the Peterborough Musicfest concert series takes place on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Rotary Victoria Day Family Fireworks, Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Festival and Multicultural Canada Day are a few of the major events that take place in this park. Parking is available. Washrooms are open seasonally during the spring and summer.

Dogs are not permitted in this park from May 1 to October 31 (with the exception of Service Animals).

Del Crary Park rental rates
Del Crary Park - 2022 Rental Rates 
Rate categories Rental fees H.S.T. Total
Rate A: 1 to 100 people $140.00 $18.20 $158.20
Rate B: 101 to 300 people $210.00 $27.30 $237.30
Rate C: 301 to 500 people $275.00 $35.75 $310.75
Rate D: over 500 people $430.00 $55.90 $485.90
Rate E: commercial organizations $875.00 $113.75


All fees include hydro and water where applicable

Eastgate Memorial Park

2150 Ashburnham Dr.

Eastgate Memorial Park is one of Peterborough's main soccer fields. It features two adult soccer fields with lights, two youth soccer fields, changerooms, a fieldhouse and parking. Washrooms are open seasonally during the spring and summer.

Kinsmen Park 

1 Kinsmen Way

Kinsmen Park is located beside the Kinsmen Arena. The park features a premiere level ball diamond with lights, youth soccer field, bleachers, splash pad, parking and a portable washroom (available seasonally).

Millennium Park 

130 King St.

Entrance of Millennium Park with a blue skyMillennium Park features a landscaped walking path along the Otonabee River that connects to the Trans Canada Trail and features sculptures, extensive flower beds, a butterfly garden, grassy areas and benches. The boathouse is home to the Silver Bean Cafe. The park is a wonderful venue for weddings, fundraisers, festivals, outdoor music and theatre events. Washrooms are available in the park during the spring and summer.

Other features include the Irish Monument, the Steve Chaisson Pond and the Aboriginal Monument.

The Display Room in Millennium Park is available to rent through the Silver Bean Cafe. To inquire about availability call 705-749-0535 or email

Millennium Park rental rates
Millennium Park - 2022 Rental Rates 
Rate categories Rental fees H.S.T. Total
Rate A: 1 to 100 people $142.00 $18.46 $160.46
Rate B: over 100 people $212.50 $27.63 $240.13
Rate C: commercial events $715.00 $92.95 $807.95

All fees included hydro and water where applicable


R.A. Morrow Memorial Park

55 Roger Neilson Way

Morrow Park is a 20 acre green space, next to the Peterborough Memorial Centre, the City's premier major sport and event centre. The park is home to the Peterborough Exhibition. It  features four ball diamonds, an open field and barns. Parking is available. Washrooms are open seasonally during the spring and summer.

Riverview Park and Zoo

1300 Water St.

The Riverview Park and Zoo is located on 55.5 acres at the north end of the City. It features 25+ exhibits with over 48 species, the largest playground in the City and a splash pad. It is owned and operated by Peterborough Utilities Group.

 Community parks

Community parks attract visitors from beyond a neighbourhood to across the City. Predominantly medium size parks accommodating mostly intermediate and higher level sport and other recreation facilities, with some parks entirely or partially comprising natural heritage features.

To book one of our community parks please complete a Special Events Planning Guide and Application.


560 McDonnel St. 

Bonnerworth Park features four premier tennis courts, two adult ball diamonds and a skateboard park. Parking and washrooms available.


765 Brealey Dr.

Bowers Park features a playground, four adult ball diamonds with lights, washrooms, changerooms and a canteen. Parking available.

Confederation Square 

501 George St.

Confederation Square is centrally located downtown, across from City Hall.  The park contains the Cenotaph War Memorial, the Brown Memorial and the There But Not There life-sized monument of a pair of soldiers silhouettes, installed in honour of the beginning of the end of the war. Pathways are located throughout the park.


575 Bonaccord St.

Hamilton Park features a playground, basketball court, seating and benches.


18 Dennistoun Ave.

Inverlea Park features a playground, basketball court and an outdoor rink.


610 Parkhill Rd

Jackson Park is an oasis in the City. You can stand in the valley, among the trees, next to Jackson Creek, and feel like you're away from the urban centre. The park is a long, meandering green space along a section of Jackson creek. At the eastern end of the park, a trail goes around a pond and there are open grassy areas as well as the historical Pagoda Bridge. The upper area of the park features playground equipment, picnic tables and a large wooded area. Heading west in the park, the trail connects to the Jackson Creek and Kiwanis Trail, a 4 km section of the Trans-Canada Trail that follows alongside Jackson Creek. Parking and washrooms available.

James Stevenson

325 Burnham Street

James Stevenson Park features a junior and senior play area with accessibility features, adult sized baseball and softball diamond with lights, basketball court, bleachers, lights, scoreboard and parking. Washrooms available at the Lions Centre.

Kawartha Heights

2229 Kawartha Heights Blvd. 

Kawartha Heights Park features a junior and senior play area, basketball court and outdoor rink.

King Edward 

455 George St.

King Edward Park features a playground, adult soccer fieldbasketball courtbocce ball courts, outdoor rink and a splash pad. Washrooms available onsite.

Knights of Columbus

5 Park St.

Knights of Columbus park features a junior and senior play area, pickle ball courtsbasketball court, a youth ball diamondLegacy Bowl arena and a wading pool. Parking and portable washrooms available during the wading pool season.


242 Milroy Dr. 

Milroy Park features a youth ball diamond and two adult soccer fields. Parking is available.

Nicholls Oval 

725 Armour Rd. 

Nicholls Oval features a playground, adult rugby fieldbasketball court, a track and a splash pad.  A pavilion is located in the upper park and a stage in the lower park. Parking and washrooms are available.

Rogers Cove

131 Maria St.

Rogers Cove offers a lakeside grassy area, an accessible splash pad, a playground, paved trails and a beach that is supervised in the summer. Washrooms and parking area available.


100 Hazlitt St.

Rotary Park runs alongside of the Otonabee River and offers paved trail throughout the park. 

Sherbrooke Woods

1454 Sherbrooke St.

Sherbrooke Woods Park features a youth ball diamond and two basketball courts.

 Neighbourhood parks

Neighbourhood parks are intended to serve the close-to-home social and recreation needs of a neighbourhood or part of a neighbourhood – and to be a gathering place for the neighbourhood. Generally smaller parks within a 5 to 10 minute walk, supporting less organized, passive activities for all ages. Please view the parks map to find a park near you. 

To book one of our neighbourhood parks please complete a Special Events Planning Guide and Application.


955 Barnardo Ave.

Barnardo Park features two tennis courts, a youth ball diamondbasketball court, playground and a splash pad. Parking and portable washroom available during splash pad season.


1648 Ramblewood Dr.

Bridlewood Park features a playground and outdoor rink.

Brinton Carpet

160 Braidwood Ave.

Brinton Carpet features an adult/youth ball diamond, bleachers for spectators, and an outdoor rink.


14 Cartier Court

Centennial features a playground, soccer nets and an outdoor rink.


120 Benson Ave. 

Dixon Park features a playground, outdoor rink and an unstructured turfed play area.


52 Earlwood Dr.

Earlwood Park features a junior and senior play area, outdoor rink, seating and benches.

Fairbairn and Poplar 

890 Fairbairn St. 

Fairbairn and Poplar Park features a playground, youth ball diamondbasketball court and an outdoor rink.


714 Barbara Cres.

Grove Park features a playground, basketball court and outdoor rink.

John Taylor Memorial 

500 McKellar St. 

John Taylor Memorial Park features a playground and wading pool.

Keith Wightman

858 St. Mary's St.

Keith Wightman Park features a playground, youth soccer field and cricket practice pitch.


234 Middlefield Rd.

Kiwanis Park features a fully accessible playground, basketball court, outdoor rink and an unstructured turfed play area.


1255 Bathurst St.

Northland Park features a playground, tennis court, youth ball diamondbasketball court and an outdoor rink.


1610 Firwood Cres.

Roper Park features a junior and senior play area, a tennis court and basketball court.


565 Sherbrooke St.

Sherbrooke Park offers a playground and a basketball court. Seating and benches with accessible features are provided.

Simcoe and Bethune

262 Simcoe St.

Simcoe and Bethune Park has a playground with accessibility features, two premier basketball courts, and an outdoor rink.

Stacey Green

705 Hawley St.

Stacey Green offers a playground, youth ball diamond, two tennis courtsbasketball court and an outdoor rink.


216 Stewart St.

Stewart Park offers a junior and senior play area with accessibility features and a basketball court. Seating and accessible benches are available in the park.

Stillman (formerly Olympus Park)

1198 Olympus Ave.

Stillman Park features a playground, tennis courts and a basketball court.


673 Chamberlain St.

Turner Park offers a playground, basketball court, outdoor rink and a wading pool. Portable washrooms are provided during the wading pool season.


616 Union St.

Union Park features a junior and senior play area with accessibility features, basketball court, seating and benches.


383 Spillsbury Dr.

Valleymore Park features a playground and basketball court.


2085 Walker Ave.

Walker Park features a junior and senior play area, basketball court, paved trail and swings.

Wallis Heights

1225 Bridle Dr.

Wallis Heights Park features a junior and senior play area, basketball court, seating and benches.

Waverley Heights

1189 Scollard Dr.

Waverley Heights Park features a playground, full basketball court and benches.


1535 Fairmount Blvd.

Wedgewood Park features a junior and senior play area with accessibility features, two youth soccer fields, seating and benches.


1140 Weller Cres.

Weller Park features a junior and senior play area with accessibility features, basketball court and an outdoor rink.

Neighbourhood rinks

The neighbourhood rink program has run in City parks since 1965, thanks to volunteers who prepare, flood and maintain ice for skating. Rinks are open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. as weather and ice conditions permit and subject to public health measures.

Locations and public health guidelines


  • Brinton Carpet – 160 Braidwood Ave.
  • Cameron St.- 569 Barnes Cr.
  • Centennial – 14 Cartier Crt.
  • Dixon – 120 Benson Ave.
  • Earlwood - 52 Earlwood Dr.
  • Farmcrest – Ashburnham Drive across from Ecology Park
  • Golfview Heights - 921 Whitefield Dr.
  • Grove – 714 Barbara Cres.
  • Hastings – 690 Hastings Ave.
  • Inverlea – 18 Dennistoun Ave.
  • King Edward – 455 George St. S
  • Kiwanis – 234 Middlefield Rd.
  • Manor Heights - 700 Victory Cr.
  • Mapleridge - 1929 Mapleridge Dr.
  • Nicholls Place - 725 Armour Rd.
  • Northland - 1255 Bathurst St.
  • Roper - 1610 Firwood Cr.
  • Sandalwood – 1306 Sandlewood Dr.
  • Stenson - 1750 Stenson Blvd.
  • Turner Park - 673 Chamberlain St.
  • University Heights - 1385 Hetherington Dr.
  • Wedgewood - 1535 Fairmount Blvd.
  • Weller - 1140 Weller St.


  • Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Stay home if you are sick.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres (6 feet) from those outside of your household.
  • Skaters are reminded to respect the posted capacity limits of neighbourhood rinks to allow for physical distancing. If it's crowded, please come back another time.
  • Outdoor rinks are for casual, recreational use - no organized play or events are permitted.
  • Wearing a mask or face covering is strongly recommended by Public Health.
  • Do not congregate at seating areas, stairs, entrances and exits.
  • All children/dependents must be accompanied by a competent adult/guardian.
  • Be safe and be respectful of others.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Wash or sanitize hands before and after visiting.
  • Use at your own risk.

The City of Peterborough continues to work with Peterborough Public Health, and Peterborough Police to monitor compliance with the Province of Ontario’s COVID-19 restrictions. Residents that have concerns about non-compliance can contact the Peterborough Police Service using their non-emergency phone line at 705-876-1122.

Park rentals and permits

The permitting process requires you to submit a Special Events Planning Guide and Application. The request will be reviewed to determine park availability. Once the date is confirmed and payment made you will receive a park agreement.

If you have any questions about picnics, small events or hosting a large event call 705-742-7777 ext. 1826 or email the Recreation Division. Visit the Event Safety Alliance website for access to useful tools and information with regards to planning a safe event.

Pavilion/Picnic/Special Events - 2022 Rental Rates
Amount of people Fees H.S.T. Total
Up to 50  $68.25  $8.87  $77.12
51 to 75  $81.50  $10.60  $92.10
76 to 100  $109.00  $14.17  $123.17
101 to 200  $136.00  $17.68  $153.68
200 and over $178.50 $23.20 $201.70

All fees include hydro and water where applicable.

Green Space - 2022 Rental Rates
Rental FeesH.S.T.Total
Up to 2 hours $25.50 $3.32 $28.82
Up to 4 hours $35.50 $4.62 $40.12
Over 4 hours $51.00 $6.63 $57.63
Special occasion permits

You will not be permitted to serve alcohol on City property without applying for and obtaining a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

Please contact the Recreation Division for more information about getting a Special Occasions Permit for a City facility or park and ask for a copy of the Municipal Alcohol Policy.

Street closure application

If your event requires streets around the park to be temporarily closed, you must:

Site visits for park rentals
We may require a site visit with the event organizer to allow for a review and discussion of the details in-person at the event venue. We will arrange for a meeting prior to the event.
Refunds and cancellations for park rentals

Cancellations must be made no later than 14 days prior to start date, and a 10% cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations made with less than 14 days notice are non-refundable.

Smoke-free parks

As per City By-Law all City parks are smoke-free. Fines are applicable. Peterborough Police and Peterborough Public Health enforce the by-law.

Shared use and public enjoyment of City parks

The City has a Parks and Facilities By-Law that sets minimum standards for the shared use and the protection of the natural environment in public parks. It requires a permit for certain activities such as selling items and services, allows City staff to set rules for other activities in parks such as launching boats and swimming, and prohibits other activities such as disturbing wildlife and damaging City-owned property. Tenting in parks is prohibited except where specifically designated for that use.

 A brief overview of the Parks and Facilities By-Law

Shared use and enjoyment of parks

City Council approved a Parks and Facilities By-Law on August 12, 2019. The intention of the Parks and Facilities By-Law is to balance uses to ensure the shared public use and enjoyment of public parks and facilities and the protection of the natural environment. The By-law clarifies the expectations for shared used and enjoyment of parks, putting them into a legal document.

View the staff report from August 12, 2019

Some key points in the By-law

When the lights go out (Section 10)

Lights in public parks are normally scheduled to automatically turn off at 11 p.m. Basically, parks close at 11 p.m. – as much as any open space can really be closed. The by-law states that parks are closed between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., except for approved events or when people are passing through a park on a trail or pathway.

Activities requiring a permit (Sections 12 and 13)

Previously, anyone who wanted to sell or advertise food, drinks, merchandise, and services in City parks and facilities needed permission for those activities; that's still the case under the new by-law.

Want to have an event with alcoholic beverages in a City park? That requires a permit.

Want to set off fireworks or have an open-air fire in a park? You’ll need permission from the City to do that.

Want to use sport fields for organized league play? You’ll need to get permission to use sport fields for that activity. That’s how it previously worked too – leagues rent the fields. Why do they require permission? Organized league play is an exclusive use of a public space for a period of a time. It’s an appropriate use of parks and facilities, but it needs to be scheduled and regulated. And there are times when people shouldn't be on sport fields, such as when they're too wet in the spring and could be damaged by heavy use.

Another activity in parks that requires the permission of the City is using a public address system or large speaker system. Someone using a large speaker system in a public park is likely affecting someone else’s enjoyment of that public space. Before they go setting up that public speaker system, they would need to get permission.

Setting up a structure, hut or tent in a public park also requires permission from the City. A structure, hut or tent occupies, either temporarily or longer term, space that’s for the shared use or enjoyment of the public.

Activities subject to specific rules (Section 14)

The City may establish conditions or restrictions for some activities that take place in public parks to ensure their shared use and enjoyment and to protect the natural environment.

Section 14 of the by-law lists activities that are permitted but that may be subject to conditions or restrictions for the benefit of all who use parks and to protect the natural environment. Here are some examples of activities and reasons that the City may consider putting in place conditions or restrictions on those uses of parks:

  • Taking a boat through a park, launching a boat, or putting your boat on the shore or beach in a park but avoiding areas where people swim;
  • Cooking food, which could be as a simple as where cooking food is allowed in parks;
  • Playing sports, which could include designating some areas for sports while other areas of parks are for passive use for other people;
  • Riding a bicycle, for example bicycles shouldn’t be used on sport fields;
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading or roller skating, which could be designated activities in some park areas and prohibited in other park areas;
  • Swimming, wading or bathing, such as where and when those activities can occur in public parks;
  • Using a motorized vehicle but restricting their use to parking lots and driveways; and
  • Using a model airplane, helicopter, drone, rocket or boat but restricting the hours during which they may be operated, the places where they can be operated and other potential conditions and restrictions for their safe operation.

These activities can take place in public parks but could be subject to conditions and restrictions.

Report prohibited tenting in a City park