Child Care Fee Subsidy

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Child Care Subsidy helps with the cost of child care. Subsidized care is available for licensed child care centres and licensed home-based child care agencies that have an agreement with the City of Peterborough.

Apply for Child Care Subsidy

Please fill out an application form to apply for subsidy, or call us at 705-748-8830 to complete an application by phone.

To qualify for subsidy, you must:

And you must be involved in one of the following:


Your appointment

Before your appointment:

  1. Once we receive your application you will be contacted to set up an appointment
  2. You will need to reserve a child care space within a Licenced Child Care centre or Licenced Home Child Care Agency. For information on how to register for a child care space, visit the new online registry and waitlist.
  3. You will need to submit your Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) from Canada Revenue Agency to before making an appointment
  4. If care is needed in the future, or there is a waitlist for Child Care Fee Subsidy, you will be required to submit your NOA or CCTB before being placed on the waitlist.

Make sure to bring the following to your appointment:

If approved for Subsidy, you will be required to come in to review your file once a year.

Ongoing Child Care Fee Subsidy Clients

Helpful documents:

Finding/Applying to child care

You must choose your child care arrangement. But we can help.

Apply for Child Care in the City and County of Peterborough using the new OneHSN Waitlist and Registry system.

OneHSN is a safe, secure, fast and convenient way to allow parents to:

  • Locate programs close to either home or work.
  • Apply for several child care options in one application.
  • Access OneHSN website anytime, anywhere.

Complete your Application

 Finding Child Care just got easier; One application for child care; its safe, fast and convenient

Licensed child care

The Child Care and Early Years Act set specific rules, regulations and standards that child care agencies must follow to get and keep a licence. Licensed child care providers should have programs that include both active and quiet play, crafts, pretend play, outdoor play and many other kinds of learning. Licensed Child Care can be provided through:

  • A Child Care Centre
  • Home Child Care agencies

View our Quality Child Care Brochure for more information.

Unlicensed and Informal Child Care

Unlicensed or informal child care

Unlicensed or Informal Child Care includes:

  • Any unlicensed child care with five children or less; or
  • Someone in your area who cares for your child, who can either be in your home (a nanny) or in their home.

There are no Ministry offices that monitor informal child care providers. All financial exchanges are strictly between you and the caregiver. If you're receiving Ontario Works assistance, financial support might also be available for informal child care on a short term basis, ask your case manager for more information.

Checking the quality of care

You have the responsibility of checking the care your child is receiving when you use unlicensed or informal child care. Learn how you can check for quality in an informal home child care Quality Child Care Brochure.


Financial criteria

Household Income
Please enter the income from Line 236 of the recent Notice of Assessment. (Form T451)
Your Income
Your Partner's Income
# of Children
Select the number of children from each age group
0 - 18 Months
19 - 30 Months
31 Months - 6 Years
7 - 13 Years
Are you Eligible?