Couple on a park bench

In the City of Peterborough, our trails have become one of our most treasured and used City features. You can use them to get from A to B or for recreation. They are free for all to use and open 24-7. A few trails are lit, but most are not. There are wayfinding signs throughout the trail system to help you keep oriented.

Trail Donations

In 2020, local philanthropists are leading two trail projects to improve and expand the network. Scott Wood, a local entrepreneur and owner of the Ashburnham Ale House, has initiated a project to provide lighting along the Rotary Greenway Trail between Hunter Street and Douro Street. This trail is unlit, and many people use this section at night.

Scott and the Village (East City) BIA are kick starting the project by contributing about half of the $50,000 cost of the project. They are hoping that others will donate to round out the project needs. Tax receipts are available for donations made to this project, which can be made online via the City of Peterborough website.

Meanwhile, long time trail donors Haig Kelly and Barron Cowan are funding construction of a new trail through Roper Park. A formal trail connection between Roper Drive and Firwood Drive will allow people to get from one neighbourhood to the other more easily. The trail will also connect to Parkhill Road near the access to the TransCanada Trail, the closest trail for people living in these neighbourhoods. The trail will be paved so that it can be maintained in the winter, knowing that neighbourhood and trail connections are used year-round.

Construction on the new Roper Park Trail is expected to be underway very soon. The Rotary Greenway Trail lighting project will begin once the fundraising is completed.

Cycling and trail maps

The Cycling and Trail map shows trails and cycling routes in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The Peterborough Cycling Short Routes map details eight lovely routes of 15 to 40 km in length. You can pick up both maps at local cycling shops, and from Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism, which has more information about local cycling routes and services.


Call Public Works at 705-745-1386 if you have a concern about maintenance along a trail. We plow paved trails in the winter.

Let us know if you have a suggestion about how we can improve our trails.

Trail Projects

The multi-use trail system is continuously improving and expanding. The following is a list of projects currently in development.

 Crawford Trail
The Crawford Trail travels between Crawford Road and Monaghan Road. Work is now underway to extend this trail to Townsend Street, linking with the Bethunescape Project. The extension is being done in phases as budget and logistics permit. In 2020, the section between Romaine Street and Lake Street is being completed.
 Peterborough Canal Trail

Parks Canada restored the earthen dams along the canal in Peterborough in 2019. To ensure these dams are maintained well, trees are not being replanted on them. Instead, a multi-use trail was built along them. Now, the City and Parks Canada are working together on a concept for the Peterborough Canal Trail that would travel from Lock 19 in the south to Trent University in the north.

At Waverley Heights Park, located adjacent to Scollard Drive, Parks Canada will be constructing a maintenance access trail.

 Rotary Greenway Trail at Trent University
 Detailed design work is underway to complete the Rotary Greenway Trail in the vicinity of Trent University.
 TransCanada Trail at Maria Street
Work is underway to design and receive approve from CP Rail to complete the TransCanada Trail at the railway crossing along Maria Street.

Rules and etiquette

To make walking, cycling, skateboarding and E-biking safe and fun for everyone, we have a by-law that says where you can skateboard, bicycle and E-bike in the City of Peterborough. Permitted uses on multi-use trails are:

  • Walking
  • Wheelchairs and medical scooters
  • Cycling
  • Skateboarding
  • Running
  • In-line skating
  • Bicycle-style e-bikes if pedaling only.

We do not permit scooter-style E-bikes on our multi-use trails.

When on the trails, please keep to the right and pass on the left. Warn people walking that you are passing by calling out or using a bike bell. When passing someone, go slowly and give them lots of room, at least 1 metre.

You do not need a permit to use a trail for an event, but no races are permitted and no exclusive use of the trails is available.

Major trails

Our network of trails and bikeways is growing every year as we work towards being more walk and bike friendly.

TransCanada Trail (also known as The Great Trail)


  • City section of this trail is 10 kilometres in length
  • Bisects the City from east to west, connects to Hastings and beyond in the east, connects to Lindsay and beyond in the west
  • Includes sections of road in the downtown
  • Section through Jackson Park to Ackison Road meanders alongside Jackson Creek and is quite scenic
  • Goes along Otonabee River through Millennium Park
  • Section along Little Lake through City parks has most amenities
  • Main access points are at Beavermead Park, downtown and Jackson Park


  • Washrooms and camping in Beavermead Park
  • Public bike repair station by Silver Bean in Millennium Park
  • Food and beverages in summer months in Beavermead parking lot, at the Silver Bean and in downtown
  • Parks with splash pad and beaches

Rotary Greenway trail


  • 10 kilometres in the City, 15 kilometres including section to Lakefield
  • Travels from little lake north to Trent University and then to Lakefield along Otonabee River
  • Many scenic views
  • Main access points are at Beavermead Park, Roger's Cove Park, along Auburn Street and at the north end of Armour Road


  • Washrooms at Nicholls Oval park
  • Many benches
  • Two shelters
  • Splash pad at Nicholls Oval park

Parkway trail


  • 4 kilometres long
  • Connects Jackson Park and the Riverview Park & Zoo
  • Main access points are at Jackson Park and at the Riverview Park & Zoo


  • Washrooms and splash pad at the Riverview Park & Zoo

Crawford trail

  • 2 kilometres long
  • Work is underway to extend this trail to the downtown