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Make a splash! There are many ways to use the aquatic centre:


Public Swimming 

Swimming at the Centre

Our public swimming schedule includes fun swims, nursery swims, lane, open, and wellness swims. Large groups are welcome to join our Fun Swims. Call 705-742-0050 to book in your group. Did you know? We also offer pool rentals and birthday party packages.

Public Swimming: January 5 to March 29

About our Swims

Fun Swim
Open to all ages and abilities, this swim offers fun-packed activities for everyone. Take a ride down the area’s largest indoor water slide, enjoy the water features in the leisure pool, or relax in our therapy pool featuring soothing jets and warm water. A Poolpod platform lift is available in the leisure pool, and accessible ramp with waterwheel chairs are available in the therapy pool. Waterwings, lifejackets, and noodles are available for use.

Please note:

  • Swimmers age 15 and under are required to wear wrist bands for Fun Swims. Take a look at our helpful poster for more information on wrist bands and ratios. 
  • Children under 10 must be supervised in the water by an adult age 16+ (maximum of 3 children to one adult).
  • Swimmers must be 42” tall and are required to pass swim test to use the slide.
  • The maximum capacity for this swim is 175 persons (therapy pool 48 persons); access cannot be guaranteed if capacity is met. As swim passes provide admission to the entire aquatic centre, passes will not be refunded if the therapy pool is at capacity and access is not granted.
Lane Swim
This swim for ages 12+ is offered 7 days a week. The leisure pool is divided into 3 lanes with lap signs indicating where to swim based on speed and ability. Our Poolpod platform lift is available, and equipment such as flutterboards and pull buoys are provided.
Nursery Swim
Toddlers under 4 years of age are welcome to swim with a guardian in the therapy pool. Waterwings, toys, and equipment are provided. "Little Swimmer" disposable diapers are required and may be purchased at the Centre for $2 each. There is a maximum of 30 persons per swim.
Open Swim
Open to all ages and abilities, this swim is open for leisure swimming. When scheduled in the leisure pool, one lane is dedicated for lap swimming, while the rest of the pool is open for leisure activities. When scheduled in the therapy pool, the pool is open for leisure activities, with the swirl available.
Wellness Swim 
This swim in the therapy pool is open to ages 12+ for therapeutic purposes. Noodles and flutterboards are available, as well as an accessible ramp and water wheelchairs.

Aquatic Centre

The centre has two pools, an accessible chair lift, Peterborough's largest indoor water slide, and fun features to splash in.

Leisure pool
The leisure pool is 20 m in length with three lanes, water slide, and a PoolPod accessible chair lift. The pool is used for fun swims, lane swims, fitness classes, swimming lessons, birthday parties, and day camps. The pool temperature is 81 to 83 F.

  • Capacity: 175 persons

Therapy pool
The therapy pool is a warm, shallow pool with a wheelchair ramp and swirl pool with therapeutic jets and seating. This pool is used for gentle fitness classes, wellness swims, swimming lessons, fun swims, nursery swims, and rentals. The pool temperature is 91 to 93 F.

  • Capacity: 48 persons


The aquatic centre is inclusive to all abilities. The family change room, equipped with large changing stalls, a lift, accessible showers and washrooms, enters onto the pool deck with a short distance to the Therapy pool ramp and Leisure pool PoolPod accessible lift. 

The Therapy pool has a ramp access with water wheelchairs provided. The Leisure pool provides entry with use of the PoolPod, an accessible lift that can be used for those with limited mobility, or with a wheelchair. 

The Centre was recently selected as one of nine inaugural Canadian Tire Jumpstart accessibility grant recipients to receive $50,000 to support the purchase and installation of a PoolPod portable accessible pool lift. Intended to reduce barriers to aquatic activities for those with physical or mobility challenges, the PoolPod offers independent access to the leisure pool, and more efficient access to the Centre's recreational and therapeutic services.

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