Indoor Facility Bookings

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Peterborough Recreation offers a number of indoor spaces you can book for your next event. 

Learn about the facilities below. Please select the rental request form required based on your planned event:

Party Requests: If you would like to rent the Sport & Wellness Centre for a party that includes access to the gym and/or pool, please book a party package.

Multi-purpose rooms

Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre

Address: 775 Brealey Drive, Peterborough, ON K9K 0B8

Rentals may be available during the Centre's operating hours, which can be found  on the Customer Service page.

multipurose rooms

The multi-purpose rooms (MPRs) are bright and spacious with large windows. The Sport & Wellness Centre is a one-floor fully accessible facility, with free WiFi, lots of parking, tables and chairs available.

  • Three multi-purpose rooms are available that can be booked individually, or as one large space.
  • Each room holds up to 30 people, maximum capacity is dependent on layout of the room.
  • The MPR rooms are bright and spacious with large windows, include options for a screen and projector, sinks and counterspace and WiFi available. 

Please note that rentals on weekends must be completed through the Party Packages option. 

Sport & Wellness Centre MPR Rates
Room Size1 to 3 hour rental4 to 7 hour rental8+ hour rental
1 room $40 per hour $30 per hour $15 per hour
2 rooms $70 per hour $35 per hour $25 per hour
3 rooms $90 per hour $45 per hour $35 per hour
Peterborough Naval Memorial Park 

Address: 24 Whitla St., Peterborough, ON K9J 1K9

Peterborough Naval Memorial Park offers a beautiful water-front setting, with access to the facilities over a walking bridge. Facility includes access to WiFi, and offers two rooms for rent. Please note that this location does not have access to a kitchen or bar.

Rental Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This location has two rooms available:

Admiralty Hall

Admiralty Hall

  • A large, open space with natural light and high ceilings 
  • Maximum capacity is 100, depending on table and chair set up
  • 40 chairs, 10 tables available

Multipurpose Room

  • A small meeting room
  • Maximum capacity is 20, depending on table and chair set up

Parking: the parking lot at Peterborough Naval Memorial Park can hold a maximum of 45 spaces. As this is a multi-purpose municipal lot, a specific number of parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. Please note that the parking lot is located on main land over a bridge from the location. Vehicles cannot drive over the bridge to access the building.

Naval Memorial Park Rental Rates
Room Size1 to 4 hour rental5 to 7 hour rental8+ hour rental
Admiralty Hall

$70 per hour

$35 per hour $25 per hour

Multipurpose Room

$40 per hour $30 per hour $15 per hour

Staffing: Additional mandatory staffing rates apply. Rates are dependent on the event type and rental time.

Kinsmen Civic Centre 

Address: 1 Kinsmen Way, Peterborough, ON K9J 2P8

Located in the Kinsmen Civic Centre Arena, the Kinsmen Club Meeting Room is a small meeting space best for meetings, birthday parties, and tournament headquarters.

  • Approximately 20 x 30 feet in size
  • Maximum capacity 30, depending on table and chair set up

 Kinsmen Club Meeting Room Rates

Rental LengthFee
1 to 3 hours $68.51 (includes HST)
Full day rental $135.80 (includes HST)


gym A at PSWCvarsity gym at PSWC

Fleming College has three gymnasiums for rent, located at the Sport & Wellness Centre (subject to availability). Gymnasiums can be used as one large space for showcase events, or rented in smaller sections for birthday parties, league rentals and more.

The gymnasiums are located at the west end of the Centre and offer their own change rooms, parking lot and entrance. 

Rentals may be available during the Centre's operating hours, which can be found  on the Customer Service page.

Gymnasium rental fees
Gym SizeUp to 8 hour rentalOver 8 hour rental
 1 gymnasium  $70 per hour  $50 per hour
 2 gymnasiums  $95 per hour  $75 per hour
 3 gymnasiums  $135 per hour  $100 per hour

Above rates are subject to HST

Aquatic Centre

Therapy PoolLeisure Pool

Located at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, the Aquatic Centre includes a leisure and therapy pool. The 20 metre leisure pool is heated to 81-83 degrees fahrenheit, offering water features and the area's largest indoor water slide. The Therapy Pool heated to 91-93 degrees Fahrenheit, includes a swirl area, and gradual depth; perfect for relaxation and therapeutic activities.

Party Packages: If you would like to host a party with access to the pool during a Fun Swim, please visit the Party Packages page to review options and book online.

Private Rentals: Private rentals may be available Monday to Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. At least 10 days notice is required prior to booking.

Aquatic Centre rental fees
Facility # of LifeguardsHourly Rate
Aquatic Facility: access both the leisure and therapy pool 2 guards $215 + HST
Aquatic Facility + Waterslide 3 guards $285 + HST
Extra Guard* per guard $25 + HST

 *Additional staffing is mandatory based on expected number of swimmers. 

Banquet Hall

Located at the Healthy Planet Arena, the banquet hall is often used for weddings, meetings and special events.

  • Approximately 5,011 square feet
  • Seats up to 340 when set up in banquet style 
  • Includes access to an industrial kitchen
Healthy Planet banquet hall rates
DayUp to 3 hour rentalFull day rental
Sunday to Thursday  $170.80  $544.42
Friday and Saturday  $243.31  $811.03

The above rates include HST

Music Fees

Rentals that include music are subject to mandatory SOCAN and Resound tariffs. For more information, review the Entandem website.

Music Fees (including HST)
Tariff NameDefinitionRate
SOCAN With Dance $132.39
SOCAN Without Dance $66.19
ReSound With Dance $55.52
ReSound Without Dance $27.76