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Fitness Centre

Fitness comes first at the Centre. We offer a combination of free weights, cardio and weight machines to give you the best work out. The Fitness Centre also offers:

  • Pin-loaded Nautilus strength and conditioning machines
  • State-of-the-art Star Trac and Cybex cardio machines
  • Free weight section featuring plate-loaded max racks and Smith machines
  • Aerobic studio and stretching area
  • 100 m indoor walking track
  • Access to the High Performance Centre with a personal trainer

Group Fitness

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Looking for group motivation? With over 80 drop-in and specialty fitness classes offered each week, there is something for everyone! We offer low impact, high intensity and Heart Wise Exercise classes. Classes take place in the aerobic studio, multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums and aquatic centre. Some of our most popular programs include:

  • Low and Sculpt
  • Bootcamp
  • Zumba
  • Aqua fitness
  • Gentle Aqua
  • Yoga
  • Cycle fit, and so much more!

Did you know? You can participate in our group fitness classes without a membership. Registration is available throughout the session for all fitness classes. Do you need financial assistance? Program discounts are available for eligible clients based on income level. Learn more about program discounts and apply online.

Group Fitness Schedule

Our fitness schedules include a variety of land and aquatic classes. Classes are open to members and non-members. Non-members can pay to drop into classes by purchasing a centre day pass. Classes are first come, first serve. Our fall schedule runs from September 8 to December 18. Download a PDF copy now by clicking on the button below:

Group Fitness Schedule PDF

The Centre is currently offering the following fitness classes on the weekly schedule:

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Aquafit: this multi-level class takes place in the shallow and deep end of the leisure pool. Great for all levels of fitness, with a variety of fun moves to keep the workout interesting! Maximum of 20 participants per class.

Gentle Aquafit: designed for individuals with arthritis, osteoporosis, or recovering from an injury. This class takes place in the therapy pool and uses supportive movements to get the body active, in a gentle manner. Maximum of 8 participants per class.

Land Fitness Classes

Classes are first-come, first serve with a maximum of 15 participants per class.

Bootcamp: this class combines Tabata, HIIT, and circuit training to take your fitness to a new level.

Cardio & Core: this class offers a combination of cardio drills, with a focus on core strength.

Cycling: get your sweat on and feel group the motivation during our cycling classes. In this class you will strengthen your legs and core while getting a great cardio workout. 

Hatha Yoga: this relaxing class combines focused breathing with gentle flows and balancing postures.

Low & Sculpt: this low-impact class includes a combination of aerobic and muscle conditioning movements.

Total Body Conditioning: for a great total body workout, this class combines cardio and resistance training.

Sport and Recreation

The Centre offers a variety of drop-in sports each week, such as:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Ultimate Water Sports - inner tube water polo, basketball and more
Drop-in Sport Schedule

The Centre offers a variety of drop-in activities that are included in membership. Non-members can also pay per visit, or purchase a multi-pass. Visit our rates page for more information. Drop-in sports are first come, first serve with a maximum of 16 participants. Our fall schedule runs from September 8 to December 18. Click on the button below to download a PDF copy:

Drop-in Sport PDF

The Centre is currently offering the following activities:

Badminton: come with a partner or find one during this badminton drop-in play. The net will be set up, with birdies and rackets available to borrow by trading in your membership or student card.

Pickleball: the fastest growing racket sport in North America, combining elements of badminton, tennis and table-tennis. It is played on a court with the same dimensions as doubles badminton, and played with a hard paddle and whiffle ball. Great for all ages and abilities.

Volleyball: come as a family, group of friends, or individual to recreational drop-in volleyball.

Pre-Screening for Physical Activity

Before you begin your fitness journey, we encourage you to complete a Get Active Questionnaire. This is a pre-exercise screening tool provided by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, designed to help you make an informed decision about physical activity. 

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