Affordable and Accessible Recreation

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Peterborough Recreation ensures that programs, activities and facilities are accessible for all abilities, and affordable with discount opportunities available for individuals and families. 

Discount Opportunities

We will work with you to find ways to participate in registered programs, or to obtain a membership. There are three discount opportunities provided through Peterborough Recreation:

  • Recreation Fee Subsidy
  • Sport & Wellness Centre Program Subsidy
  • Sport & Wellness Centre Subsidized Memberships 

Learn more about subsidy

Programs and Activities

Peterborough Recreation offers a wide range of programming, allowing for participation from all abilities:

Aquatic Programs

Learn to swim at any age with Swim for Life® aquatic programming. All levels can be adapted in group format to support varying abilities. We also offer private, trio and adaptive lessons to ensure success for all abilities. Learn more about swimming lessons.

Day Camps
Our day camps and registered programs can be enjoyed by participants with physical and cognitive disabilities. Contact us for more information at 705-742-0050. Learn more about child and youth programs.
Fitness Programs 

Classes are taught with modifications for different levels of abilities, unless otherwise stated.

Peterborough Recreation offers many programs to help manage chronic conditions, including gentle aqua fit, aqua balance, Functional Fitness and Restorative Moment.

In partnership with the Alzheimer's society we offer Minds in Motion, and are also partners with Cardiac Rehab, offering many Heart Wise classes. 

Learn more about our fitness programs.

Sport Programs

Peterborough Recreation offers inclusive sports for all ages. Learn more!

Twice annually, the Recreation Services Division hosts the Inclusive Sport & Recreation Expo to allow local organizations an opportunity to promote their inclusive sport programming in the community. Follow us on social media @PtboRecreation to learn when the next event is taking place. 

Recreational Activities
There are many drop-in activities available for all abilities, including public swimming, family play group, pickleball and more. Visit Recreational Programs for details.

Accessible Supports

Transforming Peterborough to be a place where every person can participate is important for people, businesses and community life. The 2018 to 2022 Accessibility Plan focuses on making Peterborough more accessible and welcoming for everyone including a focus on: 

The goal of the Recreation Services Division is to meet the diverse needs of all people and follow the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity as we strive to achieve an inclusive environment at our facilities. Indoor and outdoor facilities offer accessible features and supports, including:

  • Accessible splash pads, with change room facilities and parking.
  • Beavermead Beach has a beach access mat that provides a walkway across the sand into the water, improving accessibility for everyone.
  • Neighbourhood parks with accessible playground equipment.
  • Walking track, PoolPod lift, and accessible fitness equipment at the Sport & Wellness Centre

Here are some examples of accessibility within our indoor and outdoor facilities:

Sport & Wellness Centre
Sport & Wellness Centre

The Sport & Wellness Centre offers a number of accessible features throughout the facility, including:

  • Accessible parking, located at each main entrance, with ramp access and heated sidewalks
  • Push button door accessibility
  • Oversized washrooms, changing stalls, and hallways
  • One-level access to all programming areas, including the gymnasiums and multipurpose spaces
  • Accessible fitness equipment

The portable pool pod installed at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre helps accessibility for people with mobility impairments to independently get in and out of the pool.

The universal change room, equipped with large changing stalls, a lift, accessible showers and washrooms, enters onto the pool deck with a short distance to the Therapy pool ramp and Leisure pool PoolPod accessible lift. 

The Therapy pool has a ramp access with water wheelchairs provided. The Leisure pool provides entry with use of the Pool Pod, an accessible lift that can be used for those with limited mobility, or with a wheelchair.

Beavermead Beach
Beavermead Park

Beavermead Park, located at 2011 Ashburnham Drive offers a paved trails throughout the park, a large accessible children's playground, outdoor gymnasium, changeroom and washroom facilities, and an access mat at the beach entering into the water. 

The access mat is designed to enhance accessibility at the beach. The mat provides a walkway across the sand, allowing for easier access to the water for everyone, including people who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids and parents with strollers.

The outdoor gym is in the northwest corner of the park, adjacent to the beach, the volleyball courts, and the children’s playground. The wheelchair accessible station offers upper body cycling, shoulder stability, abdominal strength exercises, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and leg extension exercises.