Roads, Sidewalks and Trails

City building

Our network of roads, sidewalks, trails and parking facilities is designed to get you where need to go, whether you are walking, cycling, driving, transporting goods or taking the bus. Investments to improve roads, sidewalks and trails are guided by the Transporation Plan, Sidewalk Strategic PlanCycling Network, traffic studies, and Environmental Assessments.

While we are working to improve the efficiency and safety of the road network, we are also improving the alternatives to driving. We are doing this by building more sidewalks, trails and bike lanes and improving our transit services. We work with GreenUP and B!KE on the Peterborough Moves programs that support walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling and working from home.


Report a maintenance issue

Contact Public Works at 705-745-1386 for maintenance on roads, trails and sidewalks, including winter maintenance, road signs and traffic signals.


Our parking information tells you:

  • Where and how long you can park
  • How to pay for parking
  • Parking ticket payment options
  • Parking rules

Driving and traffic

We work with the police to encourage responsible driving and manage the roads and intersections to make best use of our roads. Traffic counts help us to manage and plan for traffic.


Use the on-line map to discover where construction is currently taking place.

Road closures

You require a permit to close all or part of a roadway or sidewalk. The map of arterial and collector roads may be helpful in planning events.

Charlotte Street between Aylmer Street and George Street is closed for the Wednesday Market from May 1 to October 31.

Transportation studies

A number of transportation studies and Environmental Assessments are currently underway including:

Transportation plan

The 2012 Transportation Plan guides transportation decisions for how people and goods will move in and around Peterborough until 2031 and after. It is our roadmap for moving towards a future where walking, cycling, and transit are attractive options for getting around.

Transportation trivia

Just in case you are wondering what our inventory of transportation infrastructure includes, here it is:

Transportation trivia

Road travel lanes

964 km

Roads by centre line

445 km


400 km

Trails and Side Paths

43 km

Cycling lanes

32 km

Crossing Guard Locations


Signalized intersections


Bicycle signals

1 (new!)

Street name, caution and regulatory signs


Signalized pedestrian crossings