Peterborough County Hubs

Downtown Lakefield

Peterborough County Hubs have been established in Havelock, Apsley, Keene, Warsaw, Douro, Norwood, Millbrook, and Lakefield for agencies that serve the City and County of Peterborough to have free office and meeting space to deliver services and conduct outreach with rural residents and remote communities.

Agencies that wish use these Hubs need to complete the Registration Form and be in agreement with the details found in the Peterborough County Hubs User Manual.


The Havelock Hub is located at the Community Care office at 17 Smith Drive in Havelock. In addition to the private office space available, there is a Board Room that can be used for larger meetings.

Community Care Office exterior Community Care Reception area with desk and chair Havelock Meeting Room has a large oval table, five chairs, a screen and a large window Havelock Outreach Office includes two desks as well as chairs for clients 

The Apsley Hub is located at the Community Care office at 126 Burleigh Street in Apsley. In addition to the private office space available, there is a Board Room that can be used for larger meetings.

Aspley Office exterior Outreach Office has a l-shaped desk and a small round table Apsley Meeting Room has a rectangular table, several chairs and kitchen amenities Apsley Elevator Lift provides access to the offices for those who can't use the stairs


The Lakefield Hub is located at the Agilec office at 14 Queen Street in Lakefield.

Lakefield Office as seen from the street Lakefield Outreach Office has an l-shaped office desk as well as chairs for clients


The Keene Hub is located at the Otonabee-South Monaghan Township office at 20 Third Street in Keene. The primary space is located in the County Chambers. There is also meeting facilities, including a large training room, at the Township Fire Hall at 21 Third Street if needed.

Township Office Outreach Office interior. Features include windows, large tables, a flip chart Keene Fire Hall exterior Fire Hall Meeting Room with a large oval table and several chairs 

Fire Hall Training Room is a large space with a ceiling-mounted projector, many tables and chairs available, and a nearby kitchenette


The Warsaw Hub is located at the Douro-Dummer Township office at 894 South Street in Warsaw. In addition to the private hub meeting space, there is also a large auditorium and secondary meeting room available.

Township Office in Warsaw as seen from the street  Township parking lot as seen from street  The auditorium is a large room with chairs available and a podium  The Large meeting room includes several rectangular tables as well as chairs that can be configured in different ways  

Outreach Office includes a long table with room for at least four seats


The Douro Hub is located at the Douro-Dummer Public Library at 435 Douro 4th Line in Douro.

Exterior of Douro Dummer Library. A covered staircase leads to the entrance  Douro Outreach Office includes a square table that can accommodate 8 seats  A Public Computer is available in the library


Norwood has 2 Hub options. This option is at the Asphodel-Norwood Township office located at 2357 County Road 45. This location is only available on Mondays.

 Township Office  Outreach Office  Private entrance   Walk from County Rd 45


The Millbrook Hub is located at the Old Millbrook School located at 1 Dufferin Street. The Hub Office is on the second floor and accessed through the Millbrook Library.

 Old Millbrook School Library Entrance Access through library Outreach Office Door lock



The Buckhorn Hub is located at the Buckhorn Regional Health Centre located at 18 William Street.

 Medical Centre Lobby Hub Office Rear Parking

Peterborough County Hub Locations

Please contact Chris Kawalec at 705-748-8830 ext. 3834 if you have any questions.

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