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Social Services Outreach

Social Services provides outreach services throughout the week to various city parks and responds to community concerns as soon as possible. This worker provides resources and supports to individuals experiencing homelessness. The Outreach Worker tries to connect with each individual: find out their story, discuss their situations and offer resources. Each situation is unique and individual needs vary.

We strive to provide a collaborative approach with our community partners which can include completing consents and assessments, as well as referrals to health care, shelters, addiction services, mental health services, housing services, and food programs. We will have a conversation with individuals and discuss a housing plan and ensure they are part of our Coordinated Access and the By-Name Priority List. 

Please remember we are not enforcement. Downtown businesses and residences are private property, and we have no authority to make individuals leave. We cannot issue or enforce any trespass notices. We are here to provide support and information.

To speak directly to an outreach worker contact:

  • Dave Moore at 705-748-8830 ext. 3220
  • Kali Fitzsimmons at 705-748-8830 ext. 3994
  • Kerianne Sidler at 705-748-8830 ext. 3257
  • Tara Berry at 705-748-8830 ext. 3857

City of Peterborough owned parks and property are subject to City By-Law 19-074.

When a concern is logged, Social Services will be advised, and the outreach worker will accompany the City staff issuing the notice to offer supports to individuals. To report an concern with someone living outside please complete the following form.

Report a Concern