Emergency Services

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The City of Peterborough has a wide variety of emergency services in place to keep you and your family safe.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Emergency Management

Peterborough is a leader in community emergency preparedness and emergency management. We have a robust Emergency Response Plan and we regularly bring our emergency management group together for exercises and training.

As a community, we need to be prepared for potential high-risk incidents such as major storms, flooding, and public health emergencies as well as accidents and intentional acts that could have major implications for public safety and property in our community.

Emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere, at any time. There are two types of emergencies and disasters: natural (i.e. a severe weather related event such as a tornado) and human caused (i.e. a car accident caused by driver error). Sometimes we have prior warning; but many times we don't. It's important to be prepared and review our Emergency Response Plan and the role of the Emergency Operations Centre.

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Public Inquiry Line

During a declared emergency or a significant incident, the City of Peterborough will activate its Public Inquiry Line to provide important information and updates about the emergency situation.

The Public Inquiry Line phone number is 705-876-4636.

You can call the Public Inquiry Line during a declared emergency or significant incident to get information or to report a non-life-threatening problem related to the emergency situation. The Public Inquiry Line is not intended to replace 9-1-1 calls.

During emergency situations, please tune into local media outlets – radio, television, print and online local media outlets – as another source of regular updates. We provide regular updates to our local media in the event of an emergency as a way to help get the information to you.