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 COVID-19 Update
The government of Ontario has confirmed the return of in-person learning for all publicly funded and private schools starting January 17, 2022, with enhanced health and safety measures in place. These new measures include the deployment of additional rapid antigen tests and establishing school-based vaccination clinics.

These measures build on the updated and additional health and safety measures in schools and child care centres, including those that were put in place on the advice of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH).

  • Updating the COVID-19 school and child care screener and asking students, parents and staff for screening and monitoring of symptoms, including daily onsite confirmation of self-screening.
  • Providing non-fit-tested N95 masks for staff in schools and licensed child care settings as an optional alternative to medical/surgical masks, and additional supply of high-quality three-ply cloth masks that are strongly encouraged and free for students.
Canada-Ontario early years and child care agreement (CWELCC)

Ontario entered into a Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care agreement and signed a $13.2 billion agreement with the Government of Canada that delivers savings and relief to families.

This includes lowering fees to an average of $10 per day for children five years and younger in licensed child care by September 2025.

The Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) agreement will:

  • give families access to more affordable and high-quality child care options
  • help lower child care fees for parents of children five years of age and under
  • increase child care spaces
  • support the early years workforce

Licensed child care providers can choose to participate in the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care System to help reduce fees. If your licensed child care provider does not participate, your fees will not be reduced. Camps and Authorized Recreation programs are not eligible to participate in this program.

 What this means for parents

Parents or guardians of children five years of age and younger do not have to apply to receive a child care fee reduction.

You may be eligible for reduced fees if:

  • you pay more than $12 per day for child care and your child is:
    • five years of age and younger
    • six years old and enrolled in a licensed preschool, kindergarten or family age group or a licensed home child care premises, until June 30
    • your licensed child care provider chooses to enroll in the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care System

The amount that you will save depends on the current fees your child care provider charges and may vary by region.

It will require some time for your child care program to enrol in the new system. The fee reduction will be retroactive to April 1, 2022. This means that you will be eligible to receive a refund for the higher fees you have paid after your program is fully enrolled.

Your child care provider will be in touch with you as to whether they enter an agreement with the CWELCC and when you can expect to receive your retroactive fee reduction payment if they have enrolled in the program.

What this means for child care providers

Licensed child care providers can choose to participate in the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care System. As a licensed child care provider, you must apply to participate to help lower average fees for parents. 

Child care providers who participate will receive funding to reduce fees and must operate under specific guidelines. Contact your local service system manager for more information and to apply.

Child care providers who do not participate in the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care System must continue to follow the rules and requirements for operating a licensed child care program. They will not receive funding to reduce child care fees.

 Children's Services is committed to providing services that:

  • Foster early learning and child development
  • Support children being cared for in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Support the inclusion of children with special needs in licensed child care
  • Enable parents to work or undertake training or education leading to employment
  • Provide linkages to other support services

We do this by:

 Finding/Applying to child care

You must choose your child care arrangement. But we can help.

Apply for Child Care in the City and County of Peterborough using OneHSN Waitlist and Registry system.

OneHSN is a safe, secure, fast and convenient way to allow parents to:

  • Locate programs close to either home or work.
  • Apply for several child care options in one application.
  • Access OneHSN website anytime, anywhere.

Complete your Application

Finding Child Care just got easier. One Application for Child Care. It's safe, fast & convient.


 Finding/Registering for EarlyON Programs

Use KeyON a new online platform to find and register for EarlyON programs in our community.

KeyON offers a safe, secure, and convenient way for families to:

  • Find programs on each EarlyON location calendar
  • Access programs in other communities, and
  • Pre-register for programs when needed 

Create your account today on KeyON's website or scan the QR code below. 

Check out programs from Peterborough Child and Family Centres on KeyON's Events page.


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