Bridges Out of Poverty

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Bridges out of Poverty is a framework for understanding poverty and the hidden rules of economic class by Dr. Ruby Payne. We use this framework to develop programs and strategies that improve relationships at the front-line level, improve outcomes at the organizational level and improve systems at the community level.

Reducing the social costs of poverty, strengthening the workforce and building a more prosperous and sustainable community are goals on which most communities can agree. Bridges out of Poverty helps employers, organizations, agencies and individuals understand, address and reduce poverty together in a comprehensive way.


Strategies for Professionals and Communities 

This training assists community organizations, social service agencies, and individuals with gaining insight and strategies to improve services.

This workshop:

  • Explores the concrete reality and complexity of poverty
  • Defines the essential resources that can lead to instability
  • Discusses the causes of poverty in our community
  • Teaches the hidden rules of economic classes
  • Identifies ways to improve relationships and address individual needs
  • Shares strategies to improve agency outcomes

To find out more about our next community session details, contact Vicki King, 705-748-8830 ext. 3231.

Workplace Stability 

There is no question that increased worker stability boosts productivity, retention, and morale, which leads to greater business profitability. Instability is another measure of diversity in your workforce. Low-wage workers can experience personal instability that leads to absenteeism, health problems, and violations of workplace expectations, all of which decrease morale, attention to work, and job performance.

Through education and awareness, this workshop will help participants:

  • Recognize the range of factors that create instability for employees
  • See how instability, employee performance, and profitability are related
  • Identify tactics for increasing workplace stability

To find out more about our next employer session details, contact Lisa Coughlin, 705-748-8830 ext. 3609.

 Resources and Supports

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 Working Groups and Partners
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