Property tax payments during COVID-19

The City of Peterborough will be automatically waiving penalty charges on payments received up to 60 days past the March 31, May 29, July 31 and September 30 due dates. This does not require taxpayers to take any action.

Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

Monthly PAP – Pre-authorized payments scheduled to come out at the end of the month will be withdrawn. Returned payments will not be subject to the City's $35 administrative fee. If you would like to pause or cancel monthly PAP payments, please contact the tax office by email or call 705-742-7777 ext. 1865 by the 21st day of the effective month. For monthly PAP accounts which are paused, the deferred payments will be spread out over the remaining months of the year.

Instalment PAP – If taxpayers do not wish to have the May installment withdrawn as scheduled, please contact the tax office by May 21 by email or call 705-742-7777 ext. 1865. The property owner can then arrange to pay the missed payment using another method.

Post-dated cheques – Cheques which were post-dated to March 31, 2020 have been applied to accounts. Taxpayers wishing to have their May 29th post-dated cheque not cashed should contact the tax office by phone or email and we will destroy the cheque.

Payments made by mortgage companies  If your mortgage company is responsible for making your tax payments, please contact them directly.

The City of Peterborough is committed to providing helpful information about your property taxes.

We can help you with:

Property tax overview

As a property owner in the City of Peterborough, you pay taxes each year that fund services like:

  • public education
  • firefighting
  • local police
  • libraries
  • waste collection

Property tax calculator

You can use our online calculator to see a breakdown of your residential property taxes and where your tax dollars go.

Property Tax Calculator

For a more detailed breakdown of the municipal services you pay for as a tax payer in the City of Peterborough, please read our Budget and Finance page.

How property tax is calculated

The amount of tax payable on your property is the result of a calculation based on four factors:

  • The assessed value of your property (set by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation)
  • The type of property you own (tax class)
  • The tax rate for your property (set annually by City Council)
  • The education tax rate for your property (set annually by the Province on Ontario)

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the Current Value Assessment of your property by the combined municipal and education tax rates.

Name, ownership, and mailing address changes

To make a change to the name or ownership on your property tax account, the City of Peterborough requires a copy of an updated registered deed, as provided by your lawyer.

To make a change or correction to your mailing address, complete our mailing address update form.