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Our location and the energy of the people who live here make Peterborough far from the average city.

Sponsor Peterborough invites local businesses, corporations and global firms to amplify their brand through marketing opportunities and customized sponsorship of City programs, facilities, and events.

Notice of Intention: Cold Beverage Product Exclusivity and Service Delivery in City Facilities

The City of Peterborough ("City") intends to solicit Corporate Sponsorship from a Cold Beverage Company with interest and ability to secure Exclusive Supply, Service, Sale rights associated with Cold Beverage products in City facilities. The City intends to enter into an Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement that will encompass product supply to concessions, vending sales and service delivery, marketing profile, and audience engagement.

Deadline: Submissions from interested parties are requested by April 30, 2023.

Contact person and inquiries

All inquiries / questions and submissions regarding this notice will be directed in writing via email to:

Scott Elliott, Corporate Sponsorship Manager

City of Peterborough

500 George St. N.

Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9

Email Scott

General information

The City is not liable or responsible for any costs incurred in the preparation, submission or presentation of any response or submission pursuant to this Notice of Intention. Acceptance of or the use of any information contained in any submission shall not entitle any applicant to reimbursement or other consideration at any time.

This Notice of Intention to Solicit Sponsors is not intended to create and will not create any formal legally binding contract or bidding process. The issuance of this Notice does not constitute any obligation on the part of the City to enter into an agreement with any respondent or to issue a competitive bidding opportunity. The City may determine, at its sole discretion, to proceed or not proceed with negotiations in relation to any areas discussed or outlined within this notice.

There will be no Request For Proposals initiated following this Notice. All parties with interest in sponsorship opportunities and who may wish to open negotiation with the City should provide a submission. The City of Peterborough Sponsorship team will follow-up on each submission received prior to April 30, 2023. The City of Peterborough reserves the right to enter negotiations with any interested party, at any time, until a Cold Beverage Exclusive product supply and sales agreement has been finalized

On June 30, 2023, the City’s current Cold Beverage Exclusivity agreement will expire. The City seeks to have a new agreement in place by July 1, 2023, for a minimum five-year term, and maximum ten-year term.

The scope of this agreement (subject to negotiations) is intended to include:

  • Exclusive pouring rights to carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, juices, flavoured or carbonated water, sports drinks, energy drinks, and other non-alcoholic cold beverage products as agreed to, for sale in City facilities.
  • Full-service vending, and concession product supply and delivery.
  • Supply and service to vending, cooling, and service delivery equipment.
  • Naming Rights, and Sponsorship Marketing profiles at select City facilities.
  • Hospitality and activation in association facility audiences.
  • Participation and support of relevant programs, such a recreational, events, recycling, waste diversion, and environmental sustainability.

Elements of Sponsorship Agreement and Exclusivity

A Sponsorship agreement with a reputable leader in the Cold Beverage industry will align their products, services, and brands to support revenue streams with the delivery of Cold Beverage services in the City of Peterborough.

The following are intended elements of a Cold Beverage Sponsorship Agreement:

Exclusivity Rights

In exchange for an agreed upon financial value, the Sponsors will receive the exclusive right to supply, sell, and promote their products and brands within the following facility groups within the City of Peterborough.

  • Major Sport and Entertainment. Includes only the Peterborough Memorial Centre.
  • Community Indoor Recreational Facilities, Kinsmen Civic Arena, Healthy Planet Arena and Banquet Facility, Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, Peterborough Naval Memorial Park, and the new Peterborough Arena and Aquatics Complex.
  • Peterborough Outdoor Recreational Facilities, Peterborough Marina & Restaurant, Del Crary Park, Bowers Park, East Gate Fields, James Stevenson Park, City Fields at Trent University, and Milroy Park
  • Community Service Facilities, Peterborough Public Library, Peterborough Transit Terminal, Peterborough Regional Airport, and City Hall.
  • City of Peterborough Employee Hubs: Transit Garage, Public Works facility, Waste Management facilities, Wastewater Treatment facilities.
  • Beavermeade Park & Campground

Full-service vending, and concession product supply and delivery:

It is intended that the Exclusive Cold Beverage Sponsor will provide full-service vending solutions, service, product supply and delivery of products to concessions at City facilities. The business solutions and sales will consider revenue shares and/or sales royalties back to the City. The scope and delivery of sales at each site is subject to negotiations, and operational feasibility.

Supply and service of Equipment

An Exclusive Cold Beverage Service Sponsor will supply vending, cooling and service delivery equipment as necessary to the sales operations at each unique location. It is anticipated that where necessary, cashless vending services are operated, seasonal removal of equipment is available, high-capacity refrigeration units support concession operations, and promotional aids drive sales. 

Exception & Exclusions

Any supply or marketing associated with Alcoholic Beverages are excluded from this sponsorship opportunity.

Hot beverages, including Tea, hot chocolate & coffee – are excluded from this sponsorship opportunity, but may be developed as a separate opportunity.

Milk or milk-based products may be included in this sponsorship opportunity.

Bottled Water Ban

After May 2016, the City of Peterborough initiated a bottled water ban to to encourage environmentally  sustainable water choices. This does not limit or restrict the sale of flavoured, sparkling, vitamin or mineral waters. Only plain bottled water cannot be included as a product within this Sponsorship opportunity.

Locations and audience

The City intends to negotiate terms of an agreement making exclusive Cold Beverage product available in City facilities where services are feasible, and financially viable. The ability to include locations is subject to the terms and conditions of service at each location:

  • Peterborough Memorial Centre (PMC), and Morrow Building 151 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, ON K9J 1Y2 (Est. annual avg. 200,000 visits) 
  • Healthy Planet Arena, 911 Monaghan Road, Peterborough, ON K9J 5K6 (Est. annual avg. 300,000)
  • Kinsmen Civic Centre, 1 Kinsmen Way, Peterborough, ON K9J 2P8; (Est. avg. annual 200,000)
  • Twin Pad Arena, and (Future) Aquatics complex under construction at Southeast corner of Lansdowne and Park St. Target opening date Fall of 2024. (Est. avg annual 600,000 visits)
  • Peterborough Regional Airport 590A Skyway Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 0E7. (Est. avg annual 50,000 visits)
  • Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, (PSWC), 775 Brealey Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X4; (Est. avg annual 250,000 visits)
  • Peterborough Public Library Branch 345 Aylmer Street North (250,000 avg annual)
  • Peterborough Transit Terminal. 190 Simcoe St Peterborough (Serving ridership of approximately 2,000,000 riders)
  • Naval Memorial Park, 24 Whitla St., Peterborough, ON K9J 1K9
  • City Hall, 500 George Street North, Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9.
  • City of Peterborough Public Works Facility – Not a public Facility.
  • Other City facilities as financially feasible and agreed upon.

Seasonal Operations (May to October) at:

  • Bowers Park, 775 Brealey Dr. Peterborough seasonal May to October; (Est. avg annual 80,000 visits)
  • Peterborough Marina on Little Lake at Del Crary Park, 92 George Street North, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G3 (Est. avg annual 100,000 visits)
  • East Gate Fields (Est. avg annual 80,000 visits)
  • James Stevenson Park (Est. avg annual 35,000 visits)
  • Beavemeade Park & Campgrounds
  • Milroy Park (Est. avg annual 25,000 visits)

An Exclusive Cold Beverage sponsor will benefit from exclusive sales, and product supply at the listed facilities with access to an estimated annual audience of more than 3,000,000 visits to City facilities. Sponsorship, and marketing activations included as part of the Exclusive Cold Beverage Supply will enhance sales opportunities and increase brand profile across a broad audience that visits City facilities.


An Exclusive Cold Beverage Sponsor will have access to the following audiences for sales, marketing, and engagement opportunities.

  • 82,000+ City residents extensively using City facilities and services such as Transit, Waste & Recycling Collection, Public Library Services, Arts and Cultural Programs and Public Parking.
  • 138,000 residents across the broader Peterborough County region who also benefit from services and facilities in the City.
  • 1,000,000 + sport users comprising local and province wide participants using City sports facilities for recreational play, competitive league play and tournament play. Peterborough Sport Organizations utilize City facilities to offer Hockey, Baseball, Box Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse, Soccer, Football, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Pickleball, and more.
  • Tourism audiences account for 3,000,000+ annual visits to the region, accessing the City’s sport facilities, concert and major event venues, recreational facilities, outdoor parks, and cultural facilities.
  • The City of Peterborough employ’s more than 1,100 staff delivering programs and services at City facilities
Naming Rights, Sponsorship Marketing profiles
In exchange for an agreed upon financial value, the Sponsor will receive mutually agreeable advertising, sponsorship, and Naming Rights assets at various facilities in each year of the term.

A high-profile Naming Rights within the New Twin Pad Arena and Aquatics complex is of particular interest to the City. The successful Proponent and the City can negotiate preferred advertising assets, such as those outlined on the City’s Corporate Sponsorship web pages.

Additional inventory at selected facilities may also be available subject to approvals by the City and subject to Sponsors interests.

The successful Proponent shall agree to activate their branding on sponsored signage, as negotiated, which may include, score clocks, menu boards, digital communications, and or static signage and wall wraps within each facility to reflect the name/brand of Sponsor, at no cost to the City.

Participation and support of related programs, such as community events, recycling, waste diversion, and environmental sustainability.

As negotiated and mutually agreed to, the Sponsor is invited to align sponsorship with other City programs such as community events, recycling programs, waste diversion program and environmental sustainability commitments.

Process and submission requirements


Interested Sponsors will be considered based on ability to offer Exclusive Cold Beverage Supply, Sales, and Service in City facilities, and the extend to which the sponsors investments will drive revenues back to the City. A Sponsors interest, service delivery flexibility, strategies and objectives will be reviewed in the context of alignment to facility operations and audiences.

At the City’s sole discretion, the City may contact any prospective sponsors to outline next steps. Next steps will be an exploration phase consisting of discussion to identify details of each prospective sponsors objectives, strategies, and budgets, which will determine if a proposal should be developed. Following exploration, a proposal phase will begin, where the City undertakes development of a proposal that may be presented back to one or more prospects for a response. Prospects responses will be reviewed, and a single prospect will be engaged into exclusive negotiations to finalize an agreement.

Submission requirements

Interested prospects should submit their notice of interest in writing, via e-mail to the contact person listed above, along with the following information:

  • Quote “Notice of Intention to Solicit – Cold Beverage Product Exclusivity and Service Delivery Sponsor in City Facilities " on your submission;
  • Company or group profile. This includes name, brands products, market reach (target and segments), location of office(s), length of time in business, with numbers and types of staff;
  • Company credentials / certifications / official recognitions;
  • Identify any similar partnerships and/or sponsorships that the business has been involved with.
  • Provide any other information you would like the City to consider regarding your proposed interest in Cold Beverage Product Exclusivity and Service Delivery Sponsor in City Facilities.

Why Sponsor Peterborough?

Successful sponsorships depend on a relevant and meaningful connection between the respective brands of a property and sponsor. Consider how your brand aligns with ours:

  • Peterborough is a city of over 81,000 residents with a mix of urban and rural lifestyles
  • In 2018 we were the fastest growing city in Canada, and 18 to 34 year olds are our fastest-growing cohort
  • The City and County together comprise over 141,000 residents
  • We are home to three outstanding post-secondary institutions: Trent University, Fleming College and the Seneca College's School of Aviation
  • Sport, recreation and cultural tourism combine to attract 3.14 million visitors annually

City of Peterborough brand

Peterborough is a community of doers and dreamers. We are resourceful and creative. We are proud to call Peterborough home, and we passionately support our community. We help one another, and we have the confidence to think and do things our own way.

Peterborough is a one-of-a-kind place, located on nature's doorstep. We have many trails and parks within the city, as well as easy access to the lakes and beauty of cottage country. We are close enough to major centres like Toronto and Ottawa, yet far enough to be an independent city with our own soul.

We offer a balanced lifestyle that includes a growing community of entrepreneurs, a hip downtown, and year-round events and festivals.

Current Sponsors

The City of Peterborough would like to recognize these sponsors for their important contributions to the community.

Photo Gallery: Sponsorship will appear here on the public site.

Sponsorship Policy

In July 2021, City Council approved an updated Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Asset Inventory 

Appendix A of Sponsorship Policy 0036

Events: Arts, Culture & Heritage
Gala Auction Presenting Sponsor Art Gallery of Peterborough
Gala Auction Event Sponsor Art Gallery of Peterborough
Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour - Presenting Sponsor Art Gallery of Peterborough
Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour - Sponsor Art Gallery of Peterborough
MUSE - Film Festival - Presenting Sponsor Peterborough Museum & Archives
MUSE - Film Festival - Sponsor Peterborough Museum & Archives

Arts and Culture Sponsorship: Exhibition, Art Gallery of Peterborough

Naming Rights
Healthy Plant Arena
New Twin Pad Arena and Pool Complex
Leon's Pad
Freedom Mobile Pad
Mr. Lube Pad
Pad 1
Pad 2
Running Track
New Urban Park
River Side Park
East City Bowl
Bowers Park Field 1
Bowers Park Field 2
Bowers Park Field 3
Bowers Park Field 4
City Fields at Trent - entire complex
City Fields at Trent - Ball Diamond
City Fields at Trent - Rectangular Pitch
East Gate Fields Complex
West 49 Skate Park
Library Commons
Transit Marketing
Curb Mural Wraps
Curb Posters
King Mural Wraps
King Posters
Tail Mural Wraps
Tail Posters
Die Cut Wraps
Full Wraps
Interior Poster Domination
Transit Shelters
Accessible Services bus
News Years Eve Transit Sponsorship
Bike Racks
Sport and Recreation Sponsorship
Fun Guide - Outside Back Cover
Fun Guide - Inside Back Cover
Fun Guide - Inside Page
Presenting Sponsor - Canada Day Parade
Arena Facility Services
Charging Stations (Phone)
WIFI Service
Charging Stations (Cars)
Glass Ribbon - All pads
Glass Wrap - All pads
Door Wraps.  Interior & Exterior - All pads
Step Risers
Parking Lot Lights & Signage
Exterior Building Sign
Outdoor Digital Sign
In-ice graphics
Spectator seating
Score Clocks
Time of Day clocks
Back lit signs
Rinkboards - All Pads Package
Zamboni Wrap
In-building directional signage
Staff Uniforms
Wall Wraps
Digital Screens
Product/Service Exclusivity
Public Skating Programs
Vending - Beverages
Vending - Snacks
Recreational Fields
Fence Signage - James Stevenson Park 5 - Sign Packages
Fence Signage - Bowers Park 5 - Sign Packages
Fence Signage - City Fields at Trent 5 - Sign Packages
Fence Signage - East Gate Fields 5 - Sign Packages
Program Sponsorship
AssetProgram area or Location
Cold Beverage Exclusivity City-wide
Youth Ball Hockey League Recreation
Men's Recreational Hockey Recreation
Public Swimming Program Sport & Wellness Centre
Streetview Windows King Street Parking Garage
Entry Wall - 1 hour parking sponsorship King Street Parking Garage
Exterior - large format King Street Parking Garage
Entry/Exit Gates King Street Parking Garage
Entry Wall - 1 hour parking sponsorship Simcoe Street Parking Garage
Exterior - large format Simcoe Street Parking Garage
Entry/Exit Gates Simcoe Street Parking Garage
Pay & Display Parking Receipts (3 months receipt roll message) On-street Parking
Pay & Display Christmas Parking (2 hours free) On-street Parking
Waste Collection Truck (Exterior Wrap) Waste Collection & Diversion Programs
Public Waste/Recycling Bins City-wide
Indoor Digital Signage Network City-wide
Sign: Healthy Planet Arena Healthy Planet Arena
Sign: Peterborough Memorial Centre Peterborough Memorial Centre
Billboard Parkway
Billboard - Land lease Water Street
Billboard - Land lease Park Street