Age-friendly Peterborough

Age-friendly Peterborough is working to ensure that older adults’ basic needs are met; that they can get around the community; are supported to build and maintain relationships; and have the opportunity, to learn, grow, and contribute. Visit the links to the right to learn more.

Age-friendly Peterborough is a collaborative of passionate individuals, organizations, and businesses that provide a diverse perspective through an age-friendly lens.

Age-friendly Peterborough increases awareness about issues older adults are facing and builds community collaboration to support solutions. Age-friendly Peterborough is a resource for older adults, their families and care providers.


Peterborough Seniors Services Directory

Map of Peterborough City and County

Proportion of Seniors 65 and Older in Peterborough City and County

Township population (Statistics Canada 2016).

Trent Lakes 30.2%

North Kawartha 27.8%

Selwyn 24.6%

Asphodel-Norwood 22.4%

Douro-Dummer 20.1%

City of Peterborough 22.3%

Havelock-Belmont-Methuen 28.0%

Curve Lake FN 17.5%

Hiawatha FN 20.7%

Cavan-Monaghan 19.3%

Otonabee-South Monaghan 21.1%

By 2040 more than 20,000 Peterborough residents will be 80 years of age or older.

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