Heritage Conservation District

Heritage Conservation Districts are areas that form a historically cohesive neighbourhood, district, or cultural landscape within the city and which are designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. They can include groups of buildings, structures, streetscapes, and natural landscape features.

Heritage streetscapeThe City manages the Heritage Conservation Districts through a District Plan. A District Plan guides the conservation and development of an area in order to maintain and enhance its historic character.

The Avenues and Neighbourhood is Peterborough's first Heritage Conservation District, designated in 2016 through By-law 16-099. The area is a residential neighbourhood in the Old West End that evolved from a semi-rural lot structure in the 1800s to an emerging suburb in the early 1900s to an established neighbourhood just outside the downtown. It was designated for its design value as an intact early twentieth-century suburb as well as its historical association with the Burnham family, Canadian General Electric, and the city's streetcar system. The Heritage Conservation District Study and Heritage Conservation District Plan for the Avenues and Neighbourhood provide more detail on this District.

Downtown Heritage Conservation District Study 

During the summer of 2022, City Council adopted a background study looking at the heritage value of the city’s historic commercial core. This is the first step in creating a Heritage Conservation District (HCD) in the downtown.

To read the study and learn more about HCDs, visit Downtown Heritage Conservation District

Heritage Permits

Owners of properties designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act need a heritage permit before altering their property. Permit applications should be submitted to the Heritage Preservation Office for review and approval. You should meet with City staff prior to submitting a permit application to determine whether the proposed work requires a permit and to discuss you plans.

Our Heritage Permit Guide for Heritage Conservation District Properties provides detailed information on the application and permitting process and the application form.

Heritage Conservation Grant Program

The City offers a grant program to assist property owners in heritage conservation districts with the restoration and preservation of their properties. It is a 50% matching grant that provides up to $5,000 for eligible work on projects that are directed towards the conservation or restoration of heritage elements. Short-term repairs and routine maintenance are not eligible.

If you are interested in applying for this grant should contact the Heritage Preservation Office. An application package including an overview of the program is available online and in print at the Community Services Office.