Urban Design Guidelines


Urban design guidelines are a series of design statements and images that explain the City’s desired design elements and qualities that shape development and the public realm (e.g., public streets and parks).

Urban design guidelines should be used by property owners, developers and their consultant teams to inform their development proposals at the initial concept stage/Pre-Consultation. The applicable urban design guidelines will also serve as a resource for applicants to prepare any required Urban Design Brief as part of their development application.


The City has adopted urban design guidelines for the Central Area and Mixed-Use Corridors. The Central Area is known as the historic heart of the community and includes the downtown and East City. The Mixed-Use Corridors in the Official Plan consist of five major arterial roads: Lansdowne Street, Clonsilla Avenue, Chemong Road, Armour Road and Water Street. 

To check whether a property is within the Central Area or Mixed-Use Corridors, use Peterborough's interactive map website, e-Maps 2.0, by selecting in the Layer List Schedule B: Land Use Plan of the Official Plan and entering the property address in the search bar. Alternatively, static/PDF maps showing the boundaries of the Central Area and the Mixed-Use Corridors are available on the Official Plan Schedule B: Land Use Plan and Schedule C: Central Area Plan.

View the Urban Design Guidelines


Both guidelines were completed under the Province's Streamline Development Approval Fund. The guidelines build on the directions and policies in the new Official Plan and are also informed by the outcomes of a community design charrette and work completed as part of the Official Plan Update.