Official Plan

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The Official Plan is the City's key planning document that guides the long-term growth and development of the City. It describes the goals, objectives and policies which guide our land use decisions. More specifically, it provides strategic policy direction on:

  • Where to direct housing, parks, industry, shopping areas, and schools;
  • How natural areas and heritage resources will be protected;
  • What infrastructure and services (roads, water mains, sewers, schools, community facilities) will be needed; and
  • How to enhance community identity and design.

While some policies within the Official Plan have immediate effects, other policies are more long-term. The Zoning By-law is one of the important planning tools used to implement the Official Plan. While the Official Plan provides more general guidance for the vision and development of the City, the Zoning By-law contains specific development regulations.

The City is in the process of completing an Update of its Official Plan.

View and download the current Official Plan and Schedules

The current consolidation of the City of Peterborough Official Plan incorporates all amendments up to December 31, 2021. You may view the full document and schedules by accessing the links below.

City of Peterborough Official Plan (consolidated September 1, 2022)

City of Peterborough Official Plan

City of Peterborough Official Plan Schedules and Figures


Schedule A – Land Use

Schedule A-1 – City Structure 

Schedule B – Roadway Network

Schedule B(a) – Bikeway Network

Schedule C – Natural Areas and Flood Plain

Schedule C(b) – Jackson Creek Flood Plain (Downtown) Special Policy Area

Schedule D – Development Areas

Schedule E – Residential Density

Schedule F – Key Map to Secondary Land Use Plans

Schedule G – Jackson Creek Secondary Plan

Schedule H – Community Improvement Areas

Schedule I – Commercial Area Land Use Plan

Schedule J – Central Area Land Use Plan

Schedule K – Areas Designated for Adult Entertainment Parlours

Schedule L – Downey West Secondary Plan Land Use Map

Schedule M – Lansdowne West Secondary Plan: Harper Park/Peterborough Business Park

Schedule N – Auburn North Secondary Plan

Schedule O – Industrial Land Use

Schedule P – Coldsprings Secondary Land Use Plan

Schedule Q – Chemong Secondary Land Use Plan

Schedule R – Lily Lake Secondary Plan

Schedule S – Lift Lock Secondary Plan


Figure 1 - Commercial Structure

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