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  1. Development Charges
  2. Engineering Design Standards
  3. Specifications for engineering contracts
  4. Grants and Incentives
  5. Urban Design Guidelines

Development Charges

Development charges are levied against new development and are a primary source of funding for growth-related capital expenditures. In addition to the City-wide development charges, the City imposes area-specific development charges for some sanitary trunk sewers, stormwater facilities, and servicing and planning studies in specific planning areas.

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Engineering design standards

The Engineering Design Standards are specifications and requirements that are used for the design of works within the City on municipally-owned road allowances, municipally-owned property, and municipally-owned infrastructure on easements as well as projects subject to municipal approval or contributing to the municipal system. The information provides guidance beyond legislative and standard design practices for use in the City.

View Peterborough Engineering Design Standards

Specifications for engineering contracts

These specifications form part of all engineering contracts:

Grants and Incentives

To assist with the creation of affordable housing and to encourage downtown redevelopment and revitalization projects, the City of Peterborough has two community improvement plans that allow for financial incentives for certain types of projects. The plans are called the Affordable Housing Community Improvement Plan and the Central Area Community Improvement Plan.

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Urban Design Guidelines

The City has adopted urban design guidelines for the Central Area and Mixed-Use Corridors. The City's urban design guidelines should be used by property owners, developers and their consultant teams to inform their development proposals at the initial concept stage/Pre-Consultation. The applicable urban design guidelines will also serve as a resource for applicants to prepare any required Urban Design Brief as part of their development application.

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