Planning Applications and Forms

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Online Development Applications & Forms

You can now submit development applications online as outlined in the information below.

For Part Lot Control applications, Telecommunication Structure applications, Site Plan Compliance or Subdivision Compliance letters, please go to Other Inquiries and Applications.

 Planning Application Submission Process


Step 1: Preliminary Consultation with one of our Planners

You are required to have a preliminary discussion with one of our planners with respect to your concept plan. Please attach your concept plan to the email. Ensure to provide a brief description and property address(es) for your development proposal. 

For removal of a holding provision, proceed directly to Step 4

Send an Email

Step 2: Submit a Pre-consultation Application

Pre-consultation application is only required for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Plan of Subdivision & Condominium, and Site Plan Applications. Minor Variance and Severance applications do not require completion of this step but applicants will need to connect with the Planner to discuss their application via informal pre-consultation. If you require additional information on how to submit a pre-consultation application, please visit our pre-consultation information page.

 Applying on behalf of an individual or corporate owner?
 As part of your application, you will be required to provide one of the following:

Online pre-consultation application form

Step 3: Download and Prepare your Planning Development Forms

Based on your application type, please fill out the applicable pdf forms below and attach them as part of your application in Step 4.

Zoning By-law amendment application forms

Official Plan amendment forms

Plan of subdivision and condominium forms

Site plan approval forms

Please review Site Plan Approval Application Submission Requirements and Site and Building Design Guidelines prior to your submission. 

Committee of Adjustment forms

Step 4: Submit a Planning Development Application

Please note. Where pre-consultation is required in Step 2,  you must have attend your pre-consultation meeting and have received a letter from the City outlining requirements of your submission prior to your planning development application submission. 

Other Inquiries & Applications:

Compliance Reports

The Planning Division processes requests for Site Plan and Subdivision compliance reports. Additional reports are available from the Building Division and the Tax Office. 

Submit Your Application for a Compliance Report Online

Part Lot Control Exemption Application

The Planning Division processes requests for Part Lot Control Exemptions under Section 50(28) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P13.

Submit Part Lot Control Exemption Application Online

Telecommunication Structure Application

The Infrastructure and Planning Services processes telecommunication structure applications in accordance with the Telecommunication Structure Procedure.

Submit Telecommunication Structure Application Online