Planning and Development Services

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If you're looking to develop or make a change to your property, the City of Peterborough provides services related to the required application processes and regulations on aspects such as:

We take a multi-disciplinary approach involving planners, engineers, building inspectors, urban designers, landscape architects and other stakeholders, depending on the application.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment reviews consent, minor variance and permission requests under the Planning Act.

Official Plan

The Official Plan is the City's key planning document that guides the long-term growth and development of the City. It describes the goals, objectives and policies which guide our land use decisions.


A pre-consultation meeting with City Staff is required prior to the submission of a development application for:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment
  • Site-Plan
  • Plan of Subdivision
  • Plan of Condominium.


Peterborough's Zoning By-law establishes and regulates the use of land by implementing the policies of our Official Plan. If you're looking for information on the types of uses allowed on a specific property, building height regulations, development density, or parking, you'll want to look at the Zoning By-law. Visit our zoning page to learn how to find the zoning information for a property and to find links to the amendment application form.


There are four ways that you can divide a large property into smaller properties or divide the ownership of a property or building into multiple ownerships: plan of subdivision; plan of condominium; part lot control exemption; and severance consent. Visit our subdivisions page to learn about this process and to find links to the application forms.

Engineering design standards

The Engineering and Construction Standards for the City of Peterborough are specifications and requirements that are used for the design of works within the City on municipally-owned road allowances, municipally-owned property, and municipally-owned infrastructure on easements as well as projects subject to municipal approval or contributing to the municipal system. The information provides guidance beyond legislative and standard design practices for use in the City.

For any inquiries about the Engineering and Construction Standards, please contact Water Resources and Development Engineer Joe Burke.