Planning and Development Services


The Planning, Development and Urban Design Division is responsible for the review and approval of development applications, policy planning, urban design, development engineering and heritage. 
 Development Planning

The Development Planning Section is responsible for the review and processing of all development applications under the Planning Act such as:

  • amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law;
  • applications for the Committee of Adjustment for minor variances to the Zoning By-Law and the severance of land;
  • applications for site plan approval; and,
  • applications focusing on the subdivision of land, including associated Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments. 
 Policy Planning
The Policy Planning Section is responsible for the research, data collection, preparation and review of policies in the areas of strategic and long-range planning, growth management and land use planning, including planning documents such as the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law. 
 Urban Design
The Urban Design Section is responsible for project planning for urban design initiatives, such as downtown streetscape, site plan control applications, condominium approval and parks planning.
 Development Engineering
The Development Engineering Section is responsible for the review and approval of servicing plans, lot grading and drainage reports and subdivision agreements.
The Heritage Section is responsible for the development and administration of programs relating to the preservation of heritage sites and structures within the city.

Plan-Build Kiosk

Plan-Build Peterborough Customer Service Desk

Plan-Build Peterborough customer service desk is a coordinated customer contact point for planning and building services inquiries, simplifying the process for building permits and development applications. On Planning Wednesdays, a planning staff member will be at the kiosk to discuss land-use planning processes and requirements.

The customer service kiosk is located in the north wing of City Hall, in the Building Services Division.

Quick Links

Interactive map of development applications
Current Development Applications
Applications for proposed development, including Site Plan Approvals, Zoning By-law Amendments, Official Plan Amendments and Draft Plan of Subdivision, are being reviewed for the following locations in the City.
Aerial image of downtown Peterborough
City of Peterborough Official Plan
The Peterborough Official Plan guides the long-term growth and development of the city.
Aerial image of industrial park
City of Peterborough Zoning By-law
The Zoning By-law implements the City's Official Plan and controls the use of land in our community. 
People conversing in meeting
Request a pre-consultation meeting with City Staff. Pre-consultation is required prior to the submission of certain development applications (e.g., Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Approval).
Single detached dwellings
Committee of Adjustment
Learn about how to make a request to the Committee of Adjustment and submit an application for Minor variance, permission and Consent/Severance.
Aerial image of subdivision under construction
Plans of Subdivision / Condominium
Learn about when and how to apply for a plan of subdivision or plan of condominium.
Aerial image of industrial park
Site Plans
Learn about site plan control and how to make an application for site plan approval.