Victoria Park - closed effective Tuesday, August 27

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Public notice

Peterborough, ON – Victoria Park will be closed effective Tuesday, August 27 at 9 a.m. (the “Effective Date”). Entry into the park is prohibited during the closure. Anyone who is encamped in the park must remove their items and leave the park before the Effective Date. Anyone in the park after the Effective Date is trespassing.

Peterborough County, in consultation with the City of Peterborough, decided to close Victoria Park because conditions in the park have deteriorated to the point where it is not suitable for the shared use of the public.

There are numerous and continuing failures to comply with the requirements of the Parks and Facilities By-Law that established minimum standards for the shared use of public parks and protection of the natural environment.

Victoria Park will re-open after the encampment is gone and the grounds have been restored.

The City will monitor and address compliance with the City’s Parks and Facilities By-Law in its parks.

Compliance with the Parks and Facilities By-Laws of the City and County is required.

Outreach workers, wearing yellow t-shirts, are regularly available on site in Victoria Park for people who need assistance.

Social Services can be reached at 705-748-8830 or in-person at 178 Charlotte St.


Media contacts:

Brendan Wedley
Manager of Communication Services
City of Peterborough
705-742-7777 ext. 1636

Sheridan Graham
Director, Corporate Projects and Services
Peterborough County
705-743-0380 ext. 2500

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