Update on garbage collection services for multi-residential and condominium properties

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Peterborough, ON – City of Peterborough garbage collection services will continue for multi-residential and condominium properties that currently receive City garbage collection after City Council decided on Monday, February 5, 2024 to maintain the service until it considers additional information and options.

The Council direction does not change the status for properties that already use private garbage collection services.

City garbage collection service for multi-residential and condominium properties that cannot meet the standards or collection requirements in the new waste collection by-law Council approved in October 2023 or that are on private roads that cannot be safely accessed or navigated by City waste collection vehicles were scheduled to change to private garbage collection services starting April 1, 2024.

About 37% of multi-residential and condominium units, or homes, in the City receive City-provided garbage collection services, with the remaining approximately 63% of multi-residential and condominium units on private garbage collection services.

Council has requested a report to consider additional information and options on waste collection services for multi-residential and condominium properties.


Subject to Peterborough City Council passing By-law 23-106 on October 23, 2023, the City of Peterborough implementation of the standards within the by-law was to continue to provide garbage collection services to multi-residential buildings, including condominiums, with seven (7) or more units or dwellings, when certain conditions can be met, such as the ability for curbside garbage collection separated by individual unit on roads that are able to be safely navigated by City garbage collection vehicles.

The three criteria used to determine if City garbage collection can be provided to a multi-residential property are:

  • Have the ability to set out waste for collection separated by individual unit (i.e., no communal drop-off/collection locations);
  • Have private roads/accesses capable of being safely accessed by City staff and equipment; and
  • Not have any development agreements associated with the property identifying that private waste collection services be provided.

The City waste collection by-law sets certain requirements for City garbage collection, including limits on the number of bags per residence and the weight per bag. Communal drop-off locations for garbage in multi-residential buildings does not allow for regulation and enforcement of the waste collection by-law as garbage that is set out for disposal cannot be associated with a specific unit.

For multi-residential properties that can allow for curbside collection with garbage set out separately for each individual unit, private roads must be designed to allow for the proper operation of City waste collection vehicles and development agreements should not stipulate that provision of private garbage collection services.

During the Waste Collection By-law update, the City reviewed its practice of providing an unequitable level of service within property class types – providing curbside collection for some multi-residential buildings and some condominium properties and not to others, for example – without a clear set of criteria for determining the provision of service.