Twenty community groups came together for the first Great Community Litter Clean-up

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Peterborough Youth Council participating in Litter Clean-up

The first Great Community Litter Clean-up was a tremendous success as 20 community groups and organizations came together to pick up litter in Peterborough parks and along trails during Earth Week with 1.2 tonnes of litter collected as part of the initiative. That’s the equivalent of more than 133,000 plastic water bottles. 

“As always, our community really came together for the betterment of the environment. My sincere thanks to everyone who participated in Earth Week community litter clean-ups,” said Councillor Joy Lachica who made the motion for the City’s Litter Action Plan. “We all play a role in having a beautiful, litter-free City, whether by picking up litter, putting trash in the proper receptacles, or packing our blue boxes to reduce blowing recyclables on collection day.  Use our new tool at Connect Peterborough to add your group’s name and pin to our map so we can coordinate our annual clean-up efforts. Let’s put litter in its place.” 

Glad Canada sponsored the event by providing garbage bags to the City of Peterborough for collection. 

Year-round litter action  

Organize your own litter clean-up 

Groups can organize a litter clean-up in a park, trail, or public space any time of the year. You can register your clean-up on the City’s website to receive a free litter clean-up kit and arrange a designated time and location for Public Works staff to collect the garbage.  

A new online collaboration tool is now available on the City’s community consultation website at where residents can log their completed litter clean-up event on an interactive map and connect with other people and clean-up groups in the community. Through this forum, residents can also share news about their event plans, share ideas, and offer to help others. 

Service Request 

Public Works staff regularly patrol public spaces to address litter. If you are aware of an area that needs attention, please complete an online service request at