Temporary downtown public space changes update

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Downtown patio

Peterborough, ON - After the summer patio season in the downtown, the City of Peterborough will remove the fencing and patio delineators on Hunter and Charlotte streets between Aylmer and George streets the week of October 18 in preparation for snow clearing operations this winter.

The changes will also include the removal of the fencing and planters for expanded patio areas in public on-street parking areas on George and Water streets in the downtown.

The temporary downtown public space changes were put in place in collaboration with Peterborough Public Health and the Downtown Business Improvement Area to provide additional pedestrian space and outdoor patio opportunities for businesses as a way to support physical distancing during the pandemic this summer.

“It was wonderful to see the activity on the streets and sidewalks this summer. By reconfiguring the space for cars, we were able to create more space for people and businesses while still allowing for smooth traffic flow through the downtown,” Mayor Diane Therrien said. “The wellbeing of individuals and our community as a whole has been our focus during this pandemic.”

City Council approved the temporary downtown public space changes in April as a COVID-19 pandemic response measure.

With the winter approaching, the sidewalk and streets need to be returned to their normal configuration for the City’s snow clearing operations.

“The temporary downtown public space changes were extremely well received this year. It was a great example of how to support restaurants while also providing for the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic,” said Terry Guiel, Downtown Business Improvement Area executive director. “The DBIA was pleased to support this year’s efforts, especially the wonderful planters that added to the vibrancy of the space.”

Hunter and Charlotte streets between Aylmer and George streets will return to two-way traffic following the removal of the delineators and planters.