Survey launches to collect information on flooding

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Jackson Creek

Peterborough, ON - The City of Peterborough is developing an advanced computer model to evaluate its stormwater system that consists of both storm sewers and natural watercourses. With partial funding provided by the Federal Government’s National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP), this work will identify areas of flooding and develop mapping applications to easily convey information to the people that need it most.

To assist in developing this model, the City is asking residents or business owners to complete a short survey at People who do not have access to the internet are invited to call 705-742-7777 ext.1504 to provide input.

This survey will help confirm where flooding has been observed and how it affects you. The information collected will be used to validate flood predictions. With improved data and analytics, the City can make strategic investments in sewer upgrades and flood reductions works, while developing enhanced emergency response plans.

The City of Peterborough has made substantial investments into our stormwater management infrastructure since the major flood in July 2004. Every year the City identifies, designs, builds and implements programs and infrastructure that directly reduce flood risk in our community.

Peterborough, like all communities in the province, remains vulnerable to a variety of localized hazards that are induced by climate change. Flooding caused by severe rainfall can pose a significant risk for residents and businesses throughout the City.

By understanding where and how flooding has impacted residents in the past, we can plan together to reduce future flood damages. Any information provided will be critical to the success of this project and will only be used in the context of this work.