Social Housing Waitlist Changes

Image of a hand holding a house key.

Peterborough, ON - Social Housing application processes for the City and County of Peterborough are being streamlined through changes for Rent-Geared-to-Income applications and social housing waiting list offers beginning July 1, 2020.

Housing Access Peterborough (HAP) has moved to Peterborough Social Services

Social Housing applications and management of the waiting list for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing units are now managed by Peterborough Social Services. The Social Services office is located at 178 Charlotte Street in Peterborough. Contact information for Housing Access Peterborough has changed to:

“Moving the Housing Access Peterborough waiting list to Peterborough Social Services supports a one-door approach for service. People can apply for Social Housing and other life-stabilization programs, all through Social Services,” said Councillor Riel, Housing Portfolio Co-Chair.

The Social Services office is located at 178 Charlotte Street Peterborough. Contact information has changed to:
Phone number: 705-748-8830 or toll free 1-855-738-3755

One Offer of Housing

A province-wide initiative designed to improve access to housing will start July 1, 2020 with applicants receiving only one offer of housing based on the requests in their application.

When an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list, they will be offered a unit from one of the properties that they selected on their application. People currently on the waiting list were contacted to update their selections in March and April 2020. Applicants who want to make new updates can contact Housing Access Peterborough at Social Services by e-mail: or phone 705-748-8830 or toll-free 1-855-738-3755.

“Beginning July 1, when an applicant is offered a unit, they must either accept the offer or be removed from the waiting list. This is a significant change since applicants previously had three offers of housing,” said Rebecca Morgan Quin, Manager of Housing Services. “While we must comply with this regulation change, we remain committed to providing excellent service to each person. Housing Access Peterborough will work with applicants to address accessibility concerns and extraordinary circumstances.”

As of February 2020 there were 1,384 applicants on the waitlist for Social Housing in Peterborough City and County. These households are waiting to be offered a unit in one of the approximately 1,500 RGI units in the service area.

The new interactive online housing map ( has pictures and helpful information about Rent Geared to Income housing and other community housing options. This tool can help applicants to make informed choices about where they are applying to live.

City Services Affected by Covid-19

The Social Services office remains open during the COVID-19 emergency, but public access has been limited. Applicants are encouraged to contact Housing Access Peterborough at Social Services by e-mail: or phone 705-748-8830 or toll-free: 1-855-738-3755, or through the housing website.


For further information, members of the media are invited to contact:

Rebecca Morgan Quin, Manager of Housing Services 
Social Services, City of Peterborough
178 Charlotte Street PO Box 4138
Peterborough, ON  K9H 3R9
705-742-7777 ext. 1501
Toll-Free: 1-855-738-3755 ext. 1501