Replacement of swing bridge, Parkhill Road East - Temporary Service Disruption

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The following service will be temporarily unavailable:

Swing bridge on Parkhill Road East, also known as the Warsaw Road Swing Bridge.

Dates this service will be unavailable:

Contractors are expected to mobilize in September 2020 to complete a full replacement of the steel swing bridge. The bridge will be closed to traffic from October 2020 until spring 2021.

The reason for this service disruption is:

Full replacement of steel swing bridge structure; repairs to concrete abutments; replacement of mechanical and electrical operating systems.

The new bridge will have a full highway load rating, and a sidewalk for pedestrian use. Large portions of the bridge will be constructed off site and assembled in place to reduce the length of the closure.

Alternative services may be found at:

Detour routes will be posted. Other bridges that are available include one at Nassau Mills Road, the Lift Lock tunnel or the Maria Street swing bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is Parkhill Road closed at the Trent-Severn Waterway?
Parks Canada is installing a new bridge over the Trent-Severn Waterway canal. City staff have been working with Parks Canada on this project but cannot influence the timing of the closures nor the scope of work for the project. Staff have worked with Parks Canada to develop a Traffic Management Plan considering a number of, sometimes competing, factors.
 How is traffic being handled through the closure period?
There are over 10,000 vehicles per day that typically use Parkhill Road, many of them heavy trucks. Two formal detour routes have been installed to accommodate the detoured traffic, one to the north via Nassau Mills Road/Armour Road and one to the south via Television Road / Lansdowne Street.
Why are McFarlane Avenue, Old Norwood Road and Maniece Avenue (between Television Road and Ashburnham Drive) closed to through traffic?

Local traffic and emergency vehicles can continue to access properties along these roads, but through traffic isn’t permitted.

As part of the traffic management plan, McFarlane Avenue, Old Norwood Road and Maniece Avenue (between Television Road and Ashburnham Drive) have been closed to through traffic, at the recommendation of City staff.

Staff reviewed a number of factors related to Parks Canada’s traffic control and detour route proposal in recommending the closures:

  • Local concerns over the potential for increased volumes and cut-through traffic on Old Norwood Road and Maniece Avenue (safety and congestion)
  • The traffic cutting through on Old Norwood Road and McFarlane Street are using the single lane McFarlane Street bridge or the Lift Lock tunnel to get to and from Armour Road. If too much traffic is allowed on either of these roads it will cause the single lane yield operations to fail - increasing congestion and the potential for accidents. 
  • These roads were not designed to accommodate high-volume traffic, and in particular truck traffic. 
  • There is a school on McFarlane Street and a school crossing. Higher volumes and the potential for higher speeds was a concern.
  • There is added construction traffic on Hunter Street associated with the new East City school.

The City will continue to monitor operations on the area road network.

For more information about this service disruption, please contact:

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