Renaissance on Hunter public art project underway

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Artists working on planters on Hunter Street

Peterborough, ON – Installation began earlier this week on one of two public art projects collectively known as Renaissance on Hunter. The six artists selected for The Artists’ Garden Project are transforming the planters that delineate the new pedestrian spaces on Hunter Street between Aylmer and Chambers Streets into themed gardens. Work is expected to be completed by Sunday, June 27.

Garden Project

Beginning at Aylmer Street and moving east on Hunter Street, pedestrians will enjoy the following garden installations:

Site 1: Artists Bonnie Kubica and Marcy Palmer combine living, dying and constructed elements to encourage people to look for wildness, resilience, and energy.

Site 2: Multi-generational artist team, Anica James and Araura Marche, create community fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens that emphasize kindness to strangers.

Site 3: Garrett Gilbart’s field and forest silhouettes are rendered in steel.

Site 4: Artists Kollene Drummond and Naomi Duvall’s “Food as Art” gardens incorporate repurposed kitchen utensils and crockery, herbs, edible flowers, and vegetables to create a whimsical suite of planters exploring connections between art, cooking, gardening, and the aesthetic side of food.

Road Mural Project

In early July, the artists selected for the Road Mural Project will install a series of temporary murals directly on the asphalt to further animate the space.

Site 1: Cassandra Lee and Miguel Hernández Autorino will create “Picnic by the Water”

Site 2: Brooklin Holbrough’s “Dragon Migration”

Site 3: Tia Cavanagh’s “Mikaans”

Site 4: Aaron Robitaille’s “Hopscotch”

The Renaissance on Hunter public art projects are being presented in partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement Area, GreenUp and Artspace. They are being administered and funded through the City’s Public Art Program.

City Public Art Projects are reviewed by selection committees composed of five members of the community with interests or expertise in contemporary art, architecture, design, engineering, history, or cultural tourism. The members of The Artists’ Garden Project selection committee were Hannah Keating, Rod Mireau and William Kingfisher from the community at large, and Kady Denton and Sarah McNeilly from the City’s Arts Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC). Art Gallery of Peterborough Curator Fynn Leitch, City Urban Design Planner Brian Buchardt, and Hayley Goodchild from GreenUP served as non-voting advisors.

The members of The Road Mural Project selection committee were Jyoti Sapra, Spencer Harrison, and Laurel Pluck from the community at large, and Jeff Macklin and Justin Million from ACHAC. Art Gallery of Peterborough Director Celeste Scopelites, City Urban Design Planner Brian Buchardt, and Dawn Pond from the Downtown Business Improvement Area served as non-voting advisors.


For additional information, members of the media are invited to contact the undersigned:

Sharron Hayton, Customer Service Coordinator

City of Peterborough

705-742-7777 ext. 1868