Recycling Reminders

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Recycling bins

The City blue box recycling program, requires recyclable containers to be loose. The recycling facility does not have a debagger.

Please do not bag any container items including glass, plastic, metal, juice boxes, milk cartons, etc.

Containers need to be placed loose in one blue box. Bagged containers will not be collected.


Containers recycling example

Place all paper products (example: cardboard, boxboard, newspapers, magazines, office paper, envelopes, hard and soft cover books (removing the hard covers), brown bags, gift bags, paper inner tubes, fibre egg cartons) in a separate blue box. Shredded paper and office paper can be put in clear bags and left untied.

Additional boxes for only $3 each from City Hall, the GreenUP Store (378 Aylmer Street N) or the Peterborough Recycling Facility (390 Pido Road).Use separate boxes for fibre and container items as each are placed in separate compartments on the collection vehicle. Mixed recyclables (containers and fibres) in the same blue box will not be collected.

Mixed recyclables in the same box will not be collected

Bags of bags can still be placed in the fibre box.

Recycling bin with the $3 money symbolRefer to your 2019 Recycling Collection Calendar for details as to what to place in your blue boxes.

Ensure to have your recyclables at the curb by 7 am on the day of collection (and no earlier than 6 pm the evening prior).Although your recycling collection date remains the same, your boxes may be picked up at a different time.

Our printer friendly what goes where cheat sheet is a great resource for your home and workplace. You can also use our interactive what goes where online tool.

Further information, contact Emterra Environmental at 705-742-3139.