Peterborough Museum & Archives presents Get Out and Play: Winter Sports in Peterborough

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Peterborough, ON - The Peterborough Museum & Archives’ newest temporary exhibit Get Out and Play: Winter Sports in Peterborough will open on Saturday, December 10, and be on display until March 19, 2023.

Everyone knows that winter can be a long, dark and cold season - but with activities to occupy the mind and body, the season can move along quickly. Team sports provide entertainment to both those participating, and spectators too. Individual sports can give participants peace and health. Despite the shorter days and longer nights, there are many benefits when people can get out and play.

Get Out and Play was developed in-house at the Peterborough Museum & Archives, using artifacts, archival images, and stories from its collections. Visitors will see skates, skis, a toboggan, and other winter sport equipment from days past. People can learn about the origins of some of their favourite winter sports, as well as the context of these sports and clubs at a local level. It is easy to see how many of these cold-weather activities have remained popular pastimes among Canadians who are used to getting creative when the cold sets in.

Admission to the Peterborough Museum & Archives is by donation.

For more information about this exhibition, please contact:

Kim Reid,  Curator

705-742-7777 ext. 2473


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Dustin McIlwain, Visitor Experience Coordinator

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