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Peterborough Christmas Angels

I had the opportunity to be part of something very special this holiday season. I am overcome with a lot of different emotions and I wanted to share this Christmas story with you. One thing for sure I can tell you is that there are still very kind and generous individuals in our community.

This past summer had the opportunity to meet this very sweet retired couple from Peterborough. After speaking to them about the youth program I oversee, and the community work I do. they told me a wonderful thing that they have been doing over the last couple of years for single moms in Peterborough. They expressed that they wanted to be able to help someone in need at a very difficult time of the year. They explained that they would provide groceries for a Christmas meal and food that would last well into January for the mom and her children. They also said that they would make sure in providing a present for the children to open.

The couple asked me, if I would know any worthy recipient for such an opportunity? I said that absolutely, I would be able to help them find someone that was deserving of receiving extra help during the holiday season.

When December came sure enough this wonderful couple followed through and contacted me and asked to be connected to a single mother in need. I knew right away the most deserving mother. This young lady is always putting others first and goes above and beyond for her family and her friends. She gives back whenever she can, even when she really can’t afford to be doing so. I was very grateful to be able to be the connection so that this mother would receive this amazing opportunity. I picked up the mother and we all met up at a local grocery store a few weeks later, right before Christmas.

The couple told us to fill up two shopping carts with what was needed for the Christmas dinner and what would last till the end of January. The carts were full, and the couple even made sure at the end that she was sure, she had everything she needed. We were putting the items into my car and the couple presented several wrapped Christmas gifts “from Santa” for her and her daughter. Also, there was a container full of lovely homemade Christmas baking.

How sweet it is to know there are Peterborough Christmas angels out there making this holiday season brighter.