Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group Applications

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Back of plane at Peterborough Airport

Peterborough, ON - The Peterborough Airport is home to 23 businesses employing more than 500 people and educational institutions with more than 150 students. It supports business, charter, military, medevac, general aviation, and flight training aircraft traffic. Over the past five years Peterborough Airport has experienced significant growth through investment made by all levels of government and contributes over $74 million to the local economy annually. 

The Peterborough Airport is seeking four new volunteer members for its Noise Liaison Group to participate in meetings with Airport users and Airport management and to facilitate information sharing and education between community residents, key Airport users, and Airport management. 

Members of the Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group will collaborate to build community awareness and disseminate information regarding Airport operations. Group members are required to share information and education with community residents and actively seek residents’ perspectives and observations on noise-related matters on behalf of the Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group. The Terms of Reference are on the Peterborough Airport’s website. 

Interested residents are invited to apply by completing the application on the Peterborough Airport Website or by contacting Lisa Davidson, Airport Manager by email at or phone 705-743-6708 ext. 2174. 


For more information, members of the media are invited to contact: 

Lisa Davidson 
Airport Manager, Peterborough Airport 

705-743-6708 ext. 2174 


Manager of Communication Services, City of Peterborough 

705-742-7777 ext. 1636