Park Street Sewage Pumping Station Resumes Normal Operation

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The Park Street Sewage Pumping Station resumed normal operations on April 22, 2018 at
6:00 p.m. Since that time no raw sewage has been released into the Otonabee River.
Weather conditions and water levels have been closely monitored over the past week, and as
such, we anticipate that the Park Street station will continue to sustain normal pumping
operations under these conditions.
The City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant remains in secondary by-pass mode at this time but all
effluent has received full Screening, Primary Treatment and UV Disinfection. Property owners
downstream of Peterborough who use private systems to draw water from the river may wish
to continue boil water precautions. The City of Peterborough municipal drinking water system
is not impacted by Wastewater Treatment Plant or Sewage Pumping Station operations.
The City of Peterborough continues to ask residents to reduce water consumption to help
alleviate the volume of water flowing through the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant and
Sewage Pumping Stations. Residents can reduce their water consumption by taking short
showers instead of baths, limiting or delaying loads of laundry, limiting or delaying dishwasher
use, and turning off taps while brushing teeth and doing dishes.