Notice of Public Meeting - October 19, 2020

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Take Notice that the City of Peterborough has received the following applications, and pursuant to Sections 17, 34 and 51 of the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, c.P.13, the General Committee will hold a public meeting in the Council Chambers, City Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 19, 2020:


1. Files: O1704, Z1713SB, 15T-17503
Affected Lands: 0 Fairbairn Street, Part of 851 Lily Lake Road
Applicant: Various Owners
Agent: Jackson Heights Developments Inc.Map showing location of Planning Act applications

The applicants are proposing to develop approximately 334 residential dwellings in a draft plan of subdivision consisting of a mix of single detached, semi-detached, and townhouse/row dwellings as well as multiple-unit dwellings.

To facilitate the development, the applicants are proposing to amend the Official Plan to include a collector street access to Fairbairn Street and a stormwater management pond on site. Additionally, the application proposes to amend the Zoning By-law to zone the lands for a mix of residential and open space uses.

2. Files: O2003, Z2004
Affected Lands: 265 Edinburgh Street
Applicant: Doug Rose
Agent: Kevin Duguay, KMD Community Planning and Consulting Inc.

The applicant is proposing to convert an existing semi-detached dwelling with secondary suites in each dwelling to an 8-unit dwelling. To facilitate the development, the applicant is proposing to amend the Official Plan to designate the property for medium density residential use. Additionally, the applicant is proposing to amend the Zoning By-law to re-zone the property to R.3 – Residential District – with site-specific exceptions related to lot area, lot width, building and parking coverage, parking setbacks from the dwelling, and to prohibit a Lodging House.

Additional information and materials relating to the proposed Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments and Draft Plan of Subdivision may be obtained from the Planning Division, City Hall, (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday).

Additional information about these matters, including information about preserving your appeal rights, can be obtained by contacting Brad Appleby of the Planning Division at 705-742-7777 ext. 1886.

Staff reports will be available by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15, 2020.