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Anyone else feel like they’re running a marathon? Thank goodness June is here and we are nearing the end with the finish line in sight! Huge kudos to all of the educators, students and families for making it through a challenging academic year. Summer is in sight and as you wrap up these last couple weeks of school, we hope you take time to reflect and congratulate yourself for all you’ve accomplished!

To help get you past the finish line, the Peterborough Museum & Archives has developed two new educational resources: Class Museum & COVID Junk Journal. Both activities are fun, engaging, layered and make great end of the year activities! Did I mention free too? 😉 See below for full details on each program.

Class Museumcover picture of Class Museum activity

End the year off by making your very own Class Museum! This fun project is suitable for Grades 3 to 8 and is customizable to suit your learning goals. The program includes videos to introduce each activity and corresponding PDF work sheets to guide student learning. Together your class will choose a museum theme and go through the step-by-step process of creating their own mini exhibits. Access the program by hitting the button below and we will send the materials right to your inbox.

Class Museum Activity

COVID Junk Journal

The Peterborough Museum & Archives wants to document and preserve ourcover picture of COVID Junk Journal community’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and we need your help! In this program, students will create their own “junk journal” or scrapbook to document their lived experience as kids during the pandemic. The activity is suitable for grades 1 to 8 and is easy to modify based on the expectations for each grade level.

Click the button below to access the “COVID Junk Journal” activity, which includes an introduction video from our Education Officer and a PDF with instructions, journal prompts, learning goals, success criteria and fun pictures to cut and paste.

COVID Junk Journal

When students are finished their junk journal, whether it’s weeks, months or years from now, they can send them to the Peterborough Museum to be added to our Archives and preserved for years to come! 

These resources were so fun to make and we hope your students find them enjoyable as well! If you have any questions reach out anytime to our education officer at fstanley@peterborough.ca and feel free to share any completed projects with us - we plan to feature them on our social media channels.

Only 7 school days to go, you got this!

Virtually yours,