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Now that our summer vacations have wrapped and the school year is back in full swing, our schedules are beginning to get busy again with clubs and events, extra-curriculuars and festive fall fairs. While we all may see ourselves getting busier, it's important to remember eco-friendly daily living practices. Working towards a greener future and living sustainably never takes a rest!

Sustainability at the Peterborough Museum & Archives

In honour of the inaugural Peterborough Environmental and Climate Action Expo on Friday, September 23 at Ecology Park, I'd like to share how the Peterborough Museum & Archives (PMA) is working towards being more eco-friendly, and to make some suggestions on how you can bring sustainability into your home too.

Part of the PMA's mission is to preserve the past for the education and understanding of future generations. As a pillar of the community, it is vitally important that we preserve what's important to the people of Peterborough - including the environment. In-house, we cover the basics with bins for sorting garbage, recycling, and used personal protective equipment. Our cleaning supplies are all non-toxic, eco-label only. We are also diligent with keeping our water and electricity usage to a minimum with energy-star appliances. Some of the flowers and foliage that can be found in our gardens are species native to the area and are pollinator-friendly. We also have a bike rack, and public bus stop near our front door to encourage folks to visit us in a way that reduces the impact on the environment. 

A little-known fact about our gift shop is that we strive to have an ethical gift shop. Many of the products we sell are Canadian-made, hand-made, sustainable, and/or ethically sourced. We understand the importance of giving a gift that benefits a small business or independent artist in a way that is good for the planet too. Check out #WFSWednesday on Instagram to see some of our featured best-sellers!