Interactive tool myAddress Verification is available to residents

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Peterborough, ON – The City of Peterborough is reminding residents about myAddress Verification, an interactive online tool to quickly verify officially recognized addresses in the City.

Official addresses are used by first responders to locate people quickly and accurately if there is an emergency call for service.

Residents can visit and use the interactive myAddress Verification tool to verify a property address and ensure that additional units at a single address are accounted for.

Data collected in myAddress Verification will also be provided to external service providers like 911 Emergency Services, Canada Post and Hydro One.

The tool was created by the City of Peterborough’s Geomatics/Mapping Division.

The City's Municipal Address By-law ensures that a consistent system is used to assign or modify municipal addresses. Whenever an address in the City is modified, or a new address is created, memos are sent to notify stakeholders and property owners. The Search Address Memo tool can be used to find Address Notification Memos that have been issued by the City since 2004.

Explore the various mapping services provided by the City of Peterborough by visiting