Information on the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre Rehabilitation Project

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Peterborough, ON – City Council had requested an update on the cost estimates for the planned replacement of the specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, plumbing infrastructure, and accessibility improvements at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre. The following memo has been provided to City Council and posted on the project page at

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Subject: Information for Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre Rehabilitation Project

At the Council meeting of March 22, 2021, the following Notice of Motion was made:

That, at the April 26, 2021 Council meeting, under the Notice of Motion agenda section, reconsider the matter of the Wellness Centre Change Room Renovations and the direction provided to Staff, as outlined in the December 1, 2020 ReportCSD20-007, entitled, Investing in Canada Infrastructure Fund - COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding, which was approved by Council at its meeting of December 14, 2020.

During discussion of this item, Staff were requested to have more detailed costing available. This memo provides the additional costing information, information about the provincial grant and some information regarding an alternative design.


Initial budgeting for municipal construction projects is done using cost estimates to be able to initiate and plan for a project. Further costing analysis proceeds during the project planning and design phase. Class C cost estimates have now been prepared on the current design with individual change spaces with a total cost of $3,400,000. With an appropriate 10% contingency of construction costs $267,000, the total project would be $3,667,000. With an approved budget of $3,250,000, it is estimated that the project will require $417,000 more in funding. Typically, where tenders exceed the approved budget, Staff would look to value engineer the project to determine the most appropriate areas to reduce costs to meet the budget.

However, Staff are concerned that there is very little opportunity in the design to reduce costs.

Council further requested that Staff break out the costs for the mechanical and HVAC elements of the project without modifications to the changerooms. This is a difficult exercise as the HVAC (Dectron) replacement and upgrades require significant replacement of piping and venting behind the walls in the changerooms. The project also includes accessibility upgrades which the City is obligated to provide to meet accessibility standards. Based upon the detailed costing now available, the cost to make the minimum HVAC replacement and improvements and the required accessibility improvements would be $1,700,000.


The grant portion of the project is expected to be $1,054,000. The grant eligibility includes the requirements of an increase in air quality due to the HVAC replacement and upgrade, upgrades to meet AODA accessibility standards and ability to provide an inclusive space, and increased changeroom space to allow for better distancing and cleaning standards. If only the mechanical HVAC replacement and upgrades were made, Staff do not believe this would meet the eligibility of the grant application submitted and an amended application would need to be submitted. Staff do not know what the outcome of a new project submission would be.

Alternative Option for Consideration

Due to the detailed cost estimates received which are above the initial approved budget for the project and a recognition that the upgrades for accessibility, inclusivity and increased changeroom space are important, Staff have worked with the project architect to determine an alternative option for Council consideration. This alternative option would continue to include the HVAC replacement, maintain the existing changerooms with some changes to floor and wall finishes, the creation of an accessible shower/washroom and custodial room in each change room while also providing an expanded universal changeroom. This would allow for mandated accessibility improvements to all changerooms, allow for improvements to the customer experience through an expanded universal changeroom with private change spaces and would meet future programming demands. This alternative design would continue to meet the full eligibility of the grant of $1,054,000 as it would increase the size of available change spaces, increase the privacy and inclusivity options available in the changerooms, continue to improve accessibility, and continue to improve air quality through the replacement of the HVAC system.

Staff have done a preliminary costing analysis of this alternative option and it is within the approved $3,250,000 budget as there are significant savings in materials and reduced labour costs. The pursuit of this option since it maintains the City’s opportunity for the provincial grant would see a net cost to the City of $2,196,000.


Sheldon Laidman
Commissioner of Community Services
For additional information, members of the media are invited to contact the undersigned:
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