Green Economy Peterborough Launches

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Supporting local companies transitioning to low-carbon business practices

Peterborough, ON - The City of Peterborough celebrates Peterborough GreenUP’s launch of Green Economy Peterborough, a network to help businesses identify, set, and achieve sustainability and climate action goals while improving their bottom lines.

Green Economy Peterborough (GEP) offers 1-on-1 coaching with businesses to lower climate impacts from operations, peer networking and educational opportunities, and recognition of achievement at annual events and to the broader community.  

The GEP network is a key community partner to facilitate businesses’ low-carbon transition by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water consumption, waste diversion, and incorporating adaptation measures.

“Providing Peterborough businesses with a boost to increase revenue and expand company recognition is so important as a means to build back better in a post-COVID world,” Mayor Diane Therrien said.

The green business hub launched on April 22, coinciding with Earth Day.

“The establishment of Green Economy Peterborough is an important step forward for our community to realize meaningful climate actions and achieve our 45 percent GHG reduction target endorsed in the Climate Emergency Declaration,” Councillor Kim Zippel, the City Council representative on the Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee stated.

“The City of Peterborough is excited to have GEP working with our local businesses to help reduce a significant source of community GHG emissions,” said Michael Papadacos, Manager of Infrastructure Management.  

Businesses that join GEP may also receive co-benefits from the investments made to reduce energy consumption and waste generation with lower operational costs. Similarly, membership can also be a source to attract more customers, increase brand recognition, and employee retention.

Businesses interested in the GEP network can contact Natalie Stephenson, Hub Coordinator, Green Economy Peterborough, through Peterborough GreenUP at or visit for more information.


For additional information, members of the media are invited to contact the undersigned:

Brendan Wedley, Manager of Communication Services

City of Peterborough

705742-7777 ext. 1636