Glad Canada sponsors City's new Green Bin service rollout

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green bins and recycling boxes placed at curbside for collection

Peterborough, ON – Glad, a company that manufactures quality products and provides innovative waste and food protection solutions from its plant in Orangeville, Ontario, is sponsoring the City of Peterborough’s rollout of its Green Bin service.

“GLAD is committed to doing its part to help reduce waste through our partnership with the City of Peterborough on its new Green Bin program that will help divert food waste from landfill, a critical step toward to reducing methane gas,” said Chris Budinszky, Marketing Director of Glad Canada. “One of the biggest barriers to program success is early adoption and resident participation, so our hope is that by providing free Glad samples and coupons all residents can participate from Day 1.”

Green Bins, which will be distributed to households eligible to participate in the household organic waste collection program, will include a package that contains the 2023/24 Waste Management Calendar and Guide plus detailed information on the City’s waste collection changes that start the week of October 31, 2023:

  • New weekly Green Bin collection service
  • Every-other-week garbage collection
  • Requirement to use clear bags for curbside garbage collection

Recycling collection remains on a weekly schedule.

Thanks to the Glad sponsorship of the program rollout, the Green Bin kits will include:

  • Samples of biodegradable bags that can be used as a liner in the Green Bin
  • Samples of clear garbage bags

A Green Bin liner is not necessary for using the Green Bin; however, some residents may prefer to use a liner to help keep the Green Bin clean. If using a liner, it must a paper or compostable liner certified by BPI (the BPI logo will be on the packaging for the liner).

Other options to reduce moisture in the Green Bin include putting baking soda or shredded paper in the bottom of the container.

For more information on the upcoming Green Bin service, as well as other waste collection services, please visit

Residents can use the tool at to verify their waste collection day. Waste collection zones will be changing starting the week of October 31, 2023 to re-balance the routes as a way to improve reliability of the service and worker safety. Approximately 8,000 households will have their collection date shift with the change.