Free holiday parking initiative supports Kawartha Food Share

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Mayor Jeff Leal, Ashlee Aitken, Councillor Alex Bierk and Bill Wolfe stand in the Kawartha Food Share warehouse with a donation cheque

Peterborough ON- A total of $12,625.88 was raised for Kawartha Food Share in December 2023 through the generosity of people who opted to put money into City of Peterborough parking machines during the 2 Hour Free Holiday Parking promotion that ran from November 25 to December 31. The initiative was generously sponsored by Wolfe Personal Injury Lawyers.

“The 2-Hour Free Holiday parking promotion is a true win-win scenario that collects much-needed donations for the Kawartha Food Share, while encouraging people to enjoy the shopping, dining and entertainment of downtown businesses. Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to Bill Wolfe for his ongoing sponsorship,” said Mayor Jeff Leal.

Town Ward Councillors Joy Lachica and Alex Bierk expressed their appreciation.

“Kawartha Food Share is an essential part of our community safety net and we are grateful that the citizens of Peterborough have once again donated generously. It truly takes the whole community to support one another,” the Councillors said in a joint statement.

“Wolfe Personal Injury Lawyers was proud to be part of this partnership with the City of Peterborough. We appreciate the support and generosity of shoppers and residents making voluntary donations during the holiday season. These funds, through the support of Kawartha Food Share, will help to put food on the tables for people,” said Bill Wolfe of Wolfe Personal Injury Lawyers.

“We are so thankful for the continued support of the City of Peterborough and the local shoppers for donating to Kawartha Food Share each and every December,” said Ashlee Aitken, general manager of Kawartha Food Share. “This year, more than ever before, we needed this donation to help us restock our shelves.”

Kawartha Food Share currently assists more than 9,000 people every month through its 36 member agencies. It supports four meal programs, seven city food banks, six housing projects, seven county food banks, and over 20 food cupboards across the City and County of Peterborough.