Dry weather conditions within the City of Peterborough

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Fire trucks in bay

Peterborough Fire Services CrestPeterborough Fire Services is reminding residents that the fire risk remains high due to the dry weather conditions. There has been a recent increase in grass fires, which can spread quickly, endangering lives and property. Please be advised that open air burning is not permitted within the City of Peterborough as per the Ontario Fire Code.

Fire bowls, fire-pit tables, and barbeques that burn propane or natural gas are examples of permitted appliances as long as they are TSSA approved. Chimineas and other wood-burning devices are not approved appliances for open air fires. 


For further information please contact the undersigned:
Amanda Nichols, Public Educator

Peterborough Fire Services
210 Sherbrooke Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 2N3