Donations bolster the City’s urban forest with new trees at Farmcrest Park

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trees being planted along rotary trail

Peterborough, ON –The City of Peterborough will be planting 620 new trees in Farmcrest Park on September 24, 2022, with the support of RBC Dominion Securities, the Excelsior Group, Peterborough Homes, the Rotary Club of Peterborough, and GreenUP.

This planting supports the City of Peterborough Urban Forest Strategic Plan and is in addition to the City’s regular tree planting program, which sees about 400 trees planted annually. Urban trees improve soil and water conservation, store carbon, moderate local climate by providing shade, increase wildlife habitat and improve the land's capacity to adapt to climate change.

“This has evolved into a wonderful community project and we sincerely thank our partners,” says Councillor Lesley Parnell, Chair of the City’s arenas, parks and recreation portfolio. “These 620 new trees, in addition to the City’s yearly complement, are most welcome. In Peterborough, we love our trees and parks! A variety of maples, oaks, spruces and other trees native to our zone, will be planted for an authentic look and resilience. Special thanks to our urban forestry team at the City of Peterborough for their tireless efforts.”

RBC Dominion Securities started the initiative with a generous donation of $10,000 through the RBC Foundation. “At RBC Dominion Securities, we are committed to helping our communities thrive by supporting initiatives such as the City of Peterborough’s Sustainable Community Project,” says Graham Culp, Branch Director. “This project aligns to our existing commitment to greening communities. Since 2020, we have planted 25,000 trees through Tree Canada’s National Greening Program, as our way of saying thanks to our clients who have switched to paperless statements.”

A GTA based development company The Excelsior Group contributed $5,000 to the tree planting initiative after participating in a similar event held last year in Rotary Park. Satish Thakkar, President CEO Excelsior Group mentioned “Excelsior Group is extremely proud to be supporting this initiative. By planting trees, not only are we enriching our environment and surrounding community but we are planting hope for the future. As trees act as a vessel for supporting life on earth, this initiative supports our mission to Build Inspiring Spaces.”

Volunteers from RBC and the Rotary Club of Peterborough will roll up their sleeves to plant the new trees. The plantings will be adjacent to the off-leash dog park with some larger trees adjacent to the parking lot area and along the pathway. “The Rotary Club of Peterborough was the catalyst behind the Farmcrest off-leash dog park,” says Kevin Duguay, Rotary Club Past President. “We are now pleased to partner with RBC Dominion Securities, the Excelsior Group, Peterborough Homes, and GreenUP to introduce over 600 trees in the Farmcrest Park and enhance the area.”

Peterborough residents who would like to volunteer to plant trees on Saturday, September 24 are invited to complete the online registration form for one of the following three timeslots at

According to Michael Papadacos, the City’s Manager of Infrastructure Management, “Planting a tree is the simplest way to mitigate climate change. Donations, partnerships and public education are all needed to protect our urban forest canopy.  The City’s urban forest has lost approximately 10% of its canopy in the last five years and that was prior to the devastating impact the May derecho had on our urban forest. Planting new trees is a high priority.”

More information about the City’s urban forest and conservation efforts is online at