Council overview package for October 19, 2020

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Aerial view of downtown

City Council endorsed the following items at its General Committee meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020:

The items from the General Committee meeting will go to Council's regular Council meeting on Monday, October 26, 2020 for consideration for final approval.

City Council agenda

In addition to the open session of General Committee, Council held a closed session meeting to consider items related to labour relations or employee negotiations, a potential disposition of a property, and instruction on negotiations related to a sponsorship opportunity as allowed under Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act.

Council is meeting in person in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 500 George St. N. Residents can watch or listen to the livestream of the meetings at In order to attend a meeting, individuals must register no later than 11 a.m. on the day of the meeting. To register, complete the online application at www.peterborough/delegations, or phone 705-742-7777 ext. 1820.

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Planning application for 265 Edinburgh St.

Council supported an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment for 265 Edinburgh St. to allow the existing four-unit residential building to be converted to an eight-unit building.

The property is at the southwest corner of Edinburgh and Bethune streets. The building is two storeys in height with a walk-out basement and a potentially habitable attic.

The applicant would like to renovate the interior of the dwelling to establish two separate apartments in each of the second floor and attic levels to bring the total number of dwelling units in the building to eight. The property currently has 13 parking spaces on site and the applicant has built a rear deck on the south side of the building that provides direct access from all upper levels to the ground.

The surrounding neighbourhood is mostly residential. The property is a short distance from the Central Area and has relatively convenient walking and cycling access to the downtown.

Subdivision plan for Lily Lake Road and Fairbairn Street

Council endorsed an application for an Official Plan amendment, a Zoning By-law amendment, and a draft plan of subdivision for about 328 residential units that would be built at 0 Fairbairn St. and 851 Lily Lake Rd.

The almost 20-hectare property is in the northwest corner of the City with Fairbairn Street to the east and Lily Lake Road to the north. The subject lands were annexed from the Township of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield in 2008.

The existing lot pattern was created through a process called checkerboarding in the 1960s. Although the lands were cleared for development in the 1960s and owners have been paying property taxes on these parcels since that time, the lots have remained undeveloped due to a lack of municipal services, legal road frontage, and residential zoning.

The Applicant, Jackson Heights Developments Inc. (JHDI) is a corporation formed by the owners of 89 of the 90 vacant lots in the historic subdivision. The owner of one lot in the historic plan has chosen not to participate in JHDI’s development process. Ultimately, the intent of JHDI is to obtain the necessary planning approvals to allow a plan of subdivision to develop on the participating lots and to sell the approved development to a developer for construction.

The Applicant is proposing a residential subdivision with 163 lots for single-detached dwellings, seven blocks for 14 semi-detached dwellings, 10 blocks for 48 street-fronting townhomes, and a block for medium density residential use with about 103 units. There would also be two stormwater management facilities, two local parks, three blocks for servicing corridors, and a walkway as well as a trail between the site and the Fairbairn Street road allowance at Hillside Street.

Peterborough Services Board Strategic Plan update

Council supported a presentation from the Peterborough Police Services Board to provide an update on the Peterborough Police Services Board's 2020-2023 Strategic Plan process.

Police Services Board hired Met Scan to assist with the completion of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan under the requirements of the new Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, 2019. The Act requires the consultants to obtain input from municipal councils as part of developing the Strategic Plan. In June and July 2019, Met Scan provided a survey electronically to members of Council for the City of Peterborough and the townships of Selwyn and Cavan-Monaghan.

Peterborough Petes amending agreement update

Council endorsed beginning negotiations with the Peterborough Petes on a revised Facility Licence Agreement for the Peterborough Memorial Centre prior to the current agreement's date to be able to begin negotiations.

City staff recommend agreeing to the Petes' request to begin negotiations.

If Council chooses to amend the agreement to permit an early renegotiation of its terms, it would be expected that a full financial and budgetary evaluation of the implications of any changes would be conducted.

The City and Petes amended the agreement in 2017. The increased revenue to the Petes as a result of the changes implemented through the 2017 Amending Agreement was projected to be approximately $350,000 annually. The actual benefit exceeded this amount and was over $400,000 most seasons.

The Peterborough Memorial Centre was running at an operating deficit of $450,000 on average (before annual debt charges) prior to the 2017 Amending Agreement retroactive to the 2016/17 Season. This deficit grew to approximately $700,000 on average annually post 2016, an increase of approximately $250,000 in annual operating deficit over and above the pre-2017 Amending Agreement. The City’s revenues resulting from Petes games based on individual game reconciliations has fallen by approximately $200,000 annually since the 2017 Amending Agreement was put in place. The other $50,000 in annual operating deficit is due mainly to utility and snow plowing increases, offset partially by increased revenues from other events.

In addition to the operating deficit for the Peterborough Memorial Centre, the facility's operating budget includes annual debenture payments in the amount of $947,141.68 implemented in 2003 for the facility renovation for a period of 20 years. The term of the current Facility License Agreement with the Peterborough Petes was set to align with the term for the debenture payments to 2023.

The majority of the changes identified in the 2017 Amending Agreement were items that would create financial incentives to increase attendance and thereby increase shared revenues for both parties in future seasons. It is the opinion of City staff that the original intent of the 2017 Amending Agreement is trending toward achievement since the City’s revenues from Petes games has not fallen by the full amount contemplated and the Petes have been able to realize higher revenues.

Emergency Shelter services

Council supported temporarily using the Community Services building at 210 Wolfe St. as a 24/7 emergency shelter and isolation site to replace the existing Overflow Shelter location.

Starting in May and June, Social Services started looking for other locations to host an emergency shelter as physical distancing requirements during the pandemic are limiting occupancy in the shelters. The risk of increased demand exceeding this capacity on a more regular basis during the winter is significant.

Furthermore, the agreement with Murray Street Church for the Overflow shelter was originally set to expire on October 31. The congregation has provided its approval to remain until December 31, 2020 at this time. The congregation has stated it would reevaluate this date in October again, leaving the long term usage of the Overflow shelter as a risk to the homelessness system. The City has continued to seek alternative locations.

When the City didn't receive any submissions through an Expression of Interest call out, it reviewed various potential locations including Northcrest Arena, Kinsmen Arena, the Mount Community Centre, PCVS, the Armoury, the Townsend Street Public Works building, King George Public School, the Evinrude Centre and the Peterborough Library auditorium.

In addition to the need to provide a 24/7 shelter to replace the Overflow Shelter, the City is continuing to support an isolation system to ensure homeless persons can isolate from the rest of the homeless population during testing or if they show symptoms of COVID-19. As of the end of September 2020, the City did not have any confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in the shelter system.

It is recommended that the Community Services Building at 210 Wolfe St. be used to serve the homeless population during this temporary unique time period. It allows for the greatest occupancy of any option to meet a surge in demand, is in proximity to other client services, and requires limited capital upgrades to be used for a full 24/7 shelter. This significantly greater bed occupancy capability would alleviate additional system risks of other shelter facilities such as YES or Cameron House needing to close due to a COVID19 outbreak or a sudden lack of staffing. City staff are currently not occupying this building as City policy during the Covid-19 emergency is for those who can perform their work remotely should do so.

Winter maintenance of paved trails

Council endorsed updating the Winter Service Operations Policy to include the winter maintenance of paved trails, which would reflect the City's current practice of maintaining paved trails during the winter

The update to the City’s policy does not represent a change to the current level of service, but ensures the policy includes a statement for hard surface trails.

Land use designation for 391 Parkhill Rd. W.

Council endorsed removing the holding symbol from the zoning designation on the property at 391 Parkhill Rd. W. to allow the property to be used for two residential units on full municipal services.

The property is a vacant lot located on the south side of Parkhill Road West, between Park Street North and Donegal Street. It was rezoned in February of 2013 from R.1 – Residential District to R.2 – H-Residential District to permit the use of lands for 2 dwelling units on full municipal servicing, subject to the conveyance of land for future road widening along Parkhill Road West.

The owner has recently conveyed a 3.0m strip of land along the Parkhill Road West frontage, free of encumbrances, and has complied with the condition of removal of the “H” Holding Symbol.